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Subject: Reaser and Levan
Author: Stef   (guest)
Date: November 30, 2004 at 2:48:55 PM
Hey, since you guys did such a great job figuring out what "Fitzmayer" meant, I thought I would ask a few more questions.

REASER, my surname, I know is German in origin. Originally spelled Rieser or Reiser. I know RIESE I think means "giants"? So, am I right in guessing that REASER is some how related to RIESE? My ancestors lived in the Black Forest region of Germany before moving over to the US in the early 1700's, if you needed to know that.

LEVAN, a surname of a French family. The family was Huguenot. On census records, I have also seen that family's name written as "Levat" but I think that just might be a spelling mistake.

Thanks for any help that you guys can provide! ^___^

~ Stef
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