Subject: Re: Reaser (and Levan)
Author: Andy ;—)   (guest)
Date: November 30, 2004 at 11:42:39 PM
Reply to: Reaser and Levan by Stef
You are right, REASER would be RIESER in German (probably not Reiser, which is pronounced Riser).
There is the surname RIESE in Germany, and it originally meant a tall person. But RIESER is a name of its own right. There are several possible derivations, so pick what you like:

1. From a place-name Ries (Bavaria, Austria) or Riesa (Saxony)
2. From an area called Ries (around the town of Nördlingen, O umlaut, roughly between München and Stuttgart). This one is interesting, as the name of the area is obviously taken from the "Raeti", a tribe living in the Alps in Roman times
3. From Middle High German "ris" (twig, bush, cf. German "Reisig", same word as English "reed" btw), > dweller by a bush?
4. From Middle High German "rise" (water ditch)

Andy ;—)
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