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Subject: Re: NITEWIGN
Author: Sean Foglai   (guest)
Date: December 2, 2004 at 6:00:03 PM
Reply to: NITEWIGN by Barb
I looked up the first syllable and the only French name was Nitolon ...whose definition translated to:

Patronym carried formerly in Ain and Vaucluse. Alternatives: Nitollon, Nitholon, Nithollon. It is a diminutive formed on the name of anybody of origin Germanic
Nidwald (nest = anger, hatred + wald = which controls).

The second syllable gave me this:

Originating in Wegscheid, name of a Bavarian locality and several Austrian communes. The toponym undoubtedly has the direction of crossroads, junction.

Which would lead me to believe it's related to words like wagon, meaning "the way" ...

Hence, my guess would be something like "the angry or hated way or possibly the "difficult way" ...just a guess, but no one else has ventured a guess ...if it is indeed from a native American language, I haven't a clue ...
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