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Subject: POMMAUX, CIAMACA, GANIMARD's origin and meaning
Author: hj   (guest,
Date: December 18, 2016 at 4:53:13 AM
hello, i need to help for find
these surname's origin and meaning
that looks like FRENCH,


first, POMMAUX is surname of
'Yvan Pommaux(1946~)',
the FRENCH cartoonist who drew
'Marion Duval' series and others.

CIAMACA is surname of the french actor
'Julien Ciamaca(1978~)' who was appeared in movie
'My Father's Glory(La Gloire de mon père)'.

and GANIMARD is surname of 'inspector Ganimard'
one of the character of series of the novel 'Arsène Lupin'.

I was searched all of the websites
to find these surname's meaning.
but i couldn't find it, so i need your help.

does anyone know these surname's
real origin and meaning and respond it, please?

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