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Subject: List of surnames from film 'Arrival'
Author: Felie   (Authenticated as Felie)
Date: July 8, 2017 at 12:41:05 PM
Hi !!!

Here there is a list of surnames.

I know where some of them are from. But some others not. And miss many origins.


Adams (English FN Adam)
Banks (English plural of bank)
Bertrand (given name)
Chiang (Chinese?)
Cohen (Hebrew source)
Collin (English)
Donnelly (Irish)
Halpern (???)
Heisserer (German?)
Jóhannsson (Icelandic!! Son of Jón)
Lansky (Polish?)
Levine (French for FN Levi?)
Levy (variant of FN Levi)
Linde (English?)
Ma (Sino-Vietnamese?)
Marks (English from FN Mark or plural of mark)
O'Brien (Irish!! Brien is a FN or a genitive form)
Renner (German?)
Richter (English)
Ryder (variant of Rider? Occupation?)
Shang (Chinese)
Sonderegger (German)
Stuhlbarg (German? Scandinavian?)
Tallerico (could be Italian)
Tilly (diminutive of Matilda?)
Travis (maybe a FN? or the opposite?)
Vermette (? French or English?)
Villeneuve (French 'new town')
Walker (English - occupation)
Weber (German)
Whitaker (Very British isn't it? But no idea of origin)
Wolfram (German? Wolf+?)
Young (English word 'young')

Bruno Dante Davide Fabrizio Flavio Giordano Giorgio Giulio Gregorio Leandro Leone Ludovico Massimo Michele Niccolò Romeo Valentino Vittorio

Agata Anastasia Cassandra Diana Eleonora Elisabetta Ester Luna Maia Morgana Stella Zoe

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