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Subject: Ancestors
Author: Philipp surname German family since 1700's   (guest)
Date: August 17, 2017 at 12:05:43 AM
From what country did the ancestors of Carl Wilhelm Alexander PHILIPP immigrate from into the part of Germany now callewd "Saxony"?

This Philipp family was involved in managing businesses when an heir was too young, etc., such as when the business of Scharfenstein Castle needed the expertise of the Philipp Family. The business of Scharfenstein Castle which managed many agricultural producers who were part of Castle Scharfenstein's business interests was entrusted to the Philipp Family during a time when Castle Scharfenstein did not have the necessary heir to run their business.

The Philipp Family also owned a large estate, had sheep flocks and sold the wool to military fabric manufacturers, as well as managing the sale of other goods produced by the estate.

The word "estate" is used to denote the English term for 500 ha. or more, a manor house, and the status of a wealthy gentleman and family.

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