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Subject: Stupidiest "possible" possibility, yet something to begin with
Author: Gianfranco E. Tubino Bryce   (guest)
Date: November 9, 2004 at 10:22:22 PM
Reply to: surname Calmon by James Christopher Colombo
Calmon... Change the "C" with "S" (phonetically intercambiable in words like "cease" and "Ceasar" but not in here) and you will get "Salmon" which I'm not whether or not it's a Spanish cognate with a variant (variant in meaning) for "trout" but practically the same in meaning, a fish wish represents wisdom according to certain celtic myth about a goddess who fell in love with one (see something like "joelle's sacred grove" page on deities for details)... Furthermore a fish which represents going "against the tide" 'cause it goes upstreams up waterfalls into their egg-laying lakes... In Japans the carps which act in the same way are thought to become dragons in the waterfalls which they call "dragon gates" (dragons are for them spirits and/or gods of water and water-related phenomena, be it over soil or over sky or deep down the ocean)...
I would prefer some profundization in the components "cal" and "mon" (¿could it be "cal" as in "calcium" or as in "calla"="cella"="hall"?)... But Portuguese or Brazilian involvement could explain my wacky guess ("Salmon" thought of as "Zalmon" or portuguese "Çalmon" and the "Ç" then thought to represent the "C" just because it's basically the same in written language, like 0, O and Q... Or M,W,VV;U,V;N,Ñ;rr,m;l,I,1;etc.)
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