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HOROWITZ  added 4/27/2017, 10:52:34 AM by ThatOneAuthorGirl
Classical pianist Vladimir Horowitz (1903-1989).
-- ThatOneAuthorGirl  4/27/2017
SANCHEZ  added 4/17/2017, 6:43:59 PM by highexpectasians
Rick Sanchez is a cynical, alcoholic, yet brilliant scientist and grandfather of Morty Smith in the American TV series 'Rick and Morty'.
-- highexpectasians  4/17/2017
MARSTON  added 4/16/2017, 8:08:28 AM by Anonymous User
John Marston is the protagonist of Red dead redemtion.
-- Anonymous User  4/16/2017
RYAN  added 4/15/2017, 11:59:59 PM by Anonymous User
Andrew Ryan is a character in Bioshock.
-- Anonymous User  4/15/2017
KRAMER  added 4/12/2017, 5:10:15 AM by Anonymous User
Cosmo Kramer (Referred to as Kramer) is a main character on Seinfeld.
-- Anonymous User  4/12/2017
ROSTAMI  added 4/10/2017, 4:18:26 PM by highexpectasians
Written as "رستمي‎‎" in Persian.
-- highexpectasians  4/10/2017
COHEN  added 4/7/2017, 4:49:35 AM by Anonymous User
Kohens did not decend from the Levi's. They decended from Aaron, Moses's brother.
-- Anonymous User  4/7/2017
DAVIES  added 4/6/2017, 11:53:22 AM by eandrew513
I saw that there was a section for Fictional Characters and I know a character that's not listed. Ashley Davies from South of Nowhere (2005-2008).
-- eandrew513  4/6/2017
JOHNSON  added 4/5/2017, 2:19:01 PM by Anna Marciniak
I know 2 johnsons Lisa Johnson my teacher, and my best friend Hannah Johnson
-- Anna Marciniak  4/5/2017
CHAPMAN  added 4/1/2017, 4:32:23 PM by Anonymous User
Sounds like the most British surname to me.
-- Anonymous User  4/1/2017
SHEPARD  added 4/1/2017, 4:03:08 AM by Anonymous User
Commander Shepard from Mass effect is a famous bearer.
-- Anonymous User  4/1/2017
MAEDA  added 3/31/2017, 2:46:42 PM by lilolaf
According to ( Maeda is the 32rd most common last name in Japan with 318,743 bearers.
-- lilolaf  3/31/2017
AVERY  added 3/22/2017, 5:40:13 PM by Anonymous User
Tex Avery, a famous cartoonist and animator in the 20th century, carried this surname.
-- Anonymous User  3/22/2017
LOVELL  added 3/20/2017, 5:48:52 AM by blackiesunshine
Jim Lovell is an astronaut who travelled on the Apollo 13 Mission.
-- blackiesunshine  3/20/2017
SANTORO  added 3/19/2017, 11:46:39 AM by Paradiso36
The french variation of the surname is Toussaint.
-- Paradiso36  3/19/2017
AUST  added 3/18/2017, 9:27:55 PM by RayhneTess
Austrian Pronunciation
-- RayhneTess  3/18/2017
DE LEON  added 3/16/2017, 11:38:01 AM by Anonymous User
This name is actually spelled "De León".
-- Anonymous User  3/16/2017
BUFFONE  added 3/15/2017, 12:54:52 PM by Paradiso36
It actually means "clown" in Italian.
-- Paradiso36  3/15/2017
STENBERG  added 3/15/2017, 10:34:24 AM by Jakob Stenberg
Rue in "The Hunger Games" is played by Amandla Stenberg
-- Jakob Stenberg  3/15/2017
BOUSAID  added 3/15/2017, 10:11:13 AM by highexpectasians
Actually, this surname is mainly Maghrebi Arabic:
-- highexpectasians  3/15/2017
WOLF  added 3/13/2017, 7:06:22 PM by annawolf0507
The Wolf-McCurry family of Kansas is in close relation (cousins) to the family of former President of The United States, Barack Obama
-- annawolf0507  3/13/2017
WOLF  added 3/13/2017, 7:03:57 PM by annawolf0507
A common last name from an area of Germany called "The Black Forest". Originally Wolff but has evolved due to English influence.
-- annawolf0507  3/13/2017
BEAUCHENE  added 3/12/2017, 4:09:12 PM by highexpectasians
It's actually spelled as "Beauchêne" in French.êne
-- highexpectasians  3/12/2017
JOHNSON  added 3/7/2017, 6:48:32 PM by Orion_the_Panda
Another notable person who bares this last name is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
-- Orion_the_Panda  3/7/2017
JOHNSTON  added 3/6/2017, 12:31:55 PM by Anonymous User
-- Anonymous User  3/6/2017
PEMBERTON  added 3/6/2017, 8:31:17 AM by blackiesunshine
Daniel Pemberton is the leader of the Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra.
-- blackiesunshine  3/6/2017
DÍAZ  added 3/5/2017, 7:54:11 PM by AngelM0113
Nate Díaz, a mixed martial artist.
-- AngelM0113  3/5/2017
IOANNIDIS  added 3/4/2017, 11:11:34 AM by highexpectasians
Written as "Ιωαννίδης" in Greek.
-- highexpectasians  3/4/2017
DIMITRIOU  added 3/4/2017, 11:09:42 AM by highexpectasians
Written as "Δημητρίου" in Greek.
-- highexpectasians  3/4/2017
FLOROS  added 3/4/2017, 11:08:49 AM by highexpectasians
Written as "Φλωρος" in Greek.
-- highexpectasians  3/4/2017
METAXAS  added 3/4/2017, 11:07:53 AM by highexpectasians
Written as "Μεταξάς" in Greek (and also transcribed as Metaxās in English).
-- highexpectasians  3/4/2017
CABRERA  added 3/3/2017, 8:56:21 AM by Anonymous User
Santiago Cabrera is a Chilean actor
-- Anonymous User  3/3/2017
STRANGE  added 2/28/2017, 9:26:12 AM by Paradiso36
It is also the surname of a dc comics villain Hugo strange.
-- Paradiso36  2/28/2017
CALLAHAN  added 2/28/2017, 7:02:18 AM by cbryer0
The name is Irish origin.
Possibly meaning 'Lover of church' Or 'bright-headed'
-- cbryer0  2/28/2017
CRUZ  added 2/25/2017, 5:29:15 PM by LowestStone
Rafael Edward Cruz, or Ted Cruz, the Canadian-born senator of Texas
-- LowestStone  2/25/2017
HERNANDEZ  added 2/20/2017, 3:15:02 PM by Sofia
Spelled Hernández.
-- Sofia  2/20/2017
GONZALEZ  added 2/20/2017, 2:42:40 PM by Sofia
Spelled González.
-- Sofia  2/20/2017
KATO  added 2/20/2017, 12:31:59 PM by cutenose
It is actually spelt as Katō or Katou.
-- cutenose  2/20/2017
MAEDA  added 2/17/2017, 9:10:32 PM by lilolaf
Echiko Maeda is a Japanese volleyball player and Olympic champion.

She was a member of the Japanese gold-medal winning team at the 1976 Olympic games.
-- lilolaf  2/17/2017
VILARÓ  added 2/17/2017, 8:45:37 PM by DundiculutNicholas
Not too common
-- DundiculutNicholas  2/17/2017
WILLIAMS  added 2/17/2017, 8:45:05 PM by DundiculutNicholas
Another common surname
-- DundiculutNicholas  2/17/2017
JOHNSON  added 2/17/2017, 8:44:51 PM by DundiculutNicholas
One of the most common surnames.
-- DundiculutNicholas  2/17/2017
GORDON  added 2/17/2017, 7:50:41 AM by Anonymous User
was a large Scottish tribe
-- Anonymous User  2/17/2017
DEXTER  added 2/12/2017, 1:13:32 AM by queen_vic
Its actually quite popular in the UK at #79 in 2015 with 850 recorded births.
-- queen_vic  2/12/2017
DEXTER  added 2/12/2017, 1:10:16 AM by queen_vic
The character Dexter, played by Michael C Hall, of the tv show named Dexter, is about a serial killer with a moral code.
-- queen_vic  2/12/2017
PARK (1)  added 2/11/2017, 10:27:15 PM by cutenose
Park Yeon-mi is a North Korean defector and human rights activist who escaped to China in 2007 and settled in South Korea in 2009. She came from an educated, politically connected family that turned to black market trading during North Korea's economic collapse in the 1990s. After her father was sent to a labor camp for smuggling, her family faced starvation. They fled to China, where Yeonmi and her mother fell into the hands of human traffickers before escaping to Mongolia. She is now an advocate for victims of trafficking and works to promote human rights in North Korea and around the globe.
-- cutenose  2/11/2017
ESCAMILLA  added 2/7/2017, 8:56:30 PM by skankinboy
Our family name is pronounced ess-ka-MEE-yah, alternatively the L's are silent. In actuality, the L's are pronounced thus: Escamiyya. In Spanish pronunciation, the double L is pronounced as a Y, as in llanta (yanta/ tire) or tortilla.
-- skankinboy  2/7/2017
DUFFY (1)  added 2/6/2017, 4:25:29 AM by Anonymous User
variant of this name is O'Duffy
-- Anonymous User  2/6/2017
CROSS  added 2/5/2017, 6:40:14 PM by waterunderthebridge
Alex Cross is the titular main character in James Patterson's hit mystery novel series 'Alex Cross'
-- waterunderthebridge  2/5/2017
ESPARZA  added 1/29/2017, 3:38:27 PM by Anonymous User
Raul Esparza (October 24th, 1970)
-- Anonymous User  1/29/2017