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Member since   September 27, 2003
Real name Jessica
Location Fort Madison, IA, USA
Birthday January 5, 1987
I'm Jessica, but I go by unique, right?
I'm 22 years old.
I'm single and loving it
I love the outdoors, but only during the warm months.
I really do not like all.
I love to ride motorcycles--passenger only, still dont know how to operate one by myself.
I love going 4-wheeling, boating [I live about 2 miles away from the Mississippi River], disc golfing and being with my friends.
I have a "daughter" Lily who is the cutest Chihuahua...ever.
I smoke....and I should quit.
I have 6 tattoos -- a cross with a swirly-like design surrounding it between my shoulderblades. A heart with a key dangling from it on my left breast [over my heart].
A star on my right ribcage with more swirlies above and below it, a skull and crossbones with a bow in it's "hair" on the front of my right shin, a small skull and crossbones on my right middle finger and a huge tribal-esque rose on my left ribcage.
I hate driving long distances, but I dont mind riding along.