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Justin Drew Bieber, Canadian R&B/pop singer bears this surname. Said surname sparked the phrase "Bieber Fever", which was made up to describe his fans' occasionally overbearing obsession for him.
CarefullySoaring  1/19/2012
OH PLEASE NO! >:( The surname of the much-hated pop singer Justin Bieber. He coined the phrases "Bieber Fever" (which is an off rhyme by the way) and "Belieber" (which hardly anybody is).
JapanYoshiTheGamer  10/13/2012
This surname could also be derived from German Biber or Yiddish biber. In some cases, it may be habitational, deriving from a house or some other place named with this word. As a Jewish surname, it is typically ornamental.
Marusero  12/30/2017

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