Surname PERRIN

SOURCE: Given Name
USAGE: French

Meaning & History

From a diminutive of the given name PIERRE.

Related Names

OTHER LANGUAGES/CULTURES: Bedrosian, Petrosyan (Armenian), Petrov (Bulgarian), Petrić, Petrović (Croatian), Pedersen, Petersen (Danish), Peter (Dutch), Pearce, Pearson, Peter, Peters, Peterson, Pierce, Pierson, Park, Parks, Perkins (English), Pekkanen (Finnish), Peter, Peters (German), Péter (Hungarian), Di Pietro, Petri, Pietri (Italian), Petrovski (Macedonian), Pedersen, Pettersen (Norwegian), Petran, Petrescu (Romanian), Petrov (Russian), Petrović (Serbian), Pérez, Perez (Spanish), Petersson, Pettersson, Persson (Swedish)
Entry added December 8, 2017