Surnames of Length 8

This is a list of surnames in which the length is 8.
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ABADJIEV     Bulgarian
Patronymic name derived from the Turkish word aba "coat". It may have originally denoted the children of a tailor.
ABBASCIA     Italian
Aphetic form of ABATESCIANNI.
ABDULLAH     Arabic
Derived from the given name ABD ALLAH.
ABRAHAMS     Jewish, English, Dutch
Means "son of ABRAHAM".
ABRAMSEN     Norwegian
Means "son of ABRAHAM".
ABRAMSON     English
Means "son of ABRAHAM".
ACCONCIO     Italian
From the medieval Italian given names Accuntius or Acconcius, of uncertain meaning.
ACCURSIO     Italian
From the given name BONACCORSO.
ACHILLES     German
Derived from the given name ACHILLES.
ACHTEROP     Dutch
Variant of OGTROP.
ACKERMAN     English
Means "ploughman", derived from Middle English aker "field" and man.
ADAMCZAK     Polish
Derived from the given name ADAM.
ADAMCZYK     Polish
Derived from the given name ADAM.
ADAMSSON     Swedish
Swedish form of ADAMSON.
ADELARDI     Italian
Means "son of ADELARDO".
ADENAUER     German
Denoted a person from the town of Adenau in Germany. The name of the town is of uncertain etymology.
ADMIRAAL     Dutch
Means "admiral" in Dutch.
ADRIAANS     Dutch
Means "son of ADRIAAN".
ADRICHEM     Dutch
From the name of an estate and castle (demolished in 1812) that was formerly in North Holland, the Netherlands. It means "Adrik's home".
AERSSENS     Dutch
Means "son of AREND".
AFOLAYAN     Western African, Yoruba
Means "walks like a wealthy person, walks with confidence" in Yoruba.
AFRICANI     Italian
Means "son of Africano", the Italian form of AFRICANUS.
AFRICANO     Italian
From the given name Africano, the Italian form of AFRICANUS.
AGNUSDEI     Italian
From Latin Agnus Dei meaning "lamb of God". This was a nickname for someone who was particularly religious or someone who wore this symbol.
AGOSTINI     Italian
Means "son of AGOSTINO".
AGRAMUNT     Catalan
Originally denoted a person from the town of Agramunt, Spain. It means "field hill" in Catalan.
AGRICOLA     Italian
From Latin agricola meaning "farmer".
AGTHOVEN     Dutch
Variant of ACHTHOVEN.
AHLSTRÖM     Swedish
Ornamental name derived from Swedish al "alder" and ström "stream".
AKKERMAN     Dutch
Dutch form of ACKERMANN.
AKSELSEN     Norwegian, Danish
Means "son of AKSEL".
ALAMANNI     Italian
From ALEMANNIA, the Latin name for Germany.
ALAMILLA     Spanish
From Spanish alamillo meaning "poplar, aspen".
ALBANESI     Italian
Originally indicated a person who came from ALBANIA.
ALBERGHI     Italian
Variant of ALBERICI.
ALBERICI     Italian
Means "son of ALBERICO".
ALBERINK     Dutch
Means "ALBERT's farm" in Dutch.
ALBINSON     English, Swedish
Means "son of ALBIN".
ALBRECHT     German
From the given name ALBRECHT.
ALBRICCI     Italian
Variant of ALBERICI.
ALBRONDA     Dutch
From the name of various streets in the Netherlands.
ALDERISI     Italian
Means "son of Alderissius", a Latinized form of a Germanic name of unknown meaning.
ALEKSEEV     Russian
Means "son of ALEKSEY".
ALEMAGNA     Italian
From ALEMANNIA, the Latin name for Germany.
ALESHIRE     German
Anglicized form of ALSCHER.
ALFERINK     Dutch
Means "ALFHARD's farm" in Dutch.
AL-HASHIM     Arabic
From the given name HASHIM.
ALIBERTI     Italian
Means "son of ALBERTO".
ALINEJAD     Persian
Means "descendant of ALI (1)" in Persian.
ALMSTEDT     Swedish
Ornamental surname derived from Swedish alm "elm" and stad "town".
ALTAMURA     Italian
From the name of the Italian city of Altamura, which means "high walls" in Italian.
ALTIMARI     Italian
Derived from the given name Altimaro, an alteration of ADELMAR.
ALTOVITI     Italian (Rare)
Derived from the Lombard given name ALTWIDUS.
ALVARADO     Spanish
From a Spanish place name, possibly derived from Spanish alba "white".
AMERIGHI     Italian
Means "son of AMERIGO".
AMORETTO     Italian
From a diminutive of the given name AMORE.
AMUNDSEN     Norwegian
Means "son of AMUND".
ANDERSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of ANDERS".
ANDERSON     English
Means "son of ANDREW".
ANDRINGA     Dutch
Means "ANDRIES's farm" in Dutch.
ANGENENT     Dutch
Referred to person who lived at the end of the road or the village, derived from Dutch an gen ent meaning "at the end".
ANTONINI     Italian
Means "son of ANTONINO".
ANTONINO     Italian
Derived from the given name ANTONINO.
ANTONIOU     Greek
Means "son of ANTONIOS".
ANTONISE     Dutch
Derived from the given name ANTONIUS.
ANTONSEN     Norwegian, Danish
Means "son of ANTON".
APPELHOF     Dutch
Indicated a person who lived by or at an apple garden, from Dutch appel "apple" and hof "garden, courtyard".
APPLETON     English
From the name of several English towns, meaning "orchard" in Old English (a compound of æppel "apple" and tun "enclosure, yard").
ARBEIDER     Dutch
From Dutch arbeider meaning "worker".
ARDELEAN     Romanian
From the Romanian region of Ardeal, also called Transylvania. It is possibly derived from Hungarian erdő meaning "forest".
ARDOVINI     Italian
Means "son of ARDUINO".
ARENDONK     Dutch
Denoted a person from Arendonk, a town between in northern Belgium. It is derived from arend "eagle" and donk "hill".
ARENDSEN     Dutch
Variant of ARENDS.
ASHWORTH     English
From an English place name meaning "ash enclosure" in Old English.
ASSELMAN     Dutch
Denoted a person from Assel, Asselt or Hasselt, the name of communities in the Netherlands and Belgium. They derive from Germanic asc "ash tree" and lauha "woods on sandy soil", or hasal "hazel tree".
ASTURIAS     Spanish
From the name of a region in Spain, formerly a medieval kingdom. It is possibly derived from Basque asta "rock" and ur "water".
ATANASOV     Bulgarian, Macedonian
Means "son of ATANAS".
ATCHISON     Scots
Scots form of ATKINSON.
ATKINSON     English
Means "son of Atkin", a medieval diminutive of ADAM.
ATTWATER     English
Variant of ATWATER.
AUGUSTIN     French, German
From the given name AUGUSTIN.
AVERESCH     Dutch
From a place name, possibly from a dialectal variation of Dutch over meaning "over" combined with esch meaning "ash tree".
AVESKAMP     Dutch
From a place name meaning "the edge of camp" in Dutch.
AXELSSON     Swedish
Means "son of AXEL".
BAANDERS     Dutch
Dutch cognate of BANNER.
BAARDSEN     Norwegian
Means "son of BÅRD".
BACHCHAN     Indian, Hindi
From Hindi बच्चा (bachcha) meaning "child", a word of Persian origin. This surname was adopted by the Indian poet Harivansh Rai Srivastava (1907-2003).
BACHMANN     German
Denoted a person who lived near a stream, from German bach "stream" and mann "man".
BANCROFT     English
From any of the various places of this name, derived from Old English bean meaning "bean" and croft meaning "small enclosed field".
BANDERAS     Spanish
Spanish cognate of BANNER.
BANERJEE     Bengali
BANISTER     English
Variant of BANNISTER.
BARBIERI     Italian
Italian cognate of BARBER.
BARDAKÇI     Turkish
Means "glassmaker" from Turkish bardak "glass".
BARDSLEY     English
From the name a village near Manchester, from the Old English given name BEORNRÆD and leah "woodland, clearing".
BARSOTTI     Italian
Meaning uncertain, possibly derived from the Germanic word baro "man, warrior, servant".
BARWEGEN     Frisian
Derived from the name of a village in Frisia meaning "road to the dike".
BARZETTI     Italian
Variant of BARSOTTI.
BAUMBACH     German
From a place name meaning "tree stream" in German.
BAUTISTA     Spanish
Derived from the given name BAUTISTA.
BEAUFORT     French
From various French place names derived from beau "beautiful" and fort "strong place, fortress".
BEAULIEU     French
From various French place names derived from beau "beautiful" and lieu "place".
BEAUMONT     French, English
From French place names derived from beau "beautiful" and mont "mountain".
BEHRENDS     German
Derived from the given name BERND.
BÉLANGER     French
From the given name BÉRENGER.
BELANGER     English
From the given name BERENGAR.
BELLANDI     Italian
Means "son of Bellando", from a medieval given name derived from Latin bellandus meaning "which is to be fought".
BELLUOMO     Italian
Variant of BELLOMO.
BELMONTE     Spanish, Italian
From various place names in Italy and Spain meaning "beautiful mountain".
BENDTSEN     Danish
Means "son of BENDT".
BENENATI     Italian
Means "son of Benenato", given name derived from Latin bene "good, well" and natus "good".
BENETTON     Italian
Northern Italian variant of BENEDETTI.
BÉRANGER     French
From the given name BÉRENGER.
BERGFALK     Swedish
Derived from Swedish berg "mountain" and falk "falcon".
BÉRINGER     French
From the given name BÉRENGER.
BERINGER     German, English
From the given name BERENGAR.
BERMÚDEZ     Spanish
Means "son of BERMUDO".
BERNHARD     German
From the given name BERNHARD.
BERTRAND     French
Derived from the given name BERTRAND.
BEVERLEY     English
Variant of BEVERLY.
BIERMANN     German
Derived from German bier "beer" and mann "man". The name may have referred to a brewer or a tavern owner.
BISSETTE     English
Variant of BISSET.
BJÖRKMAN     Swedish
From Swedish björk "birch tree" and man "man".
BLACKMAN     English
From a nickname, a variant of BLACK.
BLANCHET     French
From a diminutive of the name BLANC.
BLANXART     Catalan
Catalan form of BLANCHARD.
BLOMGREN     Swedish
From Swedish blomma meaning "flower" and gren meaning "branch".
BODILSEN     Danish
Means "son of BODIL".
BOGDANIĆ     Croatian
Means "son of BOGDAN".
BOGDANOV     Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of BOGDAN".
BONDESAN     Italian
Venetian name derived from the name of the town of Bondeno in northern Italy.
BONHOMME     French
Derived from Old French bon homme meaning "good man".
BONNAIRE     French
French form of BONNER.
BOOTHMAN     English
Variant of BOOTH.
BORCHARD     German
Derived from the given name BURKHARD.
BORGNINO     Italian
From nickname derived from the Piedmontese dialect word borgno meaning "one-eyed". This was the real surname of American actor Ernest Borgnine (1917-2012).
BORGOGNI     Italian
From the name of the French region of Burgundy (called Bourgogne in French), which is named after the Germanic tribe the Burgundians, itself meaning "people from the high land".
BÖTTCHER     German
Occupational name meaning "cooper, barrel maker" in German.
BOUCHARD     French
From the Germanic given name BURKHARD.
BOURREAU     French
Variant of BUREAU.
BRADDOCK     English
From various locations derived from Old English meaning "broad oak".
BRADFORD     English
Derived from the name of the city of Bradford in West Yorkshire which meant "broad ford" in Old English. This is also the name of other smaller towns in England.
BREWSTER     English
Variant of BREWER, originally a feminine form of the occupational term.
BRIOSCHI     Italian
Derived from the town of Briosco, near Milan. It may be of Lombardic origin.
BRISBOIS     French
Referred to a person who cleared land, from Old French briser "to cut" and bois "forest".
BRITTAIN     English
Variant of BRITTON.
BRODBECK     German
Means "bread baker" from Middle High German brot "bread" and becke "baker".
BROWNLOW     English
From Old English brun meaning "brown" and hlaw meaning "mound, small hill". The name was probably given to a family living on a small hill covered with bracken.
BRUNETTI     Italian
Diminutive of BRUNO.
BUCHANAN     Scottish
From the name of a region in Stirlingshire, Scotland, which means "house of the canon" in Gaelic.
BUCHHOLZ     German
From Middle High German buoche "beech" and holz "wood".
BUKOWSKI     Polish
Originally denoted someone who came from a place called Bukowo or Bukowiec, which derive from Polish buk "beech".
BUSTILLO     Spanish
From the name of Spanish towns, diminutive forms of BUSTO.
CALDWELL     English
From various English place names derived from Old English ceald "cold" and well "spring, stream, well".
CALLAHAN     Irish
Variant of CALLAGHAN.
CAMPBELL     Scottish
From a Gaelic nickname cam béul meaning "wry or crooked mouth". The surname was later represented in Latin documents as de bello campo meaning "of the fair field".
CANTRELL     English
Originally a name for someone from Cantrell in Devon, from an unknown first element and Old English hyll meaning "hill".
CAPITANI     Italian
Occupational name meaning "captain" in Italian, ultimately from Latin caput "head".
CARLISLE     English
From the name of a city in northern England. The city was originally called by the Romans Luguvalium meaning "stronghold of LUGUS". Later the Brythonic element ker "fort" was appended to the name of the city.
CARLSSON     Swedish
Means "son of CARL".
CASTILLA     Spanish
Originally indicated a person from Castile, a region (and medieval kingdom) in Spain. The name of the region is derived from Late Latin castellum meaning "castle".
CASTILLO     Spanish
Spanish cognate of CASTLE.
CATALANO     Italian
Italian form of CATALÁN.
CATTANEO     Italian
Variant of CAPITANI used in Lombardy.
CAVANAGH     Irish
Variant of KAVANAGH.
ČERVENKA     Czech
Variant of ČERVENY.
CHADWICK     English
From the name of English towns meaning "settlement belonging to CHAD" in Old English.
CHAMBERS     English
From Old French chambre "chamber, room", an occupational name for a person who worked in the inner rooms of a mansion.
CHANDLER     English
Occupational surname meaning "candle seller" or "candle maker" in Middle English, ultimately derived from Old French.
CHARMCHI     Persian
Means "leather worker" in Persian, from چرم (charm) "leather" combined with چی (chi), denoting an occupation.
CHASTAIN     French
From Old French castan "chestnut tree" (Latin castanea), a name for someone who lived near a particular chestnut tree, or possibly a nickname for someone with chestnut-coloured hair.
CHAUDHRI     Indian, Hindi
Variant transcription of CHAUDHARY.
CHESHIRE     English
Originally indicated a person from the county of Cheshire in England. Cheshire is named for its city CHESTER.
CHILIKOV     Bulgarian
Patronymic derived from Bulgarian челик (chelik) "steel" (of Turkish origin).
CIPRIANI     Italian
From the given name CIPRIANO.
CLAESSON     Swedish
Means "son of CLAES".
CLARKSON     English
Patronymic form of CLARK.
CLIFFORD     English
Derived from various place names which meant "ford by a cliff" in Old English.
CLOUTIER     French
Derived from French clou meaning "nail", referring to someone who made or sold nails.
COCKBURN     Scottish, English
Originally indicated someone who came from Cockburn, a place in Berwickshire. The place name is derived from Old English cocc "rooster" and burna "stream".
COJOCARU     Romanian
From Romanian cojoc meaning "sheepskin coat". This was an occupational name for a maker of these coats.
COMSTOCK     English
Possibly from the name of the River Culm in Devon, England. This name is seen in the Domesday book as Culmstoke or Colmstoke.
CONNELLY     Irish
Variant of CONNOLLY.
CONNOLLY     Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Conghalaigh, which means "descendant of Conghalach". Conghalach is a nickname meaning "valiant".
CORCORAN     Irish
From Irish Ó Corcráin meaning "descendant of Corcrán", a given name derived from the Gaelic word corcair "purple".
COSTANZO     Italian
From the given name COSTANZO.
COUGHLAN     Irish
Anglicized form of Ó COCHLÁIN.
COUGHLIN     Irish
Anglicized form of Ó COCHLÁIN.
CRAWFORD     English
From a place name derived from Old English crawa "crow" and ford "river crossing".
CRNČEVIĆ     Serbian
Derived from Serbian црн (crn) meaning "black".
CROCETTI     Italian
Italian diminutive form of CROCE.
CRUYSSEN     Dutch
From the name of a place in the Netherlands, derived from kruis "cross".
ČTVRTNÍK     Czech
Derived from Czech čtvrtlán meaning "one quarter of a lán", where a lán is a medieval Czech measure of land (approximately 18 hectares). The name denoted someone who owned this much land.
CUIJPERS     Dutch
Variant of KUIPER.
DAALMANS     Dutch
Originally indicated a person who lived in a valley, from Dutch dal meaning "dale, valley" and man meaning "man".
DAELMANS     Dutch
Variant of DAALMANS.
DAHLMANS     Dutch
Variant of DAALMANS.
DALGAARD     Danish
From Old Norse dalr meaning "valley" and garðr meaning "yard, farmstead".
DAMYANOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of DAMYAN".
DANAILOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of DANAIL".
DANIELOV     Bulgarian
Variant of DANAILOV.
DANNIELL     English
Variant of DANIEL.
D'ANTONIO     Italian
Means "son of ANTONIO".
D'ARAMITZ     French
Originally denoted one who came from Aramits, a the name of a town in the French Pyrenees which is possibly derived from Basque haran meaning "valley".
DASKALOV     Bulgarian
Patronymic derived from даскал (daskal) meaning "teacher".
DAVIDSEN     Danish
Means "son of DAVID".
DAVIDSON     English
Means "son of DAVID".
DAVIDYAN     Armenian
Variant transcription of DAVTYAN.
DEBENHAM     English
Originally denoted a person from the town of Debenham in Suffolk, derived from the name of the River Deben (meaning "deep" in Old English) combined with ham meaning "home,homestead".
DE FELICE     Italian
Means "son of FELICE".
DEFOREST     French
Means "from the forest" in French.
DE JONKER     Dutch
Variant of JONKER.
DE LA CRUZ     Spanish
Spanish cognate of DELACROIX.
DERRICKS     English
Derived from the given name DERRICK.
DE SANTIS     Italian
Variant of SANTO.
DEVEREUX     English
Indicated a person from Evreux in France, itself named after the Gaulish tribe of the Eburovices, which was probably derived from a Celtic word meaning "yew".
DE VROOME     Dutch
Variant of VROOM.
DI CAPRIO     Italian
From the name of the island of Capri near Naples, itself possibly derived from Latin capra meaning "goat" or Greek καπρος (kapros) meaning "wild boar".
DIERICKX     Flemish
Means "son of DIRK".
DIETRICH     German
Derived from the given name DIETRICH.
DIJKSTRA     Frisian
Variant of DYKSTRA.
DIMITROV     Bulgarian
Means "son of DIMITAR".
DI NAPOLI     Italian
Means "from NAPLES" in Italian.
DINAPOLI     Italian
Variant of DI NAPOLI.
DI PASQUA     Italian
Means "of Easter" in Italian.
DI PIETRO     Italian
Means "son of PIETRO" in Italian.
DONAGHUE     Irish
Variant of DONOGHUE.
DONNELLY     Irish
From Irish Ó Donnghaile meaning "descendant of Donnghal". The given name Donnghal means "brown valour", from donn "brown" and gal "valour". This surname is associated with the descendants of Niall of the Nine Hostages.
D'ONOFRIO     Italian
Means "son of ONOFRIO".
DONOGHUE     Irish
From Irish Ó Donnchadha meaning "descendant of DONNCHADH".
DOUGLASS     Scottish
Variant of DOUGLAS.
DRAGANOV     Bulgarian
Means "son of DRAGAN".
DRAGOVIĆ     Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of DRAGO".
DREESENS     Dutch
Variant of DRIESSEN.
DREESSEN     Dutch
Variant of DRIESSEN.
DRESDNER     German
Originally indicated a person who came from the city of Dresden in German.
DRESSLER     German
Means "turner" from Middle High German dreseler, an agent derivative of drehen "to turn". A turner was a person who used a lathe to create small objects from wood or bone.
DRIESSEN     Dutch
Means "son of DRIES".
DRISCOLL     Irish
From Irish Ó hEidirsceóil meaning "descendant of the messenger".
DRUMMOND     Scottish
From various place names in Scotland which are derived from Gaelic druim meaning "ridge".
DUCHAMPS     French
Variant of DESCHAMPS.
DUNAJSKI     Polish
Derived from Dunaj, the Polish name for the river Danube.
DZIEDZIC     Polish
Derived from Polish dziedzic "landowner".
ECKSTEIN     German
From German eck meaning "edge, corner" and stein meaning "stone".
ELDRIDGE     English
Derived from the given name ALDRIC.
EL-HASHEM     Arabic
Variant transcription of AL-HASHIM.
ELIZONDO     Spanish
Originally referred to a person who lived close to a church, from Basque eleiza "church" and ondo "near".
ELLISSON     English
Variant of ELLISON.
ELLISTON     English
Variant of ELLISON.
ENDICOTT     English
Topographic name derived from Old English meaning "from the end cottage".
ENGSTRÖM     Swedish
Ornamental name derived from Swedish ång "meadow" and ström "stream".
EPISCOPO     Italian
Means "bishop" in Italian, ultimately from Greek επισκοπος (episkopos).
ERICKSON     English
Means "son of ERIC".
ERICSSON     Swedish
Means "son of ERIC".
ERIKSSON     Swedish
Means "son of ERIK".
ERMACORA     Italian
From the given name ERMACORA.
ESPENSEN     Norwegian
Means "son of ESPEN".
ESPENSON     Norwegian (Anglicized)
Americanized form of ESPENSEN.
ESPINOSA     Spanish
From Spanish espinoso meaning "thorny", ultimately from Latin spinosus, a derivative of spina meaning "thorn, spine".
ESPINOZA     Spanish
Variant of ESPINOSA.
ESPOSITO     Italian
Means "exposed" in Italian and denoted a child who was rescued after being abandoned by its parents.
EVERHART     German
Variant of EBERHARDT.
FAIRBURN     English
From a place name which meant "fern stream", from Old English fearn "fern" and burna "stream".
FAUCHEUX     French
Derived from French faucher "to mow".
FAULKNER     English, Scottish
Old English for "falconer".
FERGUSON     Irish, Scottish
Means "son of FERGUS".
FERREIRA     Portuguese
Denoted one from a town named because it was near an iron mine, from ferrum the Latin word for "iron".
FERREIRO     Portuguese
Portuguese cognate of FERRARI.
FILIPPOV     Russian
Means "son of FILIP".
FINNEGAN     Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Fionnagáin meaning "descendant of Fionnagán". The given name Fionnagán is a diminutive of FIONN.
FISCELLA (1)     Italian
Derived from the given name Fisco, Fisco being an archaic diminutive of FRANCESCO.
FISCELLA (2)     Italian
Derived from Sicilian fiscella, the word for a basket used to conserve cheese. The name was probably used to denote a person who made cheese.
FLANAGAN     Irish
From Irish Ó Flannagáin meaning "descendant of Flannagán". Flannagán is a given name meaning "red". From County Roscommon in Ireland, it has many other spellings.
FLANAGON     Irish
Variant of FLANAGAN.
FLETCHER     English
Means "fletcher", someone who attaches feather flights to the shaft of an arrow. It also refers to a seller of arrows.
FONTAINE     French
Derived from old French fontane "well". It was probably a nickname for a person living by a well.
FORESTER     English
Denoted a keeper or one in charge of a forest, or one who has charge of growing timber in a forest (see FOREST).
FÖRSTNER     German
Denoted a keeper or one in charge of a forest (see FORST).
FOURNIER     French
Means "baker" from French fourneau "oven".
FRANÇOIS     French
Derived from the given name FRANÇOIS.
FRANKLIN     English
Derived from Middle English frankelin meaning "freeman". It denoted a landowner of free but not noble birth, from Old French franc meaning "free".
FRANKLYN     English
Variant of FRANKLIN.
FRANZESE     Italian
From a nickname meaning "Frenchman". It is typical of the area of Naples.
FUHRMANN     German
Derived from Middle High German vuorman "cartwright".
FUJIMOTO     Japanese
From Japanese (fuji) meaning "wisteria" and (moto) meaning "base, root, origin".
FYODOROV     Russian
Means "son of FYODOR".
GABRIELS     English
Derived from the given name GABRIEL.
GAERTNER     German
German variant of GARDNER.
GARDENER     English
Occupational surname for one who was a gardener, from Old French jardin meaning "garden" (of Frankish origin).
GARDINER     English
Variant of GARDENER.
GÁRDONYI     Hungarian
Originally denoted a person from Gárdony, a town near Budapest in Hungary.
GARFIELD     English
Means "triangle field" in Old English. A famous bearer was American president James A. Garfield (1831-1881).
GAROFALO     Italian
From an old given name or nickname, documented in Genoa in 1157 as Garofalus from a regional variant garofalo (see the Italian word garofano "carnation"). The word garofalu in Sicilian dialects or the Calabrian dialect could also mean an "eddy" of seawater in the Messina Strait.
GEIßLER     German
Variant of GEISSLER.
GEISSLER     German
Occupational name for a goat herder, from southern German Geiss meaning "goat" and the suffix ler signifying an occupation.
GEISZLER     German
Variant of GEISSLER.
GENADIEV     Bulgarian
Means "son of Genadiy", Genadiy being the Bulgarian form of GENNADIY.
GENOVESE     Italian
From the name of one of the most important Italian cities Genova (Genoa).
GEORGIEV     Bulgarian
Means "son of GEORGI".
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