Surnames Starting with P

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PUERTA Spanish
Means "door, gate", a topographic name for a person who lived near the gates of the town.
PUGA Galician
Means "thorn, prickle" in Galician.
PUGH Welsh
Derived from Welsh ap Hugh meaning "son of HUGH".
From an adjectival derivative of Puglia, from Latin Apulia, a region of southeast Italy containing the boot heel and some of the coastline of the Adriatic Sea. It is a regional name for someone from that region.
PUIG Catalan
Catalan cognate of POGGIO.
Derived from the medieval status name purkrabí meaning "burgrave". It is derived from German Burggraf meaning "castle count".
From Old French pourcel "piglet", from Latin porcellus, a derivative of porcus "pig". This was a nickname or an occupational name for a swineherd.
PUSKÁS Hungarian
Occupational name for a gunsmith or cannon maker, from Hungarian puska meaning "gun" (from German, itself from Latin buxis "box").
PUSZTAI Hungarian
From Hungarian puszta meaning "plain, steppe". The name was given to someone living on a plain.
PUTNAM English
From Puttenham, the name of towns in Hertfordshire and Surrey in England, which mean "Putta's homestead".