Surnames Categorized "singers"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include singers.
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Means "strong arm" from Middle English. Tradition holds that the family is descended from Siward, an 11th-century Earl of Northumbria. Famous bearers of this name include the Americans Louis Armstrong (1901-1971), a jazz musician, and Neil Armstrong (1930-2012), an astronaut who was the first person to walk on the moon.
From the occupation, derived from Middle English carpentier (ultimately from Latin carpentarius meaning "carriage maker").
From a nickname derived from French chevalier meaning "knight", itself from cheval meaning "horse", ultimately from Latin caballus.
Means "priest" from Hebrew כֹּהֵן (kohen). It originally denoted one of the priestly tribe of Levi.
From a nickname for a person who had grey hair or grey clothes.
Descriptive name for someone who often wore the colour green or someone who lived near the village green.
Means "son of JACK". A famous bearer of this name was American president Andrew Jackson (1767-1845). Another famous bearer was the singer Michael Jackson (1958-2009).
Means "son of LARS".
Means "son of LOPE" in Spanish.
MANNGerman, English
From a nickname meaning "man". This may have originally been given in order to distinguish the bearer from a younger person with the same name.
From the given name SIEGER.
Derived from Old French tailleur meaning "tailor", ultimately from Latin taliare "to cut".