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Dutch names are used in the Netherlands and Flanders. See also about Dutch names.
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AAFJES     Dutch
Means "son of Aafje"... [more]
AAIJ     Dutch
Derived from the given name Aaij, a short form of several names, for example ADRIAAN.
AAKSTER     Dutch
Means "magpie" from Old Dutch ekster.
Denoted a person who came from a place called Aaldenberg, which perhaps meant "old mountain".
AALDERS     Dutch
Means "son of ALDERT".
AALFS     Dutch
Means "son of Aalf" in Dutch... [more]
AALMERS     Dutch
Means "son of Aalmar"... [more]
AALTINK     Dutch
Means "from Alto's farm"... [more]
AARDEN     Dutch
Means "clay, stone, earth" from Dutch aarden... [more]
AARENS     Dutch
Means "son of AREND".
AARLE     Dutch
Denoted a person who hailed from a place of this name in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.
AARSE     Dutch
Means "son of AREND".
AARTS     Dutch
Means "son of AART".
AARTSEN     Dutch
Means "son of AREND".
AARTSMA     Dutch, Frisian
Means "son of AREND"... [more]
ABBES     Dutch
Means "son of ABBE".
ABBING     Dutch, German
Variant of ABBINK.
ABBINGH     Dutch
Variant of ABBINK.
ABBINK     Dutch
Means "ABBE's farmstead".
ABEL     English, French, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Spanish, German
Derived from the given name ABEL.
ABELEN     Dutch
Means "son of ABEL"... [more]
ABELS     Dutch, Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of ABEL".
ABEN     Dutch
Means "son of ABE (2)".
ABRAHAMS     Jewish, English, Dutch
Derived from the given name ABRAHAM.
ABRAM     English, Dutch
Derived from the given name ABRAHAM.
ABRAMS     Jewish, English, Dutch
Means "son of ABRAHAM".
ABSPOEL     Dutch
Denoted a person who lived in or by a house in Oegstgeest, South Holland, called Abtspoel.
ABT     German, Dutch
Derived from Old Low German abt "abbot".
ACHTERBERG     Dutch, German
Denoted a person hailing from one of the various places that bore this name in Germany... [more]
Denoted a person hailing from one of the various farms that bore this name in and around Holland... [more]
ACHTEROP     Dutch
Variant of OGTEROP.
ADDENS     Dutch
Means "son of ADDE".
ADDICKS     Dutch
Means "son of Addik"... [more]
ADDIKS     Dutch
Variant of ADDICKS.
ADEMA     Dutch
Derived from any of the many Germanic given names that began with the element adal meaning "noble".
ADMIRAAL     Dutch
Means "admiral" from Dutch admiraal.
ADOLFS     Dutch
Means "son of ADOLF".
ADRIAANS     Dutch
Means "son of ADRIAAN".
Means "son of ADRIAAN".
ADRICHEM     Dutch
Denoted a person from Adrichem, the Netherlands, which means "Adrik's home".
AERSSENS     Dutch
Means "son of AREND".
AGEMA     Dutch
Means "son of Age"... [more]
AGTEROP     Dutch
Variant of OGTEROP.
AGTHOVEN     Dutch
Denoted a person from Agthoven, the Netherlands, which means "eight gardens" from Dutch agt "eight" and hoven "garden".
AHLERS     Dutch
Means "son of Ahlert"... [more]
AIKEMA     Dutch
Means "son of Aike"... [more]
AKKER     Dutch
Variant of VAN DEN AKKER.
AKKERMAN     Dutch
Dutch form of ACKER.
Dutch form of ACKER.
Denoted a person from Akkersdijk, the Netherlands... [more]
ALBERDA     Dutch
Means "son of ALBERT".
Variant of ALBERINK.
ALBERINK     Dutch
Means "dweller at or near ALBERT's farm".
ALBERS     Dutch
Means "son of ALBERT".
Possibly a combination of the name Albers, a cognate of ALBERT, and the surname NAGEL.
ALBERTS     English, Dutch
Means "son of ALBERT".
ALBRING     Dutch
Variant of ALBERINK.
ALBRONDA     Dutch
Means "son of Albrand"... [more]
Variant of AALDENBERG.
Locational name of two possible etymologies... [more]
Means "most dearest" from Dutch allerliefste... [more]
ALDERS     Dutch
Means "son of ALDERT".
Means "Aldert's garden, courtyard" from Dutch hof and the given name ALDERT.
Means "from Alfert's farm"... [more]
ALFERINK     Dutch
Variant of ALFERDINCK.
ALFONS     Dutch
Means "son of ALFONS".
ALING     Dutch
Means "from Ale's farm"... [more]
ALINK     Dutch
Variant of ALING.
ALLES     Dutch
Means "son of Alle", where Alle is a diminutive of ALDERT.
ALMA     Dutch
Variant of ALKEMA.
ALTENA     Dutch
Variant of VAN ALTENA.
ALTHUIS     Dutch
Dutch cognate of ALTHAUS.
ALTING     Dutch
Variant of AALTINK.
ALTINK     Dutch
Variant of AALTINK.
AMSING     Dutch
Means "from Amse's farm"... [more]
ANANIAS     Dutch
Means "son of ANANIAS".
ANDELA     Dutch
Means "from Andela's farm"... [more]
ANDRIES     Dutch
Derived from the given name ANDRIES.
Means "son of ANDRIES".
ANDRINGA     Dutch
Means "from ANDRIES's farm".
ANGENENT     Dutch
Means "at the end (of the road, village)" from the Dutch phrase an gen ent.
ANHOLTS     Dutch
Originally denoted a person from Anholt, the Netherlands, meaning "hold still" (a place where people could rest for the night) from the Dutch word anholt.
ANKER     Dutch
Either means "anchor" or denoted a person hailing from Anker, the Netherlands.
Means "dweller next to the little field" from Dutch aan't veldink.
ANTEMA     Dutch
Means "son of Ante"... [more]
ANTONIS     Greek, Dutch
Derived from the given name ANTONIS or ANTONIUS.
ANTONISE     Dutch
Derived from the given name ANTONIUS.
ANTUMA     Dutch
Variant of ANTEMA.
APERLO     Dutch
Variant of APPELO.
APPELHOF     Dutch
Means "dweller by or at the apple garden", from appel and hof.
APPELO     Dutch
Indicated a person who was from place called Apperloo.
APPERLO     Dutch
Variant of APPELO.
ARBEID     Dutch
Means "worker" from Dutch arbeider.
ARBEIDER     Dutch
Variant of ARBEID.
ARBEIT     Dutch
Variant of ARBEID.
ARENDONK     Dutch
Denoted a person from Arendonk, a town between Antwerp and Turnhout in Belgium... [more]
ARENDS     Dutch
Means "son of AREND".
ARENDSEN     Dutch
Variant of ARENDS.
ARENTS     Dutch
Variant of ARENDS.
ARENTZ     Dutch
Variant of ARENDS.
ARIESEN     Dutch
Means "son of Aris"... [more]
ARISSEN     Dutch
Variant of ARIESEN.
ARKES     Dutch
Variant of ARKEMA.
ARNTZ     Dutch
Means "son of AREND".
ARNTZEN     Dutch
Variant of ARNTZ.
Latinate form of ARNTZEN.
ARTS (1)     Dutch
Variant of AARTS.
ARTS (2)     Dutch
Means "physician" in Dutch.
ARTZ     Dutch, German
Variant of AARTS.
ASJES     Dutch
Variant of ASKES.
ASKES     Dutch
Means "son of Aske"... [more]
ASSELMAN     Dutch
Denoted a person from Assel(t) or Hassel(t).
Possibly from a place called Assenberg, composed of essen and berg, meaning "ash mountain".
From the name of a place called Assendorp, composed of essen and dorp, meaning "ash tree village".
ASSIES     Dutch
Variant of ASKES.
ASSINK     Dutch
From a place name meaning "Asse's farm".
ATSES     Dutch
Variant of ATSMA.
AUKES     Dutch
Dutch form of AUKEMA.
AVERESCH     Dutch
From the place name Averesch, possibly composed of haver and esch, meaning "oat farm land"... [more]
AVESKAMP     Dutch
Composed of avest and kamp which possibly mean "forest edge farm".
BAAIMAN     Dutch
Means "son of Baaij"... [more]
BAAK     Dutch
From the given name Baak, a short form of names starting with badu- "fight, struggle".
BAANDERS     Dutch
Dutch cognate of BANNER.
From a place name, possibly from Baard's wijk where the given name Baard is from BERT and wijk means "living place".
BAARS     Dutch
Dutch form of BAARSMA.
BAART     Dutch
From the given name Baard, which was a form of BERT.
BAAS     Dutch
Means "boss, overseer" referring to a profession.
BAASCH     German, Dutch
Means "boss" from the Middle Low German baas.
Means "bakery", an occupational name for a baker... [more]
BAKKER     Dutch
Dutch cognate of BAKER, from the Dutch word bakker.
BARENDS     Dutch
Means "son of Barend", where Barend is from BERNHARD.
Originally Von Bunschoten, indicating a person from the town of Bunschoten in Holland.
BERINGER     Dutch, German
From the old Germanic given name Beringer.
BEULEN     Dutch
Variant of BUL.
BEULENS     Dutch
Variant of BUL.
BEULLENS     Dutch
Variant of BUL.
BEUMERS     Dutch
Means "trees".
From Dutch zuid "south" and hout, the oldest Dutch word for "forest"... [more]
BOER     Dutch, Low German
From West Low German Boer meaning "farmer".
Literally means "good farmer" in Dutch.
BOON (3)     Dutch
Means "bean seller or grower".
BOOTSMA     Dutch, Frisian
Occupational surname meaning "boatman", derived from the Dutch word boot meaning "boat".
BORST     Dutch
Means "bristly hair" in Dutch.
BOSCH     German, Dutch
Derived from Dutch bussch "wood".
From Dutch meaning "architect, builder".
BRABAND     Dutch
Derived from the name of the region of Brabant in the Netherlands.
BRAMS     Dutch, English
Derived from the given name BRAM.
BRINKERHOFF     Dutch, German
Means "home on or near a hill" (that is, "on the brink").
BUL     Dutch
Means "bull" in Dutch.
BULLE     Dutch, English
Variant of BUL.
BULLENS     Dutch
Variant of BUL.
CARL     English, Dutch
From the given name CHARLES.
CARMAN (1)     English, Dutch
Occupational name for a carter, from Middle English car "cart" and man "man".
CEELEN     Dutch
Derived from the Dutch given name Ceel, which is short for MARCELLUS or CAECILIUS.
CLAASEN     Dutch
Means "son of CLAUS".
CLAES     Flemish
From the given name KLAUS.
CLOET     Dutch
Variant of KLOET.
CLOETEN     Dutch
Variant of KLOET.
COEMAN     Dutch
Variant of KOEMAN.
COEMANS     Dutch
Variant of KOEMAN.
COENEN     Dutch
Derived from the given name KOENRAAD.
COLIJN     Dutch
Variant of KOOL.
COOLEN     Dutch
Variant of KOOL.
COUMAN     Dutch
Variant of KOEMAN.
COUMANS     Dutch
Variant of KOEMAN.
CRUSAN     Dutch
Variant of KRUSEN.
CUIJPER     Dutch
Variant of CUYPERS.
CUIJPERS     Dutch
Variant of CUYPERS.
CUYPER     Dutch
Variant of CUYPERS.
CUYPERS     Dutch
From the Dutch occupation of kuiper, which means "cooper" or "barrelmaker".
DAALMAN     Dutch
Variant of DAALMANS.
DAALMANS     Dutch
Originally indicated a person from Daal or Dalen, which is a small town in the province of Drente in the Netherlands.
DAELMAN     Dutch
Variant of DAALMANS.
DAELMANS     Dutch
Variant of DAALMANS.
DAHL     Dutch, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
From Middle Low German dal or Old Norse dalr both meaning "valley"... [more]
DAHLMAN     Dutch
Variant of DAALMANS.
DAHLMANS     Dutch
Variant of DAALMANS.
DAUBE     Dutch
From a nickname meaning meaning "dove".
DE CLOET     Dutch
Variant of KLOET.
DE GROOT     Dutch
Dutch surname meaning "the big" or "the grand".
DE HAVEN     Dutch
From the Middle Dutch word haven signifying a "harbour"... [more]
Variant of JONCKHEER.
DE JONKER     Dutch
Variant of JONKER.
DE KLERK     Dutch
From the occupation of klerk, which is Dutch for "clerk" (see CLARK).
DE KLOET     Dutch
Variant of KLOET.
DERICHS     Dutch
Variant of DIRCKS.
Variant of SNYDER.
DE SNAIJER     Dutch
Variant of SNYDER.
DE VEEN     Dutch
Variant of VAN DER VEEN.
DE VEN     Dutch
Variant of VAN DER VEEN.
DE VROOM     Dutch, Flemish
Variant of VROOM.
DE VROOME     Dutch
Variant of VROOM.
DE WIT     Dutch
Variant of DE WITTE.
DE WITH     Dutch
Variant of DE WITTE.
DE WITT     Dutch
Variant of DE WITTE.
DE WITTE     Dutch
Means "the white" in Dutch, a nickname for a person with white hair.
DIERICKX     Dutch
Variant of DIRCKS.
DIRCHS     Dutch, German
Variant of DIRCKS.
DIRCKS     Dutch
Derived from the given name DIEDERIK.
Variant of DIRCKS.
DIRCKX     Dutch
Variant of DIRCKS.
DIRIKS     Dutch
Variant of DIRCKS.
DIRIX     Dutch
Variant of DIRCKS.
DIRKS     Dutch
Variant of DIRCKS.
DIRKSE     Dutch
Variant of DIRCKS.
DIRKSEN     Dutch
Variant of DIRCKS.
DIRKX     Dutch
Variant of DIRCKS.
DREES     Dutch
Variant of DRIES.
DREESE     Dutch
Variant of DRIES.
DREESEN     Dutch
Variant of DRIESSEN.
DREESENS     Dutch
Variant of DRIESSEN.
DREESSEN     Dutch
Variant of DRIESSEN.
Variant of DRIESSEN.
DREYER     Dutch
Means "turner" in Dutch, an occupational name for one who turned wood to create things like ornate chair legs.
DRIES     Dutch
From the Dutch given name Dries, which comes from ANDREAS.
DRIESSEN     Dutch
Means "son of Dries", Dries being a Dutch form of ANDREAS.
DYKSTRA     Dutch
Means "dyke" or "ditch"... [more]
EERKENS     Dutch
Variant of ERKENS.
From the Dutch word for "oak tree", eik meaning "oak" and boom meaning "tree".
ELZINGA     Dutch
From a place name, probably Elsing in Drente... [more]
ERCKENS     Dutch
Variant of ERKENS.
ERKENS     Dutch
Derived from the (male) given name Erk, which means "ruler of the law".
EVERS     Dutch
Means "son of EVERT".
FLIPSE     Dutch
Variant of FLIPSEN.
FLIPSEN     Dutch
Means "son of FLIP".
FORTUIN     Dutch
Variant of FORTUYN.
FORTUYN     Dutch
From Old Dutch fortuyn meaning "fortune".
FRANK (3)     German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian
Name for a person from Franconia in Germany, so called because it was settled by the Frankish people.
FRANKE     German, Dutch, Flemish
Variant of FRANK (3).
GEELEN     Dutch
Derived from the given name Geel, which comes from GILLIS or GILBERT.
GEELENS     Dutch
Variant of GEELEN.
GEELS     Dutch
Variant of GEELEN.
GELEN     Dutch
Variant of GEELEN.
GELENS     Dutch
Variant of GEELEN.
GOOSSENS     Flemish
From the Germanic given name Gozzo, derived from the element god "good" or got "god".
HAAK     Dutch
Occupational name meaning "pedlar" in Dutch.
Variant of VAN HAANRADE.
Variant of VAN HAANRADE.
Variant of VAN HAANRADE.
HAANRATH     Dutch
Variant of VAN HAANRADE.
HAAS     Dutch, German
Variant of HASE.
Variant of VAN HAANRADE.
Variant of VAN HAANRADE.
HANRAETS     Dutch
Variant of VAN HAANRADE.
HANSEN (1)     Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Frisian
Means "son of HANS".
HAUMANN     Dutch
Means "wood cutter" and is represented in the family crest... [more]
HEEREN     Dutch
Elaboration of heer which means "lord" or "gentleman" in Dutch, or a patronymic from Heer, a short form of names that start with the element heri which means "army", such as HEREWARD and HERMAN.
HEIJMAN     Dutch
Patronymic surname based on the given name HENDRIK.
HEIJMANS     Dutch
Variant of HEIJMAN.
HEIMAN     Dutch
Variant of HEIJMAN.
HEIMANS     Dutch
Variant of HEIJMAN.
HENDRIKS     Dutch
Derived from the given name HENDRIK.
HENDRIKX     Dutch
Variant of HENDRIKS.
HENDRIX     Dutch
Variant of HENDRIKS.
HERBERTS     English, Dutch
Variant of HERBERT.
HERMAN     English, Dutch
From the given name HERMAN.
HERREMA     Dutch, Frisian
From a Frisian diminutive of the given name HENRY.
HEYMAN     Dutch
Variant of HEIJMAN.
HEYMANS     Dutch
Variant of HEIJMAN.
Variant of HOEDEMAKER.
Variant of HOEDEMAKER.
From the old profession of hoedemaker, the person who made hoeden (singular hoed) meaning "hat" in Dutch.
Variant of HOEDEMAKER.
HOFWEGEN     Dutch
Variant of VAN HOFWEGEN.
HOLST     Low German, Dutch, Danish
Referred originally to a person from the region of Holstein (between Germany and Denmark)... [more]
HOLT     Dutch, Danish, English, Norwegian
Means "a wood" or "grove" in Old English or German.
HOLTMAN     Dutch
Variant of HOUTMAN.
HOUBEN     Dutch
Derived from the given name Hubertus (see HUBERT).
Means "buyer of wood" in Dutch.
HOUTMAN     Dutch
Means "forest man" from Dutch hout "forest", so it is very likely that the first bearer of this surname was a man who lived in the forest.
HUMMEL (1)     German, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian
Derived from the given name HUMBERT.
HUMMEL (2)     German, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian
Nickname for a busy person (from the Germanic word hommel meaning "bee").
JACOBS     English, Dutch
Derived from the given name JACOB.
JACOBSE     Dutch
Variant of JACOBS.
JANS     Dutch, German, English
Means "son of JAN (1)".
JANSEN     Dutch
Means "son of JAN (1)".
JANSENS     Dutch
Variant of JANSEN.
JANSING     Dutch
Variant of JANSEN.
JANSINGH     Dutch
Variant of JANSEN.
JANSINK     Dutch
Variant of JANSEN.
JANSSEN     Dutch
Variant of JANSEN.
JANSSENS     Dutch
Variant of JANSEN.
JANZ     Dutch, German
From the given name JAN (1).
JANZEN     Dutch
Variant of JANSEN.
JONCKER     Dutch (Archaic)
From an abbreviation of jonckheer "young lord" (similiar to Jonckheer)... [more]
JONCKERS     Dutch
Patronymic form of JONCKER.
Derived from Middle Dutch jonchêre meaning "young lord"... [more]
JONKER     Dutch
Modern spelling of JONCKER.
JONKERS     Dutch
Modern spelling of JONCKERS.
JOOSSENS     Flemish
Means "son of JOOS" in Flemish.
JOOSTEN     Dutch
Derived from the given name JOOST.
KAPPEL     German, Dutch
Means "a person who lives near or works at a chapel" from Middle High German kappel "chapel".
KARL     Dutch, German
From the given name KARL.
KIKKERT     Dutch
Dutch surname meaning "frog".
KLEIN     German, Dutch, Jewish
Means "little" from German klein or Yiddish kleyn... [more]
KLERK     Dutch
Variant of DE KLERK.
KLERKEN     Dutch
Variant of DE KLERK.
KLERKS     Dutch
Variant of DE KLERK.
KLERKSE     Dutch
Variant of DE KLERK.

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