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Italian names are used in Italy and other Italian-speaking regions such as southern Switzerland. See also about Italian names.
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SARNO     Italian
Originally denoted a person from Sarno, Italy.
SARTI     Italian
Variant of SARTO
SARTINI     Italian
Diminutive form of SARTO.
SARTO     Italian
Occupational surname meaning "tailor" in Italian, from Latin sartus "to mend".
SAVONA     Italian
From the name of the city of Savona, near Genoa.
SCARPA     Italian
Means "shoemaker" from the Italian scarpa meaning "shoe".
SCARSI     Italian
Nickname for a poor or miserly person from the Italian scarso "scarse, scant".
SCAVO     Italian
Means "serf, slave" from the Old Sicilian scavu.
SCIACCA     Italian
Means "from Sciacca, Italy".
Variant of SCIACCA
SCIARRA     Italian
From Sicilian sciarra meaning "quarrel, dispute", originally a nickname for a quarrelsome person.
SCORDATO     Italian
Means "forgotten, left behind".
SCOTTI     Italian
From the given name Francescotto, a diminutive of FRANCESCO.
SCUTESE     Italian
Possibly means "Scottish" from the Italian scozzeze.
SEBASTIANI     Italian
Derived from the given name SEBASTIANO.
SEBASTINO     Italian
Diminutive form of SEBASTIAN.
SEGRETI     Italian
Means "confidant" from the Old Italian segreto.
SELMONE     Italian
Originally indicated a person from Selmone (Sulmona), Italy.
SELVAGGIO     Italian
Italian form of SAVAGE.
SERAFIN     Polish, Italian
Variant of SERAFIM
SERAFINI     Italian
Variant of SERAFIM
SERPICO     Italian
Means "serpent, reptile" from the Italian serpe.
SESSA     Italian
Means "from Sessa, Italy".
SGRO     Italian
Means "curly-haired" from the Greek sgouros.
SIENA     Italian
Means "from Siena, Italy".
SILVESTRI     Italian
Derived from the given name SILVESTER.
SINAGRA (1)     Italian
Means "from Sinagra, Sicily".
SINAGRA (2)     Italian
Derived from the given name Xenagoras which means "strange honour" from the Greek xenos "strange" and geras "honour".
SOLDATI     Italian
From the Italian word for "soldier", soldato... [more]
SOMMA     Italian
From names of Italian places like Somma Lombardo or Somma Vesuviana.
SORDI     Italian
From a nickname meaning "deaf" (sordo or surdo in dialects).
SORIANO     Italian
From the place name Soriano. It is typical of southern Italy.
SORRENTINO     Italian
Derived from the name of a town near Naples: Sorrento.
SPADA     Italian
Means "armorer, swordsman" from the Late Latin spatha.
SPANÒ     Italian
Usually considered as derived from the Greek dialects of Southern Italy... [more]
SPARACELLO     Italian
Means "asparagus seller or grower" from the Italian sparaci.
SPEZIALE     Italian
Means "spices seller" from the Late Latin speciarius.
SPINI     Italian
Means "dweller by the thorn bushes" from the Latin spina.
STABILE     Italian
From an old given name Stabile that means "stable, firm in his faith".
STABLUM     Italian
From the area of Trento, near the Austrian border... [more]
STILO     Italian
Locative surname derived from the place name Stilo in southern Italy.
SULTANA     Italian, Maltese
Means "outlandish, pompous" from the Arabic sultana.
TAFANI     Italian
From a nickname tàfano meaning "gadfly", indicating an annoying person.
TAMÀRO     Italian
From German Latinized given names like DIETMAR, Dittmar and so on... [more]
TAMBOIA     Italian
Possibly means "drummer" from the Italian tamburo.
TANZI     Italian
From a short form of the given name COSTANZO (see also the surname COSTANZO).
TARANTINO     Italian
Locational name that designates those who came from Taranto, a city in southeast Italy... [more]
TAVERNA     Italian
From a place name Taverna, common in different parts of Italy.
TEDESCO     Italian
From the Italian word tedesco meaning "German".
TERRANOVA     Italian
Means "new land".
TERZI (1)     Italian
From the given name TERZO, or a name for a third child.
TESSARO     Italian
Occupational surname meaning "weaver", ultimately from Latin texarius.
TESTA     Italian
From an Italian nickname meaning "head".
TIRABOSCHI     Italian
Originally a nickname for a woodcutter... [more]
TIVOLI     Italian
Derived from the town of Tivoli, near Rome.
TODARO     Italian
From a regional form of a given name Todaro, a variant of TEODORO... [more]
TOLONI     Italian
Derived from the given name BARTOLOMEO.
TORNINCASA     Italian
From a medieval name, generally given to a boy born after the death of a previous one... [more]
TOSELLI     Italian
Variant of TOS
TOSETTI     Italian
Variant of TOS
TOSI     Italian
Variant of TOS
TOSTO     Italian
From a nickname indicating a "stubborn person".
TRAPANI     Italian
From the name of the Sicilian city of Trapani.
TRAVERSA     Italian
Italian variant of TRAVERS
TRAVERSI     Italian
Italian variant of TRAVERS
TRAVERSINI     Italian
Italian variant of TRAVERS
TRAVERSO     Italian
Italian variant of TRAVERS
TRUCCO     Italian
From the place name Trucco (near Genoa) or Trucco di Miola (near Turin)... [more]
TRUDU     Italian
Derives from the Sardinian tordo and it means "thrush", a bird.
TUMICELLI     Italian
Diminutive form of the given name TOMMASO.
TURATI     Italian
Locative origin from the name of the town of Turate near Como... [more]
TURCHI     Italian
Means "Turkish" in Italian.
UBERTI     Italian
Derived from the given name UBERTO.
UCCELLO     Italian
Means "bird" in Italian.
UGGERI     Italian
Derived from the Italian form of EDGAR.
UGHI     Italian
From the old given name UGO.
UNGARETTI     Italian
Diminutive of UNGARO
UNGARO     Italian
Means "Hungarian" in Italian.
VACCA     Italian
Means "cow" in Italian, and originally denoted a person who worked with cattle.
VACCARO     Italian
Occupational name meaning "cowherd" in Italian.
VALENTI     Italian
Patronymic from the given name Valente, an archaic form of VALENTINO... [more]
VALENTINI     Italian
Derived from the given name VALENTINO.
VALERIO     Italian
From the given name VALERIO.
VARANO     Italian
Locative surname, derived from one of the many towns of this name in Italy.
VENETIANER     German, Italian, Jewish
Probably one of the few surnames with an unique known ancestor - Alexsandor Vinazie, a Jewish man who possibly emigrated from Venice to the town of Liptovsky Mikulas in a region which today is known as the Slovak Republic... [more]
From the name of a historical Italian city, Ventimiglia, now near the French border.
VENTURA     Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan
From the Italian given name BONAVENTURA and the Spanish form BUENAVENTURA.
VERONA     Italian
From the name of the city of Verona, one of the most important historical cities of northern Italy.
VERONESI     Italian
Means "person from Verona" (see VERONA).
VESCOVI     Italian
Derived from Italian vescovo "bishop".
VESPA     Italian
From an Italian nickname meaning "wasp".
VESTRI     Italian
From the given name Vestro, a diminutive of SILVESTRO.
VICARIO     Spanish, Italian
Means "a vicar" in Spanish and Italian... [more]
VICO     Italian
From the name of many villages in Italy, their names all derived from Latin vicus "town".
VICTOR     Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Derived from the male given name VICTOR.
VIGO     Italian
Variant of VICO
VILLA     Italian, Spanish
Means "town" in Italian and Spanish... [more]
VINCI (1)     Italian
From the given name VINCENTE, or from other old compound names that began with Vinci-, such as Vinciguerra, Vinciprova, or Vincimala.
VINCI (2)     Italian
Locative surname from Vinci near Florence, the native village of Leonardo da Vinci.
VIOLA     Italian, Spanish
From the given name VIOLA.
VITALI     Italian
From the given name VITALE.
VITERI     Spanish, Basque, Italian
Originally denoted a person from Biteri in the Basque Country.
VOLTOLINI     Italian
From the important alpine valley of Lombardy called Valtellina, near Lake Como... [more]
ZAMBRANO (2)     Italian
Possibly a habitational name for someone from Zammaro, part of San Gregorio d'Ippona in Vibe Valentia province.
ZANETTI     Italian
Means "little GIOVANNI"... [more]
ZANGARI     Italian
Means "(son of) a shoemaker" from the Medieval Greek tsangaris meaning "bootmaker".
ZAPPA     Italian
Means "hoe, mattock" from the Italian zappa, probably denoting an agricultural worker... [more]
ZENI     Italian
Means "son of ZENO".
ZINI     Italian
Derived from names like Lorenzino, a diminutive of LORENZO.
ZINO     Italian
Derived from the given name Zino, a nickname for many names ending with -zino, for example Bonifazzino, Lorenzino, Vincenzino.
ZUNINO     Italian
Derived from the given name GIOVANNI.

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