Portuguese Surnames

Portuguese names are used in Portugal, Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking areas. See also about Portuguese names.
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ABREU     Portuguese, Galician
Habitational name from the a place called Abreu in the former Minho province in Portugal.
ALBUQUERQUE     Portuguese, Spanish
Derived from the Spanish town of Alburquerque, in the Badajoz province near the Portuguese border.
ALMEIDA     Portuguese
Designated a person who had originally lived in one of several villages in Portugal called Almeida... [more]
ALVES     Portuguese, Spanish
From the given name ÁLVARO.
ARAÚJO     Portuguese, Spanish
Denoted a person hailing from one of the many areas that bear this name in Portugal.
ARAULLO     Portuguese, Spanish
Variant of ARAÚJO.
BARROS     Portuguese, Spanish
From the word barro meaning "clay" or "mud"... [more]
BASURTO     Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Means "in the middle of the forest", from a region in Spain.
BELO     Portuguese
Originally a nickname for an attractive person, meaning "handsome, beautiful" in Portuguese.
CABRAL     Portuguese
Means "a place of goats" from Latin capra "goat".
CAMPOS     Portuguese, Spanish
Portuguese and Spanish variant of CAMPO.
CARDOZO     Portuguese
From the name of a place meaning "thorny".
CASTRO     Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Means "castle" in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, and referred to one who lived near a castle.
COELHO     Portuguese
From the Portuguese word for "rabbit".
COSTA     Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Means "coast or riverbank" in Italian, denoting a person who lived at one of those places.
CRESPO     Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Referred to a person with curly hair, from Latin crispus.
CRUZ     Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese cognate of CROSS.
D'CRUZ     Portuguese, Spanish
Originated in 17th-century Spain and means "of the cross" in Spanish and Portuguese.
D'CRUZE     Portuguese, Spanish
Variation of D'CRUZ.
DELGADO     Spanish, Portuguese
Means "thin" in Spanish and Portuguese.
DUARTE     Portuguese, Spanish
From the given name DUARTE.
ESTÉVES     Portuguese
Means "son of ESTEVÃO".
FERNANDES     Portuguese
Means "son of FERNANDO".
FERREIRA     Portuguese
Denoted one from a town named because it was near an iron mine, from ferrum the Latin word for "iron".
FERREIRO     Portuguese
Portuguese cognate of FERRARI.
FERRO     Italian, Portuguese
Meaning "iron" from Latin, comes probably from a nickname for one who worked with iron.
FONSECA     Spanish, Portuguese
Originally belonged to a person who lived near a dry spring, from Latin fons "well, spring" and sicca "dry".
FREITAS     Portuguese
Means "broken" in Portuguese, a name for one who lived on broken, stony ground.
GARCIA     Portuguese
Portuguese form of GARCÍA.
GASPAR     Spanish, Portuguese
Derived from the given name GASPAR.
GOMES     Portuguese
From the medieval given name Gomes, probably Visigothic in origin, from guma "man"... [more]
GOUVEIA     Portuguese
From the name of the city of Gouveia in Portugal, and a couple of small towns named Gouveia.
GUERRA     Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
From a nickname for a belligerent person, one eager to fight, or one engaged in warfare... [more]
HENRIQUES     Portuguese
Means "son of HENRIQUE" in Portuguese.
LOBO     Spanish, Portuguese
Originally a nickname, means "wolf" in Spanish and Portuguese.
LUCAS     English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch
Derived from the given name LUCAS... [more]
MACHADO     Portuguese, Spanish
Derived from Spanish and Portuguese machado "hatchet" and denoted a person who made or used hatchets.
MADEIRA     Portuguese
Occupational name for a carpenter, from Portuguese madeira "wood".
MAGALHÃES     Portuguese
Denoted a person hailing from one of the numerous minor places of this name in Portugal... [more]
MARIA     Italian, Portuguese
From the given the name MARIA.
MATA     Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan
From the Old Spanish mata meaning "plantation of trees".
MATEUS     Portuguese
From the given name MATEUS.
MATOS     Portuguese, Jewish
Variant of MATA... [more]
MEDEIROS     Portuguese
From a place name derived from the Latin word meda meaning "stack".
MELO     Portuguese
Portuguese form of MERLO.
MENDES     Portuguese
Portuguese form of MENENDEZ.
MORENO     Spanish, Portuguese
From a nickname meaning "dark" in Spanish and Portuguese.
NUNES     Portuguese
Means "son of NUNO".
PALMEIRO     Portuguese
Portuguese form of PALMER.
PAREDES     Portuguese, Spanish
Means "dweller by the wall" from Latin paries.
PEREIRA     Portuguese
Derived from Portuguese meaning "pear tree".
PINHEIRO     Portuguese
Derived from Portuguese meaning "pine-tree".
PINHO     Portuguese
Habitational name derived from any of the many places named Pinho, itself derived from pinho meaning "pine" or "pine wood".
RAMIRES     Portuguese
Means "son of RAMIRO" in Portuguese.
RIBEIRO     Portuguese
Means "little river" or "stream", derived from the Portuguese word ribeira.
RIOS     Portuguese, Spanish
Originally denoted a person who lived near a river, from Portuguese and Spanish rios "river".
ROCHA     Portuguese, Galician
Habitational name for any one place named Rocha, from the Portuguese and Galician rocha "rock" or "cliff".
RODRIGUES     Portuguese
Means "son of RODRIGO" in Portuguese.
ROMÃO     Portuguese
Portuguese form of ROMANO (1) or ROMANO (2).
ROSARIO     Portuguese
Means "rosary" from Portuguese rosario... [more]
SALAZAR     Spanish, Portuguese
Means "dweller in the old hall" from the Romance word sala meaning "hall" and the Basque zahar meaning "old"... [more]
SANTANA     Spanish, Portuguese
From any of the numerous places named Santa ANA.
SANTIAGO     Portuguese, Spanish
Spanish and Portuguese place name that described the man who emigrated from any of the several locations so-named, which got their names from the dedication of their church to Saint JAMES, the patron saint of Spain.
SANTOS     Spanish, Portuguese
Means "little saint" from Latin sanctus.
SERAFIM     Portuguese
Derived from the Latin given name Seraphinus which was derived from the Hebrew serafim which was the name of a class of angels in the Bible whose name originally was derived from saraf meaning "to burn".
SILVA     Portuguese, Spanish
From Spanish or Portuguese silva "forest".
SILVEIRA     Portuguese
Means "forests" in Old Portuguese.
SIMÕES     Portuguese
Means "son of SIMON" in Portuguese.
SOARES     Portuguese
Variant of SUERO.
SOUZA     Portuguese
Originally indicated someone who lived in a place called Sousa... [more]
TORRES     Portuguese, Spanish
Given to a person who lived in or near a tower, from Latin turris.
VARGAS     Spanish, Portuguese
Topographic name meaning "hut, slope, pastureland" in Spanish and Portuguese dialects.
VENTURA     Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan
From the Italian given name BONAVENTURA and the Spanish form BUENAVENTURA.