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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is November; and the birth day is 10
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Faustino AsprillaNotable Athletes
Jaume BartumeuOther Leaders
Mireia BelmonteOlympic Medalists
Hugh BonnevilleNotable Actors and Actresses
Richard BurtonNotable Actors and Actresses
Niketa CalameNotable Actors and Actresses
Alisa CamplinOlympic Medalists
Jacob CatsNotable Politicians and Statesmen, Notable Writers
Chong Tae-hyonOlympic Medalists
François CouperinNotable Musicians
Matt CravenNotable Actors and Actresses
Vedat DalokayNotable Artists, Notable Politicians and Statesmen
Daphne DeckersNotable Hosts and Presenters, Notable Writers
Zoey DeutchNotable Actors and Actresses
Taron EgertonNotable Actors and Actresses
Roland EmmerichNotable Filmmakers
Robert F. EngleNobel Prize Winners
Ernst Otto FischerNobel Prize Winners
Bernard FranklinOlympic Medalists
Florian FuchsOlympic Medalists
Neil GaimanNotable Writers
Hartwig GauderOlympic Medalists
Ilias IliadisOlympic Medalists
Britt IrvinNotable Actors and Actresses
Hitoki IwaseOlympic Medalists
Aron JóhannssonNotable Athletes
John KellerOlympic Medalists
Jack KetchumNotable Writers
Miranda LambertNotable Musicians
Liu ZhongqingOlympic Medalists
Martin LutherNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Robert MarchalOlympic Medalists
Michiya MihashiNotable Musicians
Tracy MorganNotable Actors and Actresses
Ennio MorriconeNotable Musicians
Brittany MurphyNotable Actors and Actresses
Kenkichi OshimaOlympic Medalists
Vinston PainterNotable Athletes
Mattia PerinNotable Athletes
John Phillips MarquandPulitzer Award Winners
Mackenzie PhillipsNotable Actors and Actresses
Ellen PompeoNotable Actors and Actresses
Mike PowellOlympic Medalists
Halina ReijnNotable Actors and Actresses
Kelly SantosOlympic Medalists
Roy ScheiderNotable Actors and Actresses
Friedrich SchillerNotable Writers
Hülya ŞenyurtOlympic Medalists
Kiernan ShipkaNotable Actors and Actresses
Jalani SidekOlympic Medalists
Martin SinkovićOlympic Medalists
Liisa-Maria SneckOlympic Medalists
Megumi TakaseOlympic Medalists
Luigi TarantinoOlympic Medalists
John Sparrow David ThompsonCanadian Prime Ministers
Kristina VogelOlympic Medalists
Nordahl WallemOlympic Medalists
Samuel WanjiruOlympic Medalists
Stellan WesterdahlOlympic Medalists
Nani WidjajaNotable Actors and Actresses
Wu MinxiaOlympic Medalists