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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is March; and the birth day is 28
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Raphael1483-1520Notable Artists
Aristide Briand1862-1932French Presidents and Prime Ministers, Nobel Prize Winners
Jerrold Robertshaw1866-1941Notable Actors and Actresses
Maxim Gorky1868-1936Notable Writers
Corneille Heymans1892-1968Nobel Prize Winners
Spencer W. Kimball1895-1985Other Religious Leaders
Harold B. Lee1899-1973Other Religious Leaders
Percival Peter1902-1986Olympic Medalists
Romeo Rivers1907-1986Olympic Medalists
Ingrid of Sweden1910-2000Other Royalty
Robert Sohl1928-2001Olympic Medalists
Helmer Pedersen1930-1987Olympic Medalists
Jerome Isaac Friedman1930-Nobel Prize Winners
Józef Szmidt1935-Olympic Medalists
Amancio Ortega Gaona1936-Notable Businesspeople
Mario Vargas Llosa1936-Nobel Prize Winners
Margaret Edwards1939-Olympic Medalists
Bärbel Fuhrmann1940-Olympic Medalists
Russell Banks1940-Pulitzer Award Winners
Mike Newell1942-Notable Filmmakers
Jerry Sloan1942-Hall-of-Famers
Conchata Ferrell1943-Notable Actors and Actresses
Rick Barry1944-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Hans Brunhart1945-Other Leaders
Dianne Wiest1948-Notable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Ronald Ray Smith1949-2013Olympic Medalists
Michael W. Young1949-Nobel Prize Winners
Claudio Lolli1950-2018Notable Musicians
Reba McEntire1955-Notable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Evelin Jahl1956-Olympic Medalists
Adrian Lukis1957-Notable Actors and Actresses
Harvey Glance1957-Olympic Medalists
Orla Brady1961-Notable Actors and Actresses
Jure Franko1962-Olympic Medalists
Anne van Olst1962-Olympic Medalists
Sharon Hambrook1963-Olympic Medalists
Alexander Volkov1964-Olympic Medalists
Tracey Needham1967-Notable Actors and Actresses
Teee Sanders1968-Olympic Medalists
Ilke Wyludda1969-Olympic Medalists
Vince Vaughn1970-Notable Actors and Actresses
Eliecer Montes de Oca1971-Olympic Medalists
Nick Frost1972-Notable Actors and Actresses
Dušan Salfický1972-Olympic Medalists
Mindaugas Timinskas1974-Olympic Medalists
Crystal Cox1979-Olympic Medalists
Kaeo Pongprayoon1980-Olympic Medalists
Julia Stiles1981-Notable Actors and Actresses
Elvira Khasyanova1981-Olympic Medalists
Mensur Mujdža1984-Notable Athletes
Daumants Dreiškens1984-Olympic Medalists
Steve Mandanda1985-Notable Athletes
Stan Wawrinka1985-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Stefani "Lady Gaga" Germanotta1986-Grammy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses, Notable Musicians
Barbora Strýcová1986-Notable Athletes
Toby Gerhart1987-Notable Athletes
Geno Atkins1988-Notable Athletes
Adrian Zieliński1989-Olympic Medalists
Lukas Hinterseer1991-Notable Athletes
Taulant Xhaka1991-Notable Athletes
Marie-Philip Poulin1991-Olympic Medalists
Rajion Neal1992-Notable Athletes
Eli Walker1992-Notable Athletes
Park Seung-hi1992-Olympic Medalists