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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is March; and the birth day is 8
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Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach1714-1788Notable Musicians
Kenneth Grahame1859-1932Notable Writers
Otto Hahn1879-1968Nobel Prize Winners, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Edward Calvin Kendall1886-1972Nobel Prize Winners
Konstantinos Karamanlis1907-1998Greek Prime Ministers
Claire Trevor1910-2000Notable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Tapio Rautavaara1915-1979Olympic Medalists
Cyd Charisse1922-2008Notable Actors and Actresses
Atilio Cremaschi1923-2007Notable Athletes
Mendy Rudolph1926-1979Hall-of-Famers
Pyotr Bolotnikov1930-2013Olympic Medalists
Ronnie Moore1933-2018Notable Athletes
Nisse Nilsson1936-Olympic Medalists
Juris Kalniņš1938-2010Olympic Medalists
Aleksandër Meksi1939-Albanian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Lynn Redgrave1943-2010Notable Actors and Actresses
Katsumi Matsumura1944-Olympic Medalists
Viktor Mazanov1947-Olympic Medalists
Teófilo Cubillas1949-Notable Athletes
Rainer Philipp1950-Olympic Medalists
Jim Rice1953-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
David Andrew Wilkie1954-Olympic Medalists
Aidan Quinn1959-Notable Actors and Actresses
Maxwell Metzker1960-Olympic Medalists
Jeffrey Eugenides1960-Pulitzer Award Winners
Camryn Manheim1961-Notable Actors and Actresses
Larry Murphy1961-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Bruce Hayes1963-Olympic Medalists
Gerard Kemkers1967-Olympic Medalists
Pasi Sormunen1970-Olympic Medalists
Amel Larrieux1973-Notable Musicians
Sultan Ibragimov1975-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Freddie Prinze, Jr.1976-Notable Actors and Actresses
James Van Der Beek1977-Notable Actors and Actresses
Johanna Sjöberg1978-Olympic Medalists
Verónica Cuadrado1979-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Mohammadou Idrissou1980-Notable Athletes
Timo Boll1981-Olympic Medalists
Pirjo Muranen1981-Olympic Medalists
Kelly Parker1981-Olympic Medalists
Thalia Munro1982-Olympic Medalists
Nadzeya Drozd1983-Notable Athletes
Maialen Chourraut1983-Olympic Medalists
György Garics1984-Notable Athletes
Rio Mavuba1984-Notable Athletes
Víctor Sada1984-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Haris Medunjanin1985-Notable Athletes
Juan Carlos García1988-Notable Athletes
Keston Bledman1988-Olympic Medalists
Laura Unsworth1988-Olympic Medalists
Fanny Welle-Strand Horn1988-Olympic Medalists
Ander Iturraspe1989-Notable Athletes
Nikola Matawalu1989-Notable Athletes
Anniina Rajahuhta1989-Olympic Medalists
Rémy Cabella1990-Notable Athletes
Petra Kvitová1990-Notable Athletes
Denzelle Good1991-Notable Athletes
Róbert Mak1991-Notable Athletes
Agustín Ormaechea1991-Notable Athletes
Alan Pulido1991-Notable Athletes
Lorna Fitzgerald1996-Notable Actors and Actresses