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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is April; and the birth day is 16
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Jean II the Good1319-1364Frankish and French Kings
John Franklin1786-1847Notable Explorers and Adventurers
Charles Henry Harrod1799-1885Notable Businesspeople
Jacob Brønnum Scavenius Estrup1825-1913Danish Prime Ministers
Antonio di Rudinì1839-1908Italian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Anatole France1844-1924Nobel Prize Winners, Notable Writers
Flori Van Acker1858-1940Notable Artists
Wilbur Wright1867-1912Notable Scientists and Inventors
Andrey Toshev1867-1944Bulgarian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Augustinas Voldemaras1883-1942Other Leaders
Michalis Dorizas1886-1957Olympic Medalists
Charlie Chaplin1889-1977Notable Actors and Actresses, Notable Filmmakers
Paul Waner1903-1965Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Gordon Dunn1912-1964Olympic Medalists
Peter Ustinov1921-2004Notable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Kingsley Amis1922-1995Notable Writers
Leo Tindemans1922-Belgian Prime Ministers
Henry Mancini1924-1994Notable Musicians
Alton Brown1925-2016Notable Athletes
Dick "Night Train" Lane1927-2002Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Benedict XVI1927-Bishops of Rome and the Popes
Godfrey James1931-Notable Actors and Actresses
Boris Dvornik1939-2008Notable Actors and Actresses
Margrethe II of Denmark1940-Danish Kings and Queens
Elmar Wepper1944-Notable Actors and Actresses
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1947-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Ellen Barkin1954-Notable Actors and Actresses
Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg1955-Other Royalty
Ricco Ross1960-Notable Actors and Actresses
Doris Dragović1961-Notable Musicians
Jon Cryer1965-Emmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Martin Lawrence1965-Notable Actors and Actresses
Caren Kemner1965-Olympic Medalists
Nikolai Yevseyev1966-Olympic Medalists
Sture Sivertsen1966-Olympic Medalists
Bart de Graaff1967-2002Notable Hosts and Presenters
Conchita Martínez1972-Notable Athletes
Akon1973-Notable Musicians
Tameka Empson1977-Notable Actors and Actresses
Florentijn Hofman1977-Notable Artists
Alla Tsuper1979-Olympic Medalists
Luke Thompson1981-Notable Athletes
Claire Foy1984-Emmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Johnathan Joseph1984-Notable Athletes
Kerron Stewart1984-Olympic Medalists
Alexandru Sirițeanu1984-Olympic Medalists
Andreas Granqvist1985-Notable Athletes
Rhiana Griffith1985-Notable Actors and Actresses
Tawanda Mupariwa1985-Notable Athletes
Chantal Achterberg1985-Olympic Medalists
Shinji Okazaki1986-Notable Athletes
Bronwen Knox1986-Olympic Medalists
Epke Zonderland1986-Olympic Medalists
Richárd Guzmics1987-Notable Athletes
Markus Suttner1987-Notable Athletes
Carlien Dirkse van den Heuvel1987-Olympic Medalists
Julia Marty1988-Olympic Medalists
Stefany Marty1988-Olympic Medalists
Tony McQuay1990-Olympic Medalists
Arthur Zanetti1990-Olympic Medalists
Luis Muriel1991-Notable Athletes
Richèl Hogenkamp1992-Notable Athletes
Breeja Larson1992-Olympic Medalists
Chance the Rapper1993-Notable Musicians
Keone Kela1993-Notable Athletes
Sadie Sink2002-Notable Actors and Actresses
Eléonore of Belgium2008-Other Royalty