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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is April; and the birth day is 21
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Charlotte Brontë1816-1855Notable Writers
Fredrik Bajer1837-1922Nobel Prize Winners
Percy Williams Bridgman1882-1961Nobel Prize Winners
Paul Karrer1889-1971Nobel Prize Winners
Romeo Bertini1893-1973Olympic Medalists
Eero Lehtonen1898-1959Olympic Medalists
Steve Owen1898-1964Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Dumarsais Estimé1900-1953Haitian Presidents
Cyril Gill1902-1989Olympic Medalists
Hans Hedtoft1903-1955Danish Prime Ministers
Ken Strong1906-1979Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Chuck Chapman1911-2002Olympic Medalists
Anthony Quinn1915-2001Notable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Elizabeth II1926-English and British Kings and Queens
Velimir Valenta1929-2004Olympic Medalists
Morgan Wootten1931-Hall-of-Famers
Charles Grodin1935-Notable Actors and Actresses, Notable Hosts and Presenters
Brian Eric Phelps1944-Olympic Medalists
Iggy Pop1947-Notable Musicians
Tony Danza1951-Notable Actors and Actresses
Vladimír Špidla1951-Other Leaders
Andie MacDowell1958-Notable Actors and Actresses
Michel Goulet1960-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Aavo Sarap1962-Notable Athletes
Alexander Baumann1964-Olympic Medalists
Kamie Ethridge1964-Olympic Medalists
Ed Belfour1965-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Peter van Vossen1968-Notable Athletes
Indrek Pertelson1971-Olympic Medalists
Severina1972-Notable Musicians
Dmitriy Lepikov1972-Olympic Medalists
Tero Lehterä1972-Olympic Medalists
Gwendal Peizerat1972-Olympic Medalists
Danyon Loader1975-Olympic Medalists
Igor Francetić1977-Olympic Medalists
Mette Schjoldager1977-Olympic Medalists
James McAvoy1979-Notable Actors and Actresses
Terry Tiffee1979-Olympic Medalists
Kim Lammers1981-Olympic Medalists
Florin Zalomir1981-Olympic Medalists
Khalif Barnes1982-Notable Athletes
Tarvaris Jackson1983-Notable Athletes
Gugu Mbatha-Raw1983-Notable Actors and Actresses
Michael Tinsley1984-Olympic Medalists
Takuro Fujii1985-Olympic Medalists
Thiago Cionek1986-Notable Athletes
Blair Cowan1986-Notable Athletes
Isabelle Yacoubou1986-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Alexander Edler1986-Olympic Medalists
Dimuth Karunaratne1988-Notable Athletes
Ricky Berens1988-Olympic Medalists
Alina Tumilovich1990-Olympic Medalists
Isco1992-Notable Athletes
Deng Linlin1992-Olympic Medalists
Ludwig Augustinsson1994-Notable Athletes
Shaq Thompson1994-Notable Athletes
Isabella of Denmark2007-Other Royalty
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