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Andrea PollackfOlympic Medalists
Sydney PollackmNotable Filmmakers, Oscar Award Winners
Burglinde PollakfOlympic Medalists
Fritz PollardmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Jim PollardmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Jackson PollockmNotable Artists
Marco PolomNotable Explorers and Adventurers
Amedeo PomiliomOlympic Medalists
Pompey the GreatmNotable Military Figures, Notable Politicians and Statesmen
Alex PompezmHall-of-Famers
Georges PompidoumFrench Presidents and Prime Ministers
Juan Ponce de LeónmNotable Explorers and Adventurers
Peter PondmNotable Explorers and Adventurers
PontianmBishops of Rome and the Popes, Saints
Henrik PontoppidanmNobel Prize Winners
Alexander PopemNotable Writers
Jerzy PopiełuszkomSaints
Vera PopkovafOlympic Medalists
John PoplemNobel Prize Winners
Boris PopovmOlympic Medalists
Andrija PopovićmOlympic Medalists
Edward PoppemSaints
Karl PoppermNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Poppo of DeinzemSaints
Jean Baptiste Poquelin "Molière"mNotable Writers
Thomas PormortmSaints
Porphyrius of GazamSaints
George PortermNobel Prize Winners
Gwendoline PorterfOlympic Medalists
Harry PortermOlympic Medalists
Katherine Anne PorterfPulitzer Award Winners
Natalie PorterfOlympic Medalists
Rodney Robert PortermNobel Prize Winners
Natalie PortmanfNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners, Title Characters
Francesco PorziomOlympic Medalists
Cumberland PoseymHall-of-Famers
Renco PosinkovićmOlympic Medalists
Elvira PossekelfOlympic Medalists
Nicholas PostgatemSaints
Francesco PostiglionemOlympic Medalists
Camelia PotecfOlympic Medalists
Franka PotentefNotable Actors and Actresses
Alicia PotofOlympic Medalists
Beatrix PotterfNotable Writers
Denis PotvinmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Horatio PoultermOlympic Medalists
Ezra PoundmNotable Writers
C. C. H. PounderfNotable Actors and Actresses
Nicolas PoussinmNotable Artists
Pedro Poveda CastroverdemSaints
Cecil Frank PowellmNobel Prize Winners
Edward PowellmSaints
John Wesley PowellmNotable Explorers and Adventurers
Philip PowellmSaints
Olivia PowriefOlympic Medalists
Ricardo PradomOlympic Medalists
Walter "Babe" PrattmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Vladimir PredkinmOlympic Medalists
Fritz PreglmNobel Prize Winners
Vladimir PrelogmNobel Prize Winners
Edward C. PrescottmNobel Prize Winners
Presian ImBulgarian Kings and Tsars
Presian IImBulgarian Kings and Tsars
Tamara PressfOlympic Medalists
Jozef PribilinecmOlympic Medalists
Vincent PricemNotable Actors and Actresses
Reid PriddymOlympic Medalists
Petra PriemerfOlympic Medalists
Richard PriestmanmOlympic Medalists
Pablo PrigionimOlympic Medalists
Ilya PrigoginemNobel Prize Winners
Joe PrimeaumHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Archibald PrimrosemBritish Prime Ministers
Gavrilo PrincipmNotable Evildoers
Humphrey PritchardmSaints
Norman PritchardmOlympic Medalists
Irina PrivalovafOlympic Medalists
Miguel PromSaints
Jeff ProbstmNotable Hosts and Presenters
Jürgen ProchnowmNotable Actors and Actresses
Prochorus the DeaconmBiblical Characters, Saints
Proclus of ConstantinoplemSaints
AnthemiusmRoman and Byzantine Emperors
Proculus of PozzuolimSaints
Alexander ProkhorovmNobel Prize Winners
Yelena ProkhorovafOlympic Medalists
Valentin ProkopovmOlympic Medalists
Marcel PronovostmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Prosper of AquitainemSaints
Prosper of ReggiomSaints
Regina ProtmannfSaints
E. Annie ProulxfPulitzer Award Winners
Marcel ProustmNotable Writers
Nelson PrudênciomOlympic Medalists
Sully PrudhommemNobel Prize Winners
Stanley B. PrusinermNobel Prize Winners
Volodymyr PryjmamSaints
Przemysł IImPolish High Dukes and Kings
GallienusmRoman and Byzantine Emperors
GetamRoman and Byzantine Emperors
HadrianmRoman and Byzantine Emperors
PertinaxmRoman and Byzantine Emperors
Valerian the EldermRoman and Byzantine Emperors
Antonio Maria PuccimSaints
Aleksandr PuchkovmOlympic Medalists
Kirby PuckettmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Maricica PuicăfOlympic Medalists
Bob PulfordmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Harvey PulfordmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Edward Mills PurcellmNobel Prize Winners
Eino PurjemOlympic Medalists
Aleksandr PushkinmNotable Writers
Ferenc PuskásmNotable Athletes
Emiel PuttemansmOlympic Medalists
Pyotr I the GreatmRussian Grand Dukes and Tsars
Pyotr IImRussian Grand Dukes and Tsars
Pyotr IIImRussian Grand Dukes and Tsars
PyrrhomNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Vladimir PyshnenkomOlympic Medalists
PythagorasmNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
PytheasmNotable Explorers and Adventurers
Roger PyttelmOlympic Medalists
Qin YiyuanfOlympic Medalists
Qiu ChenfOlympic Medalists
Qu YunxiafOlympic Medalists
Bill QuackenbushmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Quadratus of AthensmSaints
Kristine QuancefOlympic Medalists
Quartus of BerytusmBiblical Characters, Saints
Salvatore QuasimodomNobel Prize Winners
Dick QuaxmOlympic Medalists
Pedro Fernandes de QueirósmNotable Explorers and Adventurers
Gilles QuénéhervémOlympic Medalists
Yvan QuéninmOlympic Medalists
Ludwig QuiddemNobel Prize Winners
Willard Van Orman QuinemNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Pierre QuinonmOlympic Medalists
Carole QuintonfOlympic Medalists
Quirinus of NeussmSaints
François RabelaismNotable Writers
Isidor Isaac RabimNobel Prize Winners
Yitzhak RabinmNobel Prize Winners, Other Leaders
Sergei RachmaninoffmNotable Musicians
Racho of AutunmSaints
Jean RacinemNotable Writers
Charles "Old Hoss" RadbournmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Charlotte RadcliffefOlympic Medalists
Erich RademachermOlympic Medalists
Joachim RademachermOlympic Medalists
Peter RadfordmOlympic Medalists
Igor RadivilovmOlympic Medalists
Kostadinka RadkovafOlympic Medalists
Paul RadmilovicmOlympic Medalists
Stefan Radoslav ImSerbian Kings, Tsars and Princes
Ratko RadovanovićmOlympic Medalists
Nikola RadulovićmOlympic Medalists
Zdravko RadulovićmOlympic Medalists
Jack RaglandmOlympic Medalists
Elio RagnimOlympic Medalists
Gaston RagueneaumOlympic Medalists
Cinzia RagusafOlympic Medalists
Helmut RahnmNotable Athletes
Pamela RaifOlympic Medalists
Sam RaimimNotable Filmmakers
Luise RainerfNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Rainier III, Prince of MonacomOther Royalty
James RainwatermNobel Prize Winners
Trajko RajkovićmOlympic Medalists
Walter RaleighmNotable Explorers and Adventurers
RammBiblical Characters
RammBiblical Characters
RammBiblical Characters
Venkatraman RamakrishnanmNobel Prize Winners
C. V. RamanmNobel Prize Winners
Jean-Philippe RameaumNotable Musicians
Marilyn RamenofskyfOlympic Medalists
Ramiro I (Aragon)mSpanish Kings and Queens
Ramiro II the Monk (Aragon)mSpanish Kings and Queens
Harold RamismNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Filmmakers
Santiago Ramón y CajalmNobel Prize Winners
Joey RamonemNotable Musicians, Title Characters
José Ramos-HortamNobel Prize Winners
Godfrey RamplingmOlympic Medalists
William RamsaymNobel Prize Winners
Frank RamseymHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Norman Foster Ramsey Jr.mNobel Prize Winners
Ayn RandfNotable Writers
Emma RandallfOlympic Medalists
Martha RandallfOlympic Medalists
John RandlemHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Walter RangeleymOlympic Medalists
Frank RankinmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Heli RantanenfOlympic Medalists
Raoul of TurennemSaints
RaphaelmNotable Artists
Raphael the ArchangelmSaints
Phylicia RashādfNotable Actors and Actresses
Viktor RashchupkinmOlympic Medalists
Eino RastasmOlympic Medalists
Jean RatellemHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Yuliya RatkeviçfOlympic Medalists
Jamie RauchmOlympic Medalists
Jon RauchmOlympic Medalists
Emil RauschmOlympic Medalists
Alexander RawlinsmSaints
Hugh "Shorty" RaymHall-of-Famers
Man RaymNotable Artists
Raymond of BarbastromSaints
Raymond of FiteromSaints
Raymond of PeñafortmSaints
Raymond the PalmermSaints
Chuck RaynermHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Raynerius of SplitmSaints
Norman ReadmOlympic Medalists
Nancy ReaganfAmerican First Ladies
Ronald ReaganmAmerican Presidents, Notable Actors and Actresses
ReaiahmBiblical Characters
ReaiahmBiblical Characters
ReaiahmBiblical Characters
Bernardino RealinomSaints
Ken ReardonmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Željko RebračamOlympic Medalists
RechabmBiblical Characters
RechabmBiblical Characters
RechabmBiblical Characters
James RectormOlympic Medalists
Michael ReddmOlympic Medalists
Redemptus of the CrossmSaints
Robert RedfordmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Filmmakers, Oscar Award Winners
Carol ReedfNotable Filmmakers, Oscar Award Winners
Lou ReedmNotable Musicians
Willis ReedmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Harold "Pee Wee" ReesemHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Shayne ReesefOlympic Medalists
Dan ReevesmHall-of-Famers
Keanu ReevesmNotable Actors and Actresses
Tommaso ReggiomSaints
Jan ŘehulamOlympic Medalists
RehummBiblical Characters
RehummBiblical Characters
RehummBiblical Characters
RehummBiblical Characters
RehummBiblical Characters
Tadeus ReichsteinmNobel Prize Winners
George ReidmAustralian Prime Ministers
Charles ReidpathmOlympic Medalists
Gaston ReiffmOlympic Medalists
Desi ReijersfOlympic Medalists
Heidemarie ReineckfOlympic Medalists
Frederick ReinesmNobel Prize Winners
Django ReinhardtmNotable Musicians
Rica ReinischfOlympic Medalists
Relindis of MaaseikfSaints
Richard RemermOlympic Medalists
Lindy RemiginomOlympic Medalists
Louis RenaultmNobel Prize Winners
Rosalie RendufSaints
Mel RenfromHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Silke RenkfOlympic Medalists
Rhoda RenniefOlympic Medalists
Jean RenomNotable Actors and Actresses
Jean RenoirmNotable Actors and Actresses, Notable Filmmakers
Pierre-Auguste RenoirmNotable Artists
Maria RepettofSaints
RephaiahmBiblical Characters
RephaiahmBiblical Characters
RephaiahmBiblical Characters
RephaiahmBiblical Characters
Ilya RepinmNotable Artists
Stephen RerychmOlympic Medalists
Hans-Joachim ReskemOlympic Medalists
ReuelmBiblical Characters
ReuelmBiblical Characters
ReuelmBiblical Characters
ReuelmBiblical Characters
Władysław Stanisław ReymontmNobel Prize Winners
Martin ReynoldsmOlympic Medalists
Peter ReynoldsmOlympic Medalists
Richard ReynoldsmSaints
Trent ReznormGrammy Award Winners, Notable Musicians
Cecil RhodesmNotable Businesspeople
Édson RibeiromOlympic Medalists
Fernanda RibeirofOlympic Medalists
Edmund Ignatius RicemSaints
Jerry RicemHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Jim RicemHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Sam RicemHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Stephanie RicefOlympic Medalists
Edmund RichmSaints
Leslie RichmOlympic Medalists
Richard I the LionheartmEnglish and British Kings and Queens
Richard IImEnglish and British Kings and Queens, Shakespearian Characters
Richard IIImEnglish and British Kings and Queens, Fictional Characters from Plays and Musicals, Shakespearian Characters, Title Characters
Richard of CornwallmGerman Kings and Holy Roman Emperors
Richard of VaucellesmSaints
Antoine RichardmOlympic Medalists
Henri RichardmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Maurice "Rocket" RichardmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Alma RichardsmOlympic Medalists
Dickinson W. RichardsmNobel Prize Winners
Sandie RichardsfOlympic Medalists
Theodore William RichardsmNobel Prize Winners
George RichardsonmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Michele RichardsonfOlympic Medalists
Owen Willans RichardsonmNobel Prize Winners
Ralph RichardsonmNotable Actors and Actresses
Robert Coleman RichardsonmNobel Prize Winners
Tony RichardsonmNotable Filmmakers, Oscar Award Winners
William RichardsonmSaints
Charles RichetmNobel Prize Winners
Eugène RichezmOlympic Medalists
Burton RichtermNobel Prize Winners
Dirk RichtermOlympic Medalists
Gerhard RichtermNotable Artists
Les RichtermHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Ulrike RichterfOlympic Medalists
Klaus RichtzenhainmOlympic Medalists
Branch RickeymHall-of-Famers
Alan RickmanmEmmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Lars RiedelmOlympic Medalists
Petra RiedelfOlympic Medalists
Sven RiederermOlympic Medalists
Karl-Hans RiehmmOlympic Medalists
Bernhard RiemannmNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Adam RiessmNobel Prize Winners
Georges RigalmOlympic Medalists
Antoine RigaudeaumOlympic Medalists
Elisa RigaudofOlympic Medalists
John RigbymSaints
John RigginsmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Alex RighettimOlympic Medalists
RihannafNotable Musicians
Mait RiismanmOlympic Medalists
Pat RileymHall-of-Famers
Ruth RileyfOlympic Medalists
John RimmermOlympic Medalists
Jim RingomHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Cal Ripken Jr.mHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Rebecca RipponfOlympic Medalists
Stéphane RisachermOlympic Medalists
Arnie RisenmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Rita of CasciafSaints
Ville RitolamOlympic Medalists
John RittermEmmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Luigi RivamNotable Athletes
Roberto RivellinomNotable Athletes
Eppa RixeymHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Phil RizzutomHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Willie RoafmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Fatuma RobafOlympic Medalists
Jason RobardsmNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Frederick Chapman RobbinsmNobel Prize Winners
Jerome RobbinsmNotable Filmmakers, Oscar Award Winners
Robert I Count of ParismFrankish and French Kings
Robert I the BrucemScottish Kings and Queens
Robert IImScottish Kings and Queens
Robert II the PiousmFrankish and French Kings
Robert IIImScottish Kings and Queens
Robert of KnaresboroughmSaints
Robert of MolesmemSaints
Robert of NewminstermSaints
Edwin RobertsmOlympic Medalists
Gordon RobertsmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
John RobertsmSaints
Julia RobertsfNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Richard J. RobertsmNobel Prize Winners
Robin RobertsmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Susan RobertsfOlympic Medalists
Alvin RobertsonmOlympic Medalists
Kevin RobertsonmOlympic Medalists
Nathan RobertsonmOlympic Medalists
Oscar RobertsonmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Robbie RobertsonmNotable Musicians
Arnie RobinsonmOlympic Medalists
Brooks RobinsonmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
David RobinsonmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Fiona RobinsonfOlympic Medalists
Frank RobinsonmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
F. J. RobinsonmBritish Prime Ministers
Garth RobinsonmOlympic Medalists
Jackie RobinsonmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Larry RobinsonmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Marilynne RobinsonfPulitzer Award Winners
Moushaumi RobinsonfOlympic Medalists
"Sugar" Ray RobinsonmNotable Athletes
Robert RobinsonmNobel Prize Winners
Wilbert RobinsonmHall-of-Famers
William "Smokey" Robinson Jr.mNotable Musicians
Kevin RobinzinemOlympic Medalists
Luc RobitaillemHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Andy RobustellimHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Juan Roca BrunetmOlympic Medalists
John RochemSaints
John RochestermSaints
Andrew RockmOlympic Medalists
Vebjørn RodalmOlympic Medalists
Martin RodbellmNobel Prize Winners
Jimmie RodgersmNotable Musicians
Auguste RodinmNotable Artists
Dennis RodmanmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Carlos Manuel Rodríguez SantiagomSaints
Maels RodríguezmOlympic Medalists
Alban Bartholomew RoemSaints
Gaston RoelantsmOlympic Medalists
Franciszek RogaczewskimSaints
"Bullet" Joe RoganmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Markus RoganmOlympic Medalists
Roger Martin du GardmNobel Prize Winners
Annette RogersfOlympic Medalists
Ginger RogersfNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Anna RogowskafOlympic Medalists
Brigitte RohdefOlympic Medalists
Uta RohländerfOlympic Medalists
Peter RöhlemOlympic Medalists
Heinrich RohrermNobel Prize Winners
Susan RojcewiczfOlympic Medalists
Zoran RojemOlympic Medalists
Nicolas RolandmSaints
Jesús RollánmOlympic Medalists
Romain RollandmNobel Prize Winners
Richard Rolle of HampolemSaints
RomanmBulgarian Kings and Tsars
Bénilde RomançonmSaints
Ray RomanomEmmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
RomanusmBishops of Rome and the Popes
Romanus ImRoman and Byzantine Emperors
Romanus IImRoman and Byzantine Emperors
Romanus III ArgyrusmRoman and Byzantine Emperors
Romanus IV DiogenesmRoman and Byzantine Emperors
Romanus of AntiochmSaints
Romanus of CondatmSaints
Romanus of RouenmSaints
Romanus of SamosatamSaints
Romanus of SubiacomSaints
Romanus OstiariusmSaints
Romanus the MelodistmSaints
Rodolfo RombaldonimOlympic Medalists
Erwin RommelmNotable Military Figures
Toribio Romo GonzálezmSaints
Romulus AugustusmRoman and Byzantine Emperors
RonaldomNotable Athletes
Cândido RondonmNotable Explorers and Adventurers
Brett RonebergmOlympic Medalists
Peter RonomOlympic Medalists
Wilhelm RöntgenmNobel Prize Winners, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Art RooneymHall-of-Famers
Dan RooneymHall-of-Famers
Giaan RooneyfOlympic Medalists
Edith RooseveltfAmerican First Ladies
Eleanor RooseveltfAmerican First Ladies
Franklin D. RooseveltmAmerican Presidents
Theodore RooseveltmAmerican Presidents, Nobel Prize Winners
John RoosmamHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Elihu RootmNobel Prize Winners
Rosa of LimafSaints
Axl RosemNotable Musicians
Elizabeth RosefSaints
Irwin RosemNobel Prize Winners
Murray RosemOlympic Medalists
Ralph RosemOlympic Medalists
Hedwiga RosenbaumováfOlympic Medalists
Grete RosenbergfOlympic Medalists
Ken RosewallmNotable Athletes
Massimiliano RosolinomOlympic Medalists
Art RossmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
James Clark RossmNotable Explorers and Adventurers
Norman RossmOlympic Medalists
Ronald RossmNobel Prize Winners
Dante RossimOlympic Medalists
Paolo RossimNotable Athletes
RostislavmRussian Grand Dukes and Tsars
Joseph RotblatmNobel Prize Winners
Alvin E. RothmNobel Prize Winners
Philip RothmNotable Writers, Pulitzer Award Winners
Harlow RothertmOlympic Medalists
Nadia Röthlisberger-RaspefOlympic Medalists
James RothmanmNobel Prize Winners
Georgios RoubanismOlympic Medalists
Antigoni RoumpesifOlympic Medalists
Mickey RourkemNotable Actors and Actresses
Francis Peyton RousmNobel Prize Winners
Jason RousermOlympic Medalists
Edd RoushmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Henri RousseaumNotable Artists
Jean-Jacques RousseaumNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
F. Sherwood RowlandmNobel Prize Winners
Mark RowlandmOlympic Medalists
Gena RowlandsfNotable Actors and Actresses
Joanna RowsellfOlympic Medalists
Allain RoymOlympic Medalists
Patrick RoymHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Lancelot RoylemOlympic Medalists
Pete RozellemHall-of-Famers
Sándor RozsnyóimOlympic Medalists
Ruaidhrí Ó ConchubhairmIrish High Kings
Viktor RubanmOlympic Medalists
Carlo RubbiamNobel Prize Winners
Peter Paul RubensmNotable Artists
Karl RuberlmOlympic Medalists
Ernő RubikmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Cesare RubinimOlympic Medalists
José María Rubio y PeraltamSaints
Anja RückerfOlympic Medalists
Anette RückesfOlympic Medalists
Kevin RuddmAustralian Prime Ministers
Scott RudinmTony Award Winners
Daniel RudishamOlympic Medalists
Rudolf Duke of BurgundymFrankish and French Kings
Rudolf ImAustrian Dukes and Emperors, German Kings and Holy Roman Emperors
Rudolf ImAustrian Dukes and Emperors, Bohemian Kings
Rudolf IImAustrian Dukes and Emperors, Bohemian Kings, German Kings and Holy Roman Emperors, Hungarian Kings and Queens
Rudolf IV the FoundermAustrian Dukes and Emperors
Mendy RudolphmHall-of-Famers
Mercedes RuehlfNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Red RuffingmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Rufus of MetzmSaints
Rufus of ThebesmBiblical Characters, Saints
Oscar RuggerimNotable Athletes
Lorenzo RuizmSaints
Olga RukavishnikovafOlympic Medalists
Karl-Heinz RummeniggemNotable Athletes
Davide RummolomOlympic Medalists
Cathleen RundfOlympic Medalists
Rupert of SalzburgmSaints
Thomas RupprathmOlympic Medalists
RuprechtmGerman Kings and Holy Roman Emperors
Lyubov RusanovafOlympic Medalists
Cathy RushfHall-of-Famers
Geoffrey RushmNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Amos RusiemHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Ernst RuskamNobel Prize Winners
Wim RuskamOlympic Medalists
Péter RusoránmOlympic Medalists
Blair RusselmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Bertrand RussellmNobel Prize Winners, Notable Philosophers and Thinkers
Bill RussellmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Ernie RussellmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Gillian RussellfOlympic Medalists
Harold RussellmNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
John "Honey" RussellmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Kathleen RussellfOlympic Medalists
Kurt RussellmNotable Actors and Actresses
Richard RussomPulitzer Award Winners
Zebiniso RustamovafOlympic Medalists
Tadeusz RutmOlympic Medalists
George Herman "Babe" RuthmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Ernest RutherfordmNobel Prize Winners, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Frank RutherfordmOlympic Medalists
Margaret RutherfordfNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Jack RuttanmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Sylvia RuuskafOlympic Medalists
Leopold RužičkamNobel Prize Winners
Meg RyanfNotable Actors and Actresses
Nolan RyanmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Sarah RyanfOlympic Medalists
Yaroslav RybakovmOlympic Medalists
Markus RyffelmOlympic Medalists
Marcy RylanfNotable Actors and Actresses
Martin RylemNobel Prize Winners
Luann RyonfOlympic Medalists
Galina RytovafOlympic Medalists
Mikhail RyzhakmOlympic Medalists
Roy SaarimOlympic Medalists
Carlos Saavedra LamasmNobel Prize Winners
Paul SabatiermNobel Prize Winners
Sabbas StratelatesmSaints
Sabbas the GothmSaints
Sabbas the SanctifiedmSaints
SabinmBulgarian Kings and Tsars
SabinianmBishops of Rome and the Popes
Sabinian of TroyesmSaints
Sabinus of CanosamSaints
Ed SabolmHall-of-Famers
Arvydas SabonismHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Romeo SacchettimOlympic Medalists
Luca SacchimOlympic Medalists
Sacerdos of LimogesmSaints
Sacerdos of SaguntummSaints
Nelly SachsfNobel Prize Winners
Jochen SachsemOlympic Medalists
Tokuhei SadamOlympic Medalists
YozeimJapanese Emperors
UdamJapanese Emperors
Anwar SadatmNobel Prize Winners, Other Leaders
Natalya SadovafOlympic Medalists
Olena SadovnychafOlympic Medalists
Sagar of LaodiceamSaints
Gerard SagredomSaints
Ali Saïdi-SiefmOlympic Medalists
Yasuyuki SaigomOlympic Medalists
Nurfitriyana SaimanfOlympic Medalists
Sylvi SaimofOlympic Medalists
Eva Marie SaintfNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Yves Saint LaurentmNotable Artists
Hiroyuki SakaguchimOlympic Medalists
Zurab SakandelidzemOlympic Medalists
Andrei SakharovmNobel Prize Winners, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Bert SakmannmNobel Prize Winners
Olha SaladuhafOlympic Medalists
Abdus SalammNobel Prize Winners
SalamonmHungarian Kings and Queens
Angela SalawafSaints
J. D. SalingermNotable Writers
Jonas SalkmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Annette SalmeenfOlympic Medalists
Ilmari SalminenmOlympic Medalists
Börje SalmingmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Aleksandr SalnikovmOlympic Medalists
Vladimir SalnikovmOlympic Medalists
Salomea of PolandfSaints
Giacomo SalomonimSaints
Saloth Sar "Pol Pot"mNotable Evildoers
Robert SaltmSaints
Antônio Salvador SucarmOlympic Medalists
Melchor Garcia SampedromSaints
Pete SamprasmNotable Athletes
Samson of ConstantinoplemSaints
Sámuel AbamHungarian Kings and Queens
Paul SamuelsonmNobel Prize Winners
Bengt I. SamuelssonmNobel Prize Winners
SamuilmBulgarian Kings and Tsars
Levan SanadzemOlympic Medalists
Elier SánchezmOlympic Medalists
Jenaro Sánchez DelgadillomSaints
José Sánchez del RíomSaints
Juan Ignacio SánchezmOlympic Medalists
Sancho I the PopulatormPortuguese Kings and Queens
Sancho II the PiusmPortuguese Kings and Queens
Sancho II the Strong (Castile)mSpanish Kings and Queens
Sancho III the Desired (Castile)mSpanish Kings and Queens
Sancho III the Great (Navarre)mSpanish Kings and Queens
Sancho IV the Brave (Castile)mSpanish Kings and Queens
Sancho Ramirez (Aragon)mSpanish Kings and Queens
George SandfNotable Writers
Ståle SandbechmOlympic Medalists
Ryne SandbergmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Anthony SandersmOlympic Medalists
Barry SandersmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Charlie SandersmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Deion SandersmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
George SandersmNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Summer SandersfOlympic Medalists
Tom "Satch" SandersmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Mirko SandićmOlympic Medalists
Shelley SandiefOlympic Medalists
Adam SandlermNotable Actors and Actresses
Sandro RanieremNotable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Leevan SandsmOlympic Medalists
Nils SandströmmOlympic Medalists
John SandysmSaints
Isabel SanfordfEmmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Julius SangmOlympic Medalists
Patrick SangmOlympic Medalists
Sang XuefOlympic Medalists
Frederick SangermNobel Prize Winners
Daniel SangoumamOlympic Medalists
Ksenia SankovichfOlympic Medalists
Jordi SansmOlympic Medalists
George SantayanamNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Ron SantomHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Louis SantopmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Jenna SantoromitofOlympic Medalists
Mia SantoromitofOlympic Medalists
Adriana SantosfOlympic Medalists
Alberto Santos-DumontmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Cíntia SantosfOlympic Medalists
Kelly SantosfOlympic Medalists
Nílton SantosmNotable Athletes
Aleksandar ŠapićmOlympic Medalists
SapphofNotable Writers
José SaramagomNobel Prize Winners
Gene SarazenmNotable Athletes
Thomas J. SargentmNobel Prize Winners
Ruhi SarıalpmOlympic Medalists
Jan SarkandermSaints
Miklós SárkánymOlympic Medalists
Nicolas SarkozymFrench Presidents and Prime Ministers
Pedro Sarmiento de GamboamNotable Explorers and Adventurers
Gennaro Maria SarnellimSaints
György SárosimNotable Athletes
Peter SarsgaardmNotable Actors and Actresses
Jean-Paul SartremNobel Prize Winners, Notable Philosophers and Thinkers, Notable Writers
Eisaku SatōmNobel Prize Winners
Hisayoshi SatomOlympic Medalists
Shinichi SatomOlympic Medalists
Tomoaki SatomOlympic Medalists
Yasuhiro SatomOlympic Medalists
Saturninus of ToulousemSaints
Glynn SaultersmOlympic Medalists
Leslie SavagemOlympic Medalists
Denis SavardmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Serge SavardmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Tatyana SavelyevafOlympic Medalists
Jill SaveryfOlympic Medalists
Dejan SavićmOlympic Medalists
Zoran SavićmOlympic Medalists
Jane SavillefOlympic Medalists
Domenico SaviomSaints
Galina SavitskayafOlympic Medalists
Terry SawchukmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Adolphe SaxmNotable Scientists and Inventors
Gale SayersmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Giovanni Battista ScalabrinimSaints
Fred ScanlanmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Héctor ScaronemNotable Athletes
Herbert SchademOlympic Medalists
Frank SchaffermOlympic Medalists
Franklin J. SchaffnermNotable Filmmakers, Oscar Award Winners
Ray SchalkmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Andrew SchallymNobel Prize Winners
Arlie SchardtmOlympic Medalists
Arthur Leonard SchawlowmNobel Prize Winners
Dolph SchayesmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Otto ScheffmOlympic Medalists
Philipp ScheidemannmGerman Chancellors and Presidents
Randy SchekmanmNobel Prize Winners
Zdenka Cecília SchelingováfSaints
Maximilian SchellmNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Thomas SchellingmNobel Prize Winners
Christian SchenkmOlympic Medalists
Fernando ScherermOlympic Medalists
Juan Alberto SchiaffinomNotable Athletes
Angelo SchiaviomNotable Athletes
Egon SchielemNotable Artists
Nate SchierholtzmOlympic Medalists
Joseph SchildkrautmNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Salvatore SchillacimNotable Athletes
Oskar SchindlermNotable Businesspeople
Maria SchininàfSaints
Jessicah SchipperfOlympic Medalists
Claus SchiprowskimOlympic Medalists
Kurt von SchleichermGerman Chancellors and Presidents
John SchlesingermNotable Filmmakers, Oscar Award Winners
Svenja SchlichtfOlympic Medalists
Harald SchmidmOlympic Medalists
Brian SchmidtmNobel Prize Winners
Carmela SchmidtfOlympic Medalists
Ernest SchmidtmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Helmut Schmidt mGerman Chancellors and Presidents
Ingrid SchmidtfOlympic Medalists
Joe SchmidtmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Mike SchmidtmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Milt SchmidtmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Wolfgang SchmidtmOlympic Medalists
Ingeborg SchmitzfOlympic Medalists
Uta SchmuckfOlympic Medalists
Dorothee SchneiderfOlympic Medalists
Petra SchneiderfOlympic Medalists
Romy SchneiderfNotable Actors and Actresses
Nathalie SchneyderfOlympic Medalists
Augustine SchoefflermSaints
Roland SchoemanmOlympic Medalists
Red SchoendienstmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Myron ScholesmNobel Prize Winners
Anke ScholzfOlympic Medalists
Jackson ScholzmOlympic Medalists
John SchommermHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Max SchönemOlympic Medalists
Sybille SchönrockfOlympic Medalists
Arthur SchopenhauermNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Alexander SchowtkamOlympic Medalists
Hilde SchraderfOlympic Medalists
Tex SchrammmHall-of-Famers
John Robert SchrieffermNobel Prize Winners
David "Sweeney" SchrinermHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Richard R. SchrockmNobel Prize Winners
Gerhard SchrödermGerman Chancellors and Presidents
Erwin SchrödingermNobel Prize Winners, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Richard SchroedermOlympic Medalists
Frances SchrothfOlympic Medalists
Bérengère SchuhfOlympic Medalists
Frederick SchulemOlympic Medalists
Jürgen SchultmOlympic Medalists
Ernst SchultzmOlympic Medalists
Theodore SchultzmNobel Prize Winners
Hans SchulzemOlympic Medalists
Nils SchumannmOlympic Medalists
Gustav SchürgermOlympic Medalists
Robert SchurrermOlympic Medalists
Alfredo Ildefonso SchustermSaints
Susanne SchusterfOlympic Medalists
Florian SchwarthoffmOlympic Medalists
Albert SchwartzmOlympic Medalists
Heiko SchwartzmOlympic Medalists
Melvin SchwartzmNobel Prize Winners
Alex SchwazermOlympic Medalists
Albert SchweitzermNobel Prize Winners
Tripp SchwenkmOlympic Medalists
Helmuth SchwennmOlympic Medalists
Lutz Graf Schwerin von KrosigkmGerman Chancellors and Presidents
Julian SchwingermNobel Prize Winners
Laurent SciarramOlympic Medalists
Paul ScofieldmNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Luis ScolamOlympic Medalists
Hugo SconochinimOlympic Medalists
Martin ScorsesemNotable Filmmakers, Oscar Award Winners
Bon ScottmNotable Musicians
Clyde ScottmOlympic Medalists
George C. ScottmNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Kristin Scott ThomasfNotable Actors and Actresses
Maurus ScottmSaints
Ridley ScottmNotable Filmmakers
Robert Falcon ScottmNotable Explorers and Adventurers
Tony ScottmNotable Filmmakers
Jean ScrivensfOlympic Medalists
Antonio ScullmOlympic Medalists
James ScullinmAustralian Prime Ministers
Glenn T. SeaborgmNobel Prize Winners
William SeagrovemOlympic Medalists
Tom SeavermHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Bobby SeaymOlympic Medalists
SebastiãomPortuguese Kings and Queens
Roman ŠebrlemOlympic Medalists
Secundus of AstimSaints
Kyra SedgwickfEmmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Barney SedranmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Uwe SeelermNotable Athletes
Francis Xavier SeelosmSaints
Giorgos SeferismNobel Prize Winners
Denis ŠefikmOlympic Medalists
Emilio G. SegrèmNobel Prize Winners
Bernardo SeguramOlympic Medalists
Elke SehmischfOlympic Medalists
Earl SeibertmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Oliver SeibertmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Karin SeickfOlympic Medalists
Guenter SeidelmOlympic Medalists
Helga SeidlerfOlympic Medalists
Jaroslav SeifertmNobel Prize Winners
Šaban SejdiumOlympic Medalists
Răzvan Dorin ȘelariumOlympic Medalists
Monica SelesfNotable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Selim ImIslamic Caliphs, Ottoman Sultans
Selim IImIslamic Caliphs, Ottoman Sultans
Selim IIImIslamic Caliphs, Ottoman Sultans
Vladimir SelkovmOlympic Medalists
Peter SellersmNotable Actors and Actresses
Lee Roy SelmonmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Reinhard SeltenmNobel Prize Winners
Uljana SemjonovafHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Mikhail SemyonovmOlympic Medalists
Nikolay SemyonovmNobel Prize Winners
Amartya SenmNobel Prize Winners
Seneca the YoungermNotable Philosophers and Thinkers
Alois SenefeldermNotable Scientists and Inventors
Yakym SenkivskyimSaints
Hezekiél SepengmOlympic Medalists
Eino SeppälämOlympic Medalists
SeraiahmBiblical Characters
SeraiahmBiblical Characters
SeraiahmBiblical Characters
SeraiahmBiblical Characters
SeraiahmBiblical Characters
SeraiahmBiblical Characters
SeraiahmBiblical Characters
SeraiahmBiblical Characters
SeraiahmBiblical Characters
SeraiahmBiblical Characters
Seraphim of SarovmSaints
Serapion of AntiochmSaints
Serapion of MacedoniamSaints
Andriy SerdinovmOlympic Medalists
Oleksandr SerdyukmOlympic Medalists
Serenus the GardenermSaints
Sergius ImBishops of Rome and the Popes, Saints
Sergius IImBishops of Rome and the Popes
Sergius IIImBishops of Rome and the Popes
Sergius IVmBishops of Rome and the Popes
Sergius of RadonezhmSaints
Junípero SerramSaints
Auguste SerruriermOlympic Medalists
GalbamRoman and Byzantine Emperors
Elizabeth Ann SetonfSaints
Georges SeuratmNotable Artists
Heinrich SeusemSaints
SevarmBulgarian Kings and Tsars
SeverinusmBishops of Rome and the Popes
Severinus of NoricummSaints
Joe SewellmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Sexburga of ElyfSaints
Leo SextonmOlympic Medalists
Abdoulaye SeyemOlympic Medalists
Jane SeymourfOther Royalty, Title Characters
Michael ShaaramPulitzer Award Winners
Ernest ShackletonmNotable Explorers and Adventurers
Erkin ShagaevmOlympic Medalists
William ShakespearemNotable Writers
Tupac ShakurmNotable Musicians
ShammahmBiblical Characters
ShammahmBiblical Characters
ShammahmBiblical Characters
ShammuamBiblical Characters
ShammuamBiblical Characters
ShammuamBiblical Characters
Shan YingfOlympic Medalists
Joel ShanklemOlympic Medalists
ShaphanmBiblical Characters
ShaphanmBiblical Characters
ShaphanmBiblical Characters
ShaphanmBiblical Characters
ShaphatmBiblical Characters
ShaphatmBiblical Characters
ShaphatmBiblical Characters
ShaphatmBiblical Characters
ShaphatmBiblical Characters
Lloyd ShapleymNobel Prize Winners
Bill SharmanmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Phillip Allen SharpmNobel Prize Winners
Shannon SharpemHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
William F. SharpemNobel Prize Winners
K. Barry SharplessmNobel Prize Winners
Robert ShavlakadzemOlympic Medalists
Billy ShawmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
George Bernard ShawmNobel Prize Winners, Notable Writers
Tatiana ShchegolevafOlympic Medalists
Tatyana ShchelkanovafOlympic Medalists
Mikhail ShchennikovmOlympic Medalists
Leonid ShcherbakovmOlympic Medalists
Courtney ShealyfOlympic Medalists
Norma ShearerfNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
ShebamBiblical Characters
ShebamBiblical Characters
ShebamBiblical Characters
ShebaniahmBiblical Characters
ShebaniahmBiblical Characters
ShebaniahmBiblical Characters
ShebaniahmBiblical Characters
ShebaniahmBiblical Characters
ShecaniahmBiblical Characters
ShecaniahmBiblical Characters
ShecaniahmBiblical Characters
ShecaniahmBiblical Characters
ShecaniahmBiblical Characters
ShecaniahmBiblical Characters
ShecaniahmBiblical Characters
ShecaniahmBiblical Characters
ShecaniahmBiblical Characters
Dan ShechtmanmNobel Prize Winners
Kathy SheehyfOlympic Medalists
Martin SheenmNotable Actors and Actresses
Gary SheerermOlympic Medalists
Ben SheetsmOlympic Medalists
Chandra ShekharmOther Leaders
ShelahmBiblical Characters
ShelahmBiblical Characters
ShelahmBiblical Characters
Lewis SheldonmOlympic Medalists
Richard SheldonmOlympic Medalists
ShelemiahmBiblical Characters
ShelemiahmBiblical Characters
ShelemiahmBiblical Characters
ShelemiahmBiblical Characters
ShelemiahmBiblical Characters
ShelemiahmBiblical Characters
ShelemiahmBiblical Characters
ShelemiahmBiblical Characters
Art ShellmHall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Edward ShelleymSaints
Mary ShelleyfNotable Writers
Percy Bysshe ShelleymNotable Writers
ShelomothmBiblical Characters
ShelomothmBiblical Characters
ShelomothmBiblical Characters
ShelomothmBiblical Characters
ShemamBiblical Characters
ShemamBiblical Characters
ShemamBiblical Characters
ShemamBiblical Characters