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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is Ranchie.
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English surname, of unknown meaning.
a corn merchant; one who made vessels designed to hold or measure out a bushel.
From the name of a place in West Yorkshire meaning "valley brook", from Old English broc "brook" and denu "valley".
Variant of Brogden The valley of the brook a rural place now in Lancanshire, England.
Varient of Brogdon.
CROOKScottish, English
Possible origin a medieval topographical surname, denoting residence from the Middle English word "crok" from the Old NOrse "Krokr". Possibly a maker or seller of hooks. Another possibility is meaning crooked or bent originally used of someone with a hunch back.
ESKELLOld Danish
Variant of Eskil, a form (found in Old Danish) of the Norse name Áskell, Ásketill.
GLISSENEnglish, Irish
Possible British version of the Irish surname Glasson from the the Gaelic word O’Glasain. Meaning green from the counties of Tipperary.
From the given name Hodge, a medieval diminutive of Roger.
Possibly a form of Kistler an occupation name for a joiner or cabinet maker.
LOVEEnglish, Scottish
From Anglo-Norman French lo(u)ve meaning "female wolf."
MANZGerman (Austrian), German
In Austria it means manager, one who is in charge of men. In Germany it is a given name.
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