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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is Evdog.
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ARENCIBIA     Spanish
Castilianized combination of the basque words of aranz meaning "thorn"; "hawthorn" + ibi meaning "ford" + a (basque article suffix); meaning someone living by a thorny ford. A "ford" is a body of water shallow enough to walk through; In this context topographically referring to a some places in Spain
AVEIRO     Portuguese, Spanish
Demonymic surname refering to Aveiro a city in middle north-eastern Portugal. A famous bearer of this surname is Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.
BARBOSA     Portuguese
denoting a person who lived by land that contained overgrown leafy vegetation from the portuguese word barba "leaf" + oso/osa (adjective suffix); variant of Barboza
BARBOZA     Portuguese
Variant of Barbosa
BRANCO     Portuguese
from the the portuguese word Branco meaning "white", referring to someone with light skin and/or hair
CARVALHO     Portuguese
meaning "oak" or "oak tree"
comes from the italian word chiara meaning "clear" and the the word monte meaning "mountain", possibly denoting someone who lived by clear mountians, hills, etc.
CORRALES     Spanish
denoting someone who worked on a barn or a farm . Corral means "barnyard", "corral", "yard" ,"sheepshed"
CORREIA     Portuguese
meaning "leather strap" or "belt", "rein", or "shoelace"; denoting a person who worked with leather products
DE POMBAL     Portuguese
Variant of Pombal... [more]
DIAS     Portuguese
means "son of Diogo" in Portuguese. Also a variant of Diaz
DIMARCO     Italian
means "son of Marco" in italian
DIPAOLO     Italian
means "son of Paolo" in Italian
GUIMARÃES     Portuguese
from any of various places called Guimarães
IBÁÑES     Spanish
variant of IBANEZ
MADEIRAS     Portuguese
Came from the Portuguese Madeira word "wood" or "timber". perhaps the portuguese version of the surname Woods or someone who's from the Portuguese island Madeira
MADERA     Spanish
describing someone who lived or worked in a forest. the word Madera means "wood" in Spanish. Spanish meaning of surname Wood
MADRIZ     Spanish, Catalan
patronymic surname meaning "son of Madrileño"; given to a person that came from Madrid, Spain.
MARQUES     Portuguese
Means "Son of Marcos" in Portuguese
MELILLO     Spanish, Italian
describing someone who worked on an apple orchard,harvesting and selling apples from the italian mela
PANEBIANCO     Italian
given to someone who worked with high quality breads. from italian word pane "bread" and bianco "white"
PIÑERO     Spanish
Castilianized from the Portuguese surname PINHEIRO, meaning "pine-tree"
POMBAL     Portuguese
from the portuguese word: pombo meaning "dove", "pigeon". ... [more]
PRETO     Portuguese
comes from the Portuguese word preto meaning "black" or "dark". referring to someone with dark skin and/or hair. possibly a cognate of the spanish surname PRIETO
TEIXEIRA     Portuguese
From the portuguese teixo meaning "yew"; or "yew tree". yew is a type of shrub
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