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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is Lord Allimacse.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
BABAUTA     Chamorro
Chamorro name for "our banner or flag"
BERRYCLOTH     English (Rare)
This name is of English locational origin, from the place called Barrowclough near Halifax in West Yorkshire.
BIRDWHISTLE     English (Rare)
derived from whistling like a bird or the sound of the birds were sold.
BOLEYN     English
Franciscanized form of "Bullens", a Dutch surname meaning "son of Baldo (meaning "strong")".
BYTHEWOOD     English (British)
A nearly extinct habitational surname for one who lived near, by or around a wooded (forested) area.
FINOÑA     Chamorro
Chamorro for "their language/speech/talk"
FRANQUEZ     Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese for "son of Franco."
GOFIGAN     Chamorro
Chamorro for "very hot climate". Gof- is an amplifier which means very. Figan is a word for "hot", implying the climate
GUMA'TAOTAO     Chamorro
Chamorro for "house of the people"
IZAGUIRRE     Basque
Basque surname meaning open space or pasture exposed to the winds".
JARSDEL     German
Are you near extinct or possibly extend last name, referring to the opening part of a jar.
KAJITANI     Japanese
Rare Japanese surname, roughly meaning "to add to the field; extend field boundaries".
LAGUAÑA     Chamorro
Chamorro for "their net"
MAGUADOK     Chamorro
Chamorro action word for "to dig a hole (in the ground)".
MANAHANE     Chamorro
Chamorro for "all morning/day"
MANGLOÑA     Chamorro
Chamorro for "their breath"
MANLANGET     Chamorro
Chamorro for "all the heavens". Man- is a pluralization and Langet means "sky/heaven".
MANTANOÑA     Chamorro
Chamorro for "all of their land"
MINAGOFÑA     Chamorro
Chamorro for "all their happiness"
NAPUTI     Chamorro
Chamorro name for "giving" (na') "pain" (puti).
QUICHOCHO     Chamorro
Chamorro for "to take out from hiding"
QUINENE     Chamorro
Chamorro for "to take away"
SPINSTER     American (Rare)
A presumably extinct English occupational name, derived from the occupation of spinning.
TAIMANGLO     Chamorro
Chamorro for "without wind/breath"
TAISACAN     Chamorro
Chamorro for "without year or age"
TAITAGUE     Chamorro
Chamorro for "without meaning/essence/being "
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