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Its my surname
DEVALL     French, English
Devall (also DeVall) is a surname of Norman origin with both English and French ties.Its meaning is derived from French the town of Deville, Ardennes. It was first recorded in England in the Domesday Book.In France, the surname is derived from 'de Val' meaning 'of the valley.'
DUDDRIDGE     English
It is locational from a "lost" medieval village probably called Doderige, since that is the spelling in the first name recording (see below). It is estimated that some three thousand villages and hamlets have disappeared from the maps of Britain over the past thousand years... [more]
HEINL     German
South German variant of Heinle.
HINSON     German
It means "son of Hinrich"
JAKESON     English
It means "son of Jake"
KARNER     Estonian
Kärner is a common Estonian surname (meaning "gardener").
MOREDOCK     English
From the fact that boats get moored at a dock.
RONSON     English
Means "son of RON"
SWAILE     English
Recorded in the spellings of Swaile, Swale and Swales, this is an English surname. It is locational, and according to the famous Victorian etymologist Canon Charles Bardsley, originates from either a hamlet called Swallow Hill, near Barnsley in Yorkshire, with Swale being the local dialectal pronunciation and spelling... [more]
WICKSTROM     Finnish
Wickström is a Finnish family, originally from Swedish speaking Ostrobothnia associated with the production of automobiles and marine engines.
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