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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is ERK.
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ABBOT     English
Variant of Abbott.
ABO     Japanese (Rare)
阿 A ("Nook") and Bo for "Protect".
AR     ?
BAYLEY     English
Variant of Bailey.
BELLE     English
Possibly a variant of Bell(1) or Bell(2).
CAL     English
Possibly from the given name Cal.
EVE     English
Possibly from the given name Eve.
FRETT     English
English from Middle English frette, Old French frete ‘interlaced work (in metal and precious stones)’ such as was used for hair ornaments and the like, hence a metonymic occupational name for a maker of such pieces.
JORDISON     English
Possibly meaning son of Jordan. This name is surname of American drummer Joey Jordison.
KA     Korean
KUŚ     Polish
KUTCH     German (Anglicized)
Americanized variant of German Kutsch.
MON     Spanish
MORR     German
NIN     Spanish
PAY     English
QUIN     English
Variant of Quinn.
REE     Korean
RO     English
Possibly a variant of Rowe.
ROSSIE     English
Possibly a variant of Rossi.
SHELL     American
Posibly from the given name Shell.
SO     Korean
Although there are two Chinese characters for the So surname, one of these is extremely rare and can be discounted (there are only about two hundred people in Korea who use this rare character). Some records indicate that the more common character for So has as many as 165 clans, but only eleven of them can be documented... [more]
STAY     English, American
Possibly related to the word Stay, or a nickname for Stanley.
TEGAN     English
Variant of Teagan.
VIL     ?
ZAM     ?
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