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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is leoBeyene2002.
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ADI     Various
From the given name Adi
AINO     Japanese (Rare)
Means "of love" or "of the love" in japanese. A notable name bearer is a fictional character "Minako Aino" in the "Sailor Moon" anime... [more]
ASHTON     English
Derived from a place name which meant "ash tree town" in Old English.
AZALEA     English, Indonesian, Various
From the name of the flower (see Azalea). A notable bearer is Australian rapper Amethyst Amelia Kelly, who's better known by her stage name Iggy Azalea.
BALLS     ?
BENTLY     English
Variant of Bentley
BERSFORD     English (Canadian)
Named after the city 'Bersford'... [more]
BETON     ?
BETTS     ?
BIXBIE     Obscure (Rare)
Possibly a rare variant of Bixby.
CARLOS     Spanish, Portuguese
From the given name Carlos
CLIVE     English
Nickname for a person who lived near a cliff.
COOKSIN     English
Variant of Cookson
DAT     ?
DONATHAN     English
Variant of Jonathan
ENIS     Irish
Variant of Ennis
FOCKER     ?
GAHE     Indian
HANKIN     English
From the given name Hankin
HARR     English
Short form of Harris
HAYDN     German
Meaning "heathen". It is used in honour of the Austrian composer Franz Joseph Haydn (1732-1809).
HINO     Japanese
From the Japanese 日 (hi) meaning "sun, day" combined with 野 (no) meaning "area, field". Other kanji combinations can form this surname as well.
KANT     German
KHOL     ?
KINO     Japanese
Of unknown meaning. A notable name bearer is a fictional character "Makoto Kino" in the "Sailor Moon" anime.
KIRKBY     English
Variant of Kirby.
KOX     English
Variant of Cox
LEMONS     English
Variant of Lemon
LO     ?
MAAN     Arabic, Limburgish, Finnish
Of meaning unknown
MAC     English
MC     English
Variant of Mac
MCARTHY     Irish
Variant of McCarthy
MCASKILL     English
Variant of MacAskill
MCDONALDS     English
Variant of MCDONALD.
MCGINLEY     Irish
Anglicized form of Mag Fhionnghaill, a patronymic from the personal name Fionnghall
Anglicized form of Mac Thighearnáin, a patronymic from a diminutive of the personal name Tighearna.
Anglicized form of Mac Meanman, a patronymic surname, created from the given name Meanma
MCPHAIL     English
Variant of Mac Phàil
Of unknown origin and meaning... [more]
From the given name Mohammad combined with Persian پور (pur) "son" and the name of the Persian village of Karkaraq.
ORA     Albanian (Modern, Rare), Various
Means "time" in Albanian. A famous bearer is British singer Rita Ora (b. 1990).
ORANGE     English
Form the name of the color
RANJ     Indian
From the given name 'Ranj'
RAVI     Indian
From the given name Ravi
RIVAL     ?
SELASSIE     Ethiopian, Amharic, Western African
Possibly means "trinity" in Amharic. A notable bearer was Haile Selassie (1892-1975), the regent and emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974.
SHŌZŌ     Japanese (Rare)
This surname is used as 宗 (shuu, sou, mune) meaning "origin, religion, sect" and 像 (zou) meaning "figure, image, picture, portrait, statue."... [more]
SHY     Various
SIDER     ?
THOROGOOD     English
Variant form of Thurgood.
WYOMING     English (American)
From the name of the US state.
YELLOW     English
Form the name of the color
ZAZA     ?
ZHIHUA     Chinese (Rare)
Rare Chinese compound surname.
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