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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is Bleuette.
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ACHARD     French
From the given name Achard.
BUBLIK     Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian
From bublik, a bagel-like bread roll.
CANTELOUP     French
Name of several places in France. The surname means "Song of the Wolf" from canta and loup as in "place where the wolves howl".
D'ABBADIE     French, English, Occitan
Means "of the Abbey" from the Occitan abadia. Variants Abadia, Abbadie, Abadie, Abada, and Badia mean "Abbey".
D'ABBEVILLE     French
Means "of Abbeville" Abbeville is a commune in France. Takes its name from Latin Abbatis Villa meaning "Abbot's Village".
DANCER     English
Occupational name for someone who dances.
DE GREY     English
Variant of Grey.
DEMANGE     French
Variant of Dominic.
EMPERAIRE     French
Means "Emperor".
FANTHORPE     English
Fan means "From France" and Thorpe is a Middle English word meaning "Small Village, Hamlet"
GASSER     German (Swiss)
Occupational name for a goat herd from Middle High German geiz meaning "Goat" and (n)er an agent suffix.
GOGOL     Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish
Means "Common goldeneye (a type of duck)" in Ukrainian. Possibly a name for a fowler. A famous bearer was Nikolai Gogol.
HOROZ     Turkish
From the Turkish word horoz meaning "Rooster".
HUON     Breton
Huon is a form of the name Hugh.
JUILLET     French
Means "July" in French.
KALASHNIK     Ukrainian
Means "Maker of Kalaches" kalach is a type of bread.
KERGOAT     Breton, French
From Breton ker "Village" or "Area" and koad "Woods".
KERHERVÉ     Breton
From Breton ker "Village" or "Area" and the name Hervé.
KISHKA     Ukrainian
Means "Cat" in Ukrainian.
LAFLAMME     French (Quebec)
Means "The Flame" in French.
LAPIN     French
Means "Rabbit" in French.
LECHAT     French
Means "The Cat" in French.
LELOUP     French
Means “the wolf” in French.
LEMOINE     French, French (Quebec)
Means "The Monk" in French. Lemoine is also an English given name derived from this surname.
LÉOTARD     French
From the given name Leopold. Jules Léotard was an acrobat who popularized the leotard, a gymnastics garment. The garment is named after him.
LOISEAU     French
Means "The Bird" in French.
MCADAM     Scottish Gaelic, Scottish
Means "Son of Adam" in Gaelic.
NERZ     German
From the German word Nerz meaning "Mink".
OCTOBRE     French
Means "October" in French.
OLIYNYK     Ukrainian
From the Ukrainian word олія meaning "Oil".
SALAÜN     Breton, French
Form of the given name Solomon.
SCHWAN     German
Means "Swan" in German.
TURCAT     French, French (Quebec)
Means "Turkman"
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