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ARAOKA Japanese (Rare)
Ara (荒) means "rough", oka (岡) means "hill", therefore, Araoka means rough hill
AYANAMI Japanese
Aya (綾) means "twill", nami (波) means "wave"
AZUSAGAWA Japanese (Rare)
Azusa (梓) means "catalpa", gawa/kawa (川) means "river", kawa changes to gawa due to rendaku. Sakuta Azusagawa (梓川 咲太) and his sister Kaede (梓川 花楓) from Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai are notable fictional characters who bear this surname.
HOSHIZORA Japanese (Rare)
Hoshi (星) means "star", sora/zora (空) means "sky", this name literally means "starry sky". Sora changes to zora due to rendaku
HOSODAKI Japanese (Rare)
Hoso (細) means "fine/thin", Daki (滝) means "waterfall". Daki is a variant of Taki and it changed the T to D due to rendaku. See also HOSOTAKI
HOSOTAKI Japanese (Rare)
Hoso (細) means "fine/thin", Taki (滝) means "waterfall". Sometimes Taki changes to Daki due to rendaku. See also HOSODAKI
KABAYAMA Japanese (Rare)
Kaba (樺) means "birch", yama (山) means "mountain"
KIKUCHI Japanese
It can either mean "chrysanthemum pond" or "chrysanthemum ground". Word by word, kiku (菊) means "chrysanthemum", chi (池/地) means "pond,lake/ground" respectively. Although the second kanji (only 池) is more commonly read as ike, it is pronounced as chi in this case.... [more]
KIKUHARA Japanese (Rare)
Kiku (菊) means "chrysanthemum", hara (原) means "plain/field/meadow"
Kiri (桐) means "Paulownia/foxglove tree", yama (山) means "mountain". Notable bearers of this surname are Kouji Kiriyama (桐山 光侍), a Japanese manga author, and Rei Kiriyama (桐山 零), the main character of 3-gatsu no lion.
KITANOKOUJI Japanese (Rare)
Kitanokouji (北小路) comes from kita (北) means "North", Kouji (小路) means "Alley". This is one of the kuge surnames and this surname is very rare. No notable people or fictional characters bear this surname.
Kita (北) means "North", Yama (山) means "mountain". Shizuku Kitayama (北山 雫) from Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is a notable fictional character who bears this surname.
In Japanese, Mori (森) means "forest", and Saki (崎) means "cape, peninsula". Shun Morisaki (森崎 駿) from Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei is a fictional character who bears this surname.
Shima (島) means "island", mori (森) means "forest"
TAKIYA Japanese (Rare)
Taki (滝) means "waterfall", ya (谷) means "valley". One notable fictional character who bears this surname is Genji Takiya (滝谷 源治) from Crows Zero, this surname is very rare.
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