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GRAEF     Dutch, German
Name used to denote the chairman of a town council. Compare Graf.
GRAF     Jewish, Yiddish
Ornamental name selected, like Herzog and other words denoting titles, because of their aristocratic connotations.
GRAF     German, German (Swiss)
Status name from Middle High German grave, grabe, which was used as a title denoting various more or less aristocratic dignitaries and officials. In later times it became established as a title of nobility equivalent to the Romance count... [more]
GRAVE     English
Occupational name from Middle English greyve "steward", from Old Norse greifi or Low German greve
GRAVE     English
Topographic name, a variant of Grove.
GRAVE     French
Topographic name for someone who lived on a patch of gravelly soil, from Old French grave "gravel" (of Celtic origin).
GRAVE     German
Either from the northern form of Graf, but more commonly a topographic name from Middle Low German grave "ditch", "moat", "channel", or a habitational name from any of several places in northern Germany named with this word.
GRAVES     French, English
Topographic name from the plural of Old French grave "gravel"
GRAVES     English, French
English: patronymic from Grave.
GROB     Jewish, Yiddish
From Yiddish grob. May also mean "fat".
GROB     German
A nickname for a strong, heavy man, or for a lout, from Middle High German g(e)rop "coarse".
GROULX     French
French spelling, often found in Canada, of Groult, Grould, possibly reduced forms of Gréoul, a personal name of Germanic origin, composed of the elements gred "hunger" + wolf, wulf "wolf".
GROVE     German
Form of Grob.
GROVE     English, American
Americanized spelling of the French surname Le Grou(x)or Le Greux (see Groulx)
GROVE     German
Variation of Graf.
GROVE     German
Name from any of several places named Grove or Groven, which derive their name from Middle Low Germany grove ‘ditch’, ‘channel’. In some cases the name is a Dutch or Low German form of Grube.
GROVE     English
Name for someone who lived by a grove or thicket, Middle English grove, Old English graf.
GRUBE     German
Name for someone who lived in a depression or hollow, from Middle High German gruobe "pit", "hollow". See also Gruber.
GRUBE     German
From the personal name Grubo.
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