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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is Shibbeh.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
AKKAŞ     Turkish
Means "white brow" from Old Turkic ak "white" and kaş "brow".
AKKAYA     Turkish
Means "white rock" from Old Turkic ak "white" and kaya "rock".
AKYOL     Turkish
Means "white path" or "honest path" from Old Turkic ak "white, honest" and yol "way, path".
DENIZ     Turkish
From the given name Deniz.
GÜNEŞ     Turkish
From güneş the Turkish word for the Sun. Ultimately derived from Old Turkic küneş.
GÜNEY     Turkish
Means "south" in Turkish.
KAYA     Turkish
From the Turkish word kaya which simply means "rock".
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