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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is rangond.
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AKTAS     Turkish
Aktaº literally means "white stone" in Turkish, however means also "meerschaum" of Turkey.
ARSLAN     Turkish
Variant of Aslan.
CAN     Turkish
Means "soul, life, being" in Turkish, ultimately of Persian origin.
DOGAN     Turkish
Doğan means "falcon" in Turkish.
EKSI     Turkish
Ekºi means "sour" in Turkish.
ERDEM     Turkish
Erdem means "virtue" in Turkish.
GÖKÇE     Turkish
Means "celestial, heavenly, sky" in Turkish.
INCE     Turkish
Ýnce means "thin" or "slim" in Turkish.
ÖZCAN     Turkish
Means "pure soul" in Turkish.
ÖZDEMIR     Turkish
Özdemir literally means "pure iron" in Turkish, however means "one who is strong like his genealogy iron".
ÖZKAN     Turkish
Özkan means "pure blood" in Turkish.
ÖZTÜRK     Turkish
From the given name Öztürk.
TOPRAK     Turkish
Toprak means "earth" in Turkish.
TÜRK     Turkish
Türk means "Turk" in Turkish.
YILDIZ     Turkish
Means "star" in Turkish.
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