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This is a list of submitted surnames in which an editor of the name is Tsminda2004.
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Georgian surname used by sculptor Tamar Abakelia and physician Ioseb Abakelia.
ACYEnglish (Rare)
Possibly from the given name Ace.
ALLENDEBasque, Spanish
Basque surname possibly linked to the Spanish word allende of Latin origin meaning "beyond" or "besides".
This was the surname of Evgeniy Botkin ( 1865 - 1918) who was the Russian court physician. He remained loyal to the family of Tsar Nicholas II Romanov when the revolution occurred and followed them into exile in Siberia... [more]
CHIANGChinese, Taiwanese
Chinese variant transcription of Jiang also used in Taiwan.
Possibly from the elements doulos (δουλος)- "slave, servant" and genes (γενης)- "born".
Possibly from the given name Gareth.
There are several theories to the meaning of this name. One suggests Ossetian origin meaning "son of the herder" from the Ossetian word дзуг (dzug) meaning "herd, flock, troop", while it may also be derived from Kabardian (Circassian) дзыгъуэ (ʒəġ°ă) meaning "mouse" or дзыгъуэшхуэ (ʒəġ°ăšx°ă) "rat"... [more]
KANDHALIndian, Gujarati
People with the last name of "Kandhal" are commonly descendants of Rao Kandhal who belonged to the "Rathore" clan of Rajputs (warrior class) in India. "Rao" is a royal title. Rao Kandhal was younger brother of Rao Jodha who founded the princely state of Jodhpur in western Rajasthan, India... [more]
Last name originates from Imereti region of Georgia .
LEVABulgarian (Rare), Czech (Rare), French (Rare), Jewish (Rare)
From the Hebrew given name Lev, meaning Lion. It is also the name of the currency in Bulgaria, and a verb in French meaning to lever or to lift.
From the given name Nicolas.
Possibly from "pyat", meaning "five".
From Middle English sanguine (blood) ,one of the four humours.
Variant spelling of Snowden, a surname initially used by the Border Reivers. Comes from the mountain in Wales.
From the given name Teodor.
Meaning "of the field" from Dutch van -"Of"- der - "The"- and veld - "field".
WELLANDEnglish (British, Rare)
From the name of the place, derived from Old English wig - war and landa - territory, land.
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