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This is a list of submitted surnames in which an editor of the name is Onerace.
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BULSARA     Indian (Parsi)
Indian Parsi surname derived from Bulsar (today known as Valsad), a Gujarati city which served as a center for Zoroastrianism in the 17th century. A famous bearer of the surname was Farrokh “Freddie Mercury” Bulsara (1946-1991), a British singer and songwriter.
CHRISTMAS     English
Either an occupational name for someone who was responsible for arrangement of festivities for Christmas day, or it might a nickname for someone who was born on Christmas.
DADE     Irish
Anglicized form of MacDaibheid, meaning "son of David".
DAHMER     German, Danish
A northern German or Danish habitual name for someone from one of the many places named Dahme in Brandenburg, Holstein, Mecklenburg, or Silesia. A famous bearer of this name was Jeffrey Dahmer, serial killer (1960 - 1993).
FLEETWOOD     English
Means "From the town of Fleetwood, in Lancaster".
GUILLAUME     French
Derived from the French personal name Guillaume.
GUILLERMEZ     Spanish
Means "son of Guillermo".
IBAIGUREN     Basque
Means "river's edge" from the Basque words ibai, meaning "river" and guren, meaing "edge".
LEVY     Jewish
Variant of Levi.
NOIR     French
Means "black" in French, originally used in Northern France as an ethnic nickname for someone from Southern France, Spain, Italy or North Africa. It also may have been used for someone who wore dark clothing or for someone who had an occupation during the night or was associated with the night.
ODD     English
Variant of Ott.
PLANT     English
An occupational surname for a gardener.
SHARPE     English
Variant of Sharp.
SHARPIN     English
Variant of Sharp.
SHARPLIN     English
Variant of Sharp.
SHARPLING     English
Variant of Sharp.
Means "from the beet fields". A famous bearer of this name was German Clasical composer Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827).
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