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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
HULSE     German
derived from Holtz, means "a wood"
HULTBERG     Swedish
Combination of Swedish hult "grove, copse" and berg "mountain, hill". The surname could be derived from a place named with the element hult. Those place names are most common in Småland, southern Sweden.
HULTQUIST     Swedish
Combination of Swedish hult "grove, a wood" and kvist "branch, twig".
HUMBERT     German, Dutch, French
From a Germanic personal name composed of the elements hun "Hun, giant" or hun "bear cub" and berht "bright, famous". This was particularly popular in the Netherlands and North Germany during the Middle Ages as a result of the fame of a 7th-century St... [more]
HUMBLE     English
Nickname for a meek or lowly person, from Middle English, Old French (h)umble (Latin humilis "lowly", a derivative of humus "ground").
HUMBOLDT     German
German surname, composed of the elements hun "bear cub, giant, Hun" and bold "brave, commanding," hence "giant command."
HUMPHERY     English, Irish
English and Irish: variant of Humphrey.
HUMPHREYS     Welsh, English
Patronymic form of Humphrey. A famous bearer was Murray Humphreys (1899-1965), an American mobster of Welsh descent.
HUMPHREYS     English, Welsh
Variant of Humphries.
HUMPHRIES     English, Welsh
Patronymic from Humphrey.
HUMPHRY     English
Variant of Humphrey.
HUMPHRYS     English
Variant of Humphries.
A nickname for a wealthy man, from Middle High German hundert meaning "hundred" + mark, a denomination of coin.
HUNEYCUTT     English
Variant of Honeycutt.
HUNGATE     English
A habitational name from Old English hund,'hound', and Old Norse gata, 'gate'.
HUNGERFORD     Anglo-Saxon
Hungerford is a Saxon name, meaning "Hanging Wood Ford".... [more]
HUNNICUTT     English
Variant of Honeycutt.
Habitational name for someone from a place called Hunsberg or Huntsberg.
HUNSINGER     German
Variant of Huntzinger.
HUNT     Estonian
Hunt is an Estonian surname meaning "wolf".
HUNTINGTON     English
English: habitational name from any of several places so called, named with the genitive plural huntena of Old English hunta ‘hunter’ + tun ‘enclosure’, ‘settlement’ or dun ‘hill’ (the forms in -ton and -don having become inextricably confused)... [more]
Habitational name for someone from Hintschingen, earlier Huntzingen.
HUON     Breton
Huon is a form of the name Hugh.
HURD     English
Variant of Heard.
HURRELL     English, Norman
English (of Norman origin) from a derivative of Old French hurer ‘to bristle or ruffle’, ‘to stand on end’ (see Huron).
HURRELL     Irish
This may be an Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó hEarghaill ‘descendant of Earghall’, a variant of Ó Fearghail (see Farrell).
HURRY     English
From a Norman form of the Middle English personal name Wol(f)rich (with the addition of an inorganic initial H-).
HURTA     Czech
Nickname for an aggressive person, from hurt ‘attack.’
HURTADO     Spanish
Derived from the Spanish word hurtar, meaning "to steal".
HURTIG     Swedish
Means "quick, fast, rapid" in Swedish.
HUSAIN     Indian (Muslim), Urdu, Bengali (Muslim)
From the given name Husain.
Means "son of Husein".
HÜSEYNOV     Azerbaijani
Means "son of Hüseyn".
HUSEYNOV     Azerbaijani
Variant of Hüseynov.
HUSHOUR     English
English. Maybe means tailor or carpenter
HUSSEY     English, Irish
As an English surname, it comes from two distinct sources. It is either of Norman origin, derived from Houssaye, the name of an area in Seine-Maritime which ultimately derives from Old French hous "holly"; or it is from a Middle English nickname given to a woman who was the mistress of a household, from an alteration of husewif "housewife"... [more]
HUSTED     German
The name was originally spelled "Hustedt" and means "homestead." The family name originated in northern Germany. One branch of the family migrated to England, and a branch of that family to the United States.
HUSTON     Scottish
Scottish variant spelling of Houston.
This indicates familial origin within either of 2 eponymous Moravian towns.
HUTCH     English
From the medieval personal name Huche, a pet form of Hugh.
HUTCHERSON     Scottish
"Variant of Hutchison; patronymic from the medieval personal name Hutche, a variant of Hugh"
HUTCHINS     English
Southern English patronymic from the medieval personal name Hutchin, a pet form of Hugh.
HUTCHINSON     English
Means "son of HUTCHIN".
HUTCHISON     Scottish
Patronymic from the medieval personal name Hutche, a variant of Hugh.
HUTTON     English, Scottish
Scottish and northern English habitational name from any of the numerous places so called from Old English hoh ‘ridge’, ‘spur’ + tun ‘enclosure’, ‘settlement’.
HUTZEL     German
from a Germanic personal name, Huzo
HUVAL     French (Cajun)
The Huval name has historically been labeled German or Acadian (Cajun), however, recently more information has been discovered that shows the Huvals came directly from France.... [more]
HUX     German
Probably from a topographic name Huck or Hucks, of uncertain origin. It occurs in many place and field names.
HUXFORD     English
Habitational name from a place in Devon called Huxford (preserved in the name of Huxford Farm), from the Old English personal name Hōcc or the Old English word hōc ‘hook or angle of land’ + ford ‘ford’.
HWANG     Korean, Chinese
Chinese variant transcription and Korean form of Huang.
HYATT     English
English (mainly London and Surrey): possibly a topographic name from Middle English hegh, hie ‘high’ + yate ‘gate’. ... [more]
HYDE     English
Topographic name for someone living on (and farming) a hide of land, Old English hī(gi)d. This was a variable measure of land, differing from place to place and time to time, and seems from the etymology to have been originally fixed as the amount necessary to support one (extended) family (Old English hīgan, hīwan "household")... [more]
HYKA     Albanian, Czech
This is both an Albanian and Czech surname. ... [more]
HYMEL     American
Possibly an altered form of HUMMEL.
HYNDESTAN     Anglo-Saxon, English
A an earlier variation of the surname Hingston. See Hingston for full meaning.
HYNDESTANE     Anglo-Saxon, English
A an earlier variation of the surname Hingston. See Hingston for full meaning.
HYNDESTON     Anglo-Saxon, English
A an earlier variation of the surname Hingston. See Hingston for full meaning.
HYRES     Irish
HYSLOP     Scottish
Habitational name from an unidentified place in northern England, perhaps so called from Old English hæsel (or the Old Norse equivalent hesli) ‘hazel’ + hop ‘enclosed valley’.
HYUN     Korean
From the Sino-Korean 玄 (hyeon) meaning "deep, profound, mysterious".
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