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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
MÖBIUS     German
Patronymic surname derived from the given name Bartholomäus, the German form of Bartholomew.
MOCHIZUKI     Japanese
From the Chinese compound 望月 (wàngyuè) literally meaning "to view the moon from a distance" (figuratively, "full moon").
MODAFFARI     Italian
Nickname from Arabic muzaffar "victorious".
MODAFFERI     Italian
Variant of MODAFFARI.
"Mud Man" was given to the people who built the dikes.
MODÉN     Swedish
Combination of Swedish mo "sandy heath" and the common surname suffix -én, a derivative of Latin -enius "descendant of". It could also be a variant of MODIG.
MODENA     Italian, Judeo-Italian
Italian and Jewish (from Italy) habitational name from the city of Modena in Emilia-Romagna.
MODIG     Swedish
Swedish soldier name meaning "brave".... [more]
MODIN     Swedish
Variant of Modén.
MODRIĆ     Croatian
Famous bearer of this surname is Croatian footballer Luka Modrić.
MODZELEWSKI     Polish, Jewish
Habitational name for someone from places in Poland called Modzel or Modzele, from modzel meaning "hard place", "callus".
MOE     Norwegian
Means "sandy ground" in Norwegian.
MOEN     Norwegian
Means "the sandy ground" in Norwegian.
MOFFAT     Scottish (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of Am Magh Fada.
MOFFATT     Scottish
Means "person from Moffatt", Dumfries and Galloway ("long plain").
MOGASEN     German
meaning unknown
MOGENSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of MOGENS".
MOGILEVSKY     Unclear
Not available.
MOHAMED     Arabic, Malay, Somali
Variant transcription of Muhammad.
MOHAMMADI     Persian
From the given name Mohammad.
Means "descendant of Mohammad" in Persian.
From the given name Mohammad combined with Persian پور (pur) "son" and the name of the Persian village of Karkaraq.
From the given name Mohammad combined with the Persian suffix زاده (-zâde) meaning "offspring".
MOHAMMADZAI     Pashto, Afghani
Means "son of Mohammad", from the given name Mohammad combined with Pashto زوی (zoy) meaning "son (of)". The Mohammadzai are a sub-tribe of the Barakzai inhabiting Afghanistan. The Muhammadzai, a separate tribe, inhabits Hashtnagar in Pakistan.
MOHLER     German, English
The Mohler surname is derived from the Low German word möhl which means mill. Thus the name originally denoted someone who live or worked near a mill. Variant of Müller.
MOHORKO     Slovene
It comes from the latin given name ERMACORA. the Sain Bishop of Aquileia, near Venice.
MOISUC     Romanian
Meaning unknown.
MOK     Chinese (Cantonese)
Cantonese form of Mo.
MOKRANI     Berber, Northern African, Arabic (Maghrebi)
Either from the given name Mokrane or derived from El Mokrani, a town in Algeria.
MOKRI     Persian
This is a Persian surname.... [more]
MOLAISON     American
Unexplained meaning.
MOLCHAN     Russian, Ukrainian
From the Russian word молчан meaning "silent" it was often used as a nickname for someone who was soft-spoken and as a given name following Baptism
MÖLDER     Estonian
Mölder is an Estonian surname meaning "miller".
MOLE     English
Mole is (in some but not all cases) the English form of the German Möhl meaning mill.
MOLENAAR     Dutch
Occupational name from molenaar "miller".
MOLESKI     Polish
A variation of Molski, originated from the many places in Poland called "Mole".
MOLINARO     Italian
The surname Molinaro is a name for a person who owned, managed, or worked in a mill deriving its origin from the Italian word "molino," which meant mill.
MOLINAROLO     Italian
Probably from a person's occupation, with molino/mulino meaning "mill" in Italian. The second part may come from rullo, meaning "a roller" or "I roll."
MOLNAR     Dutch
Variant of MOLENAAR.
MOLOTOV     Russian
From Russian молот (molot) meaning “hammer”, indicating an occupation of someone who worked with hammers.
MOLTEN     English
The surname Molten refers to one who melts lead.
Meaning unknown.
MOMOI     Japanese
From Japanese 桃 (momo) meaning "peach" and 井 (i) meaning "well, mine shaft, pit".
MOMOMIYA     Popular Culture
Surname of several characters from the anime series 'Tokyo Mew Mew'.
MON     Spanish
MONACO     Italian
Nickname for someone of monkish habits or appearance, or an occupational name for a servant employed at a monastery, from Italian monaco "monk" (from Greek monachos "monk", "solitary").
MONCAYO     Aragonese
This indicates familial origin near the eponymous mountain massif.
MONCRIEF     Scottish
Scottish: habitational name from Moncreiff Hill near Perth, so called from Gaelic monadh ‘hill’ + craoibhe, genitive of craobh ‘tree’.
MONDITHOKA     Telugu (Modern)
they are honest people and having helping nature. at history one person has bull cart some time it was went into dig then all people was trying and trying for lift the cart. but no use from those,after that people were shouting as a bigger like come on 'mondithoka' this word not surname of farmer his bull has short tail... [more]
MONEYMAKER     English (American)
Translated form of German Geldmacher or Geldschläger, occupational names for a coiner.
MONEYPENNY     English
Probably from a medieval nickname for a rich person or a miser. A fictional bearer is Miss Moneypenny, secretary to M (the head of MI6) in the James Bond novels of Ian Fleming and in the films based on them.
MONGER     English
Name for a retail trader or a stallholder in a market, Middle English monger, manger.
MONGUSH     Tuvan
Theorised to be derived from Tuvan moon meaning "cohesive, powerful" combined with kush "force" and Mongolified and Turkified during the reign of Chinggis Khan in the 13th century.
MONIZ     Portuguese
From the medieval Portuguese first name Muhno.... [more]
MONK     English
Nickname for someone of monkish habits or appearance, or an occupational name for a servant employed at a monastery, from Middle English munk, monk "monk" (Old English munuc, munec, from Late Latin monachus, Greek monakhos "solitary", a derivative of monos "alone").
MONTAG     German
It means Monday in German.
MONTAGNE     French
Possibly connected to the Irish and or English surname "Manton" as a result of the historical Norman invasions of Ireland and England.
MONTAGNET     French, Basque
Meaning "mountains," this name is commonly found in the Basque Pyrenees.
MONTALBANO     Italian
Habitational name from Montalbano di Elicona in northeastern Sicily (earlier simply Montalbano), Montalbano Jonico (Matera province), or the district of Montalbano in Fasano, Brindisi.
MONTAÑA     Spanish
Topographic name from montaña "mountain".
MONTANO     Spanish
MONTAPERTO     Italian
My father tells me this name means "open mountain." It seems to have come from a small area around Agrigento in Sicily, Italy.
MONTEBLANCO     French, Spanish
Originally from France "Mont Blanc" but translated when arrived in Spain.
MONTEFIORE     Italian, Jewish
Derived from Montefiore, which is the name of several places in Italy. For example, there is Castle Montefiore in the town of Recanati (province of Macerata), the municipality of Montefiore Conca (province of Rimini) and the municipality of Montefiore dell'Aso (province of Ascoli Piceno)... [more]
MONTEMAYOR     Spanish
Habitational name from any of several places called Montemayor, from monte meaning "mountain" + mayor meaning "main", "larger", "greater", in particular in the provinces of Cordova, Salamanca, and Valladolid.
MONTERROSO     Galician
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous municipality.
MONTES     Spanish
Derived from Spanish monte "mountain".
MONTES DE OCA     Spanish
Spanish surname meaning "mounts of goose".
MONTEVERDE     Galician
Habitational name from Monteverde in Ourense province, Galicia.
MONTEVERDE     Italian
Habitational name from any of various places called Monteverde, for example in Avellino province, from monte meaning "mountain" + verde meaning "green".
MONTEVERDI     Italian
Derived from Italian monte meaning "mountain" and verdi meaning "green"; literally means "green mountain".
MONTGOMERIE     Scottish, English
Variation of MONTGOMERY. A famous bearer was Margaret Montgomerie Boswell (1738 to 1789), wife of author James Boswell.
MONTIEL     Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Manchego municipality.
MONTISCI     Italian
Originated in Sardinia, Italy in the 17th century given to fishermen
MONTIVERDI     Italian
Green Mountain
MONTOYA     Spanish, Basque
meaning "mountain"... [more]
MONZO     Italian
Possibly a variant of Monsu, which may be an occupational name for a cook, Calabrian munsu, or a nickname or title from Milanese monsu ‘sir’, ‘lord’, ‘gentleman’.
MONZÓ     Catalan
variant of Montsó, habitational name from a place in Aragon (see Monzon).
MONZON     Spanish
Habitational name from Monzón, a place in Uesca province, which is probably named from Latin montione ‘big mountain’.
MOODIE     Scottish
The history of the name Moodie originates from the time of the Anglo-Saxon tribes in Brittain.... [more]
MOODY     ?
MÕÕK     Estonian
Mõõk is an Estonian surname meaning "sword".
MOOK     German
This surname means 'flying insect' from a German word that is mauke. (I think it is mauke, I am SO not sure.)
MOOKHEY     Indian
Meaning unknown.
MOORCOCK     English
From a medieval nickname for someone thought to resemble a moorcock (the male of the red grouse). It is borne by British author Michael Moorcock (1939-).
MOOREHOUSE     English
Variant spelling of Morehouse.
MOORING     Low German (Modern)
habitational name from möringen or möhringen of northern germany.
From Zulu meaning "big man".
MOR     Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Mor, means "myrrh" in Hebrew.
This indicates familial origin within either of 2 Greater Polish villages named Moraczewo.
MORAES     Portuguese
From the Portuguese form of Spanish Morales.
MORALEE     English, French
First found in Norfolk where they were seated from very early times and were granted lands by Duke William of Normandy, their liege Lord, for their distinguished assistance at the Battle of Hastings.
MORALIS     Greek
Meaning unknown, possibly a Greek form of the Spanish surname Morales.
MORAN     Irish
The surname Moran, originating in counties Mayo and Sligo of Connaught, is the shortened version of O'Moran, Anglicized form of the older O'Morain "grandson of the great one" with the Old Irish root mor 'great, big' (denoting stature and/or character).
MORAN     Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
From the given name Moran.
MORANT     English
From the Old French personal name Morant, perhaps from a nickname meaning "steadfast", or alternatively of Germanic origin and meaning literally "courage-raven". A known bearer was the British-born Australian soldier and poet Breaker Morant, original name Edwin Henry Murrant (?1864-1902).
MORATALLA     Spanish
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous Murcian municipality.
MORÁVEK     Czech, Slovak
Means "Moravian".
MORCELI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
Possibly from Arabic مُرْسِل (mursil) meaning "sender, dispatcher" or "sent, transmitted" from أَرْسَلَ (ʾarsala) "to send, to dispatch".
MOREDOCK     English
From the fact that boats get moored at a dock.
MOREHOUSE     English
Habitational name from any of various places, for example Moorhouse in West Yorkshire, named from Old English mōr meaning "marsh", "fen" + hūs meaning "house".
MOREIRA     Portuguese, Galician
Habitational name from any of the numerous places in Portugal and Galicia called Moreira, from moreira meaning "mulberry tree".
MORELLI     Italian
Patronymic / plural form of Morello.
MORELLS     Greek
One meaning/explanation of the surname Morells is it's an Americanization of the Greek name surname Mariolis.
MORGADE     Anglo-Saxon
It`s a derived from Anglo-Saxon Morgen Or Morgan. Its meaning is morning. It have a second meaning that is a variety or type of oil.
MORGADO     Portuguese
Means "eldest brother" in Portuguese
MORGANTON     English (Canadian)
Created by combining the last names Morgan and Middleton in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in September of 2013.
MORIAI     Japanese
From the Japanese 盛 (mori) "assortment" or 森 (mori) "forest" and 合 (ai) "fit," "suit," "join."
MORIHEI     Japanese
This surname combines 森 (shin, mori) meaning "forest, woods" with 平 (hyou, byou, hei, tai.ra, -daira, hira, hira-) meaning "even, flat, peace."... [more]
MORIKAWA     Japanese
From Japanese 森 (mori) meaning "forest" and 川 (kawa) meaning "river, stream".
MORIKITA     Japanese (Rare)
Mori means "Forest" and Kita means "North". Hiroshi Morikita is the president and foreign rights man of Morikita Publishing.
MORIMOTO     Japanese
From Japanese 森 (mori) meaning "forest" and 本 (moto) meaning "base, root, origin".
MORITA     Japanese
From Japanese 森 (mori) meaning "forest" and 田 (ta) meaning "field, rice paddy".
MORIUCHI     Japanese
Mori means "Forest" and Uchi means "Inside".
MORIYA     Japanese
From the Japanese 守 (mori or kami) "guard," "protect," "defend" or 森 (mori) "forest" and 屋 (ya) "dwelling" or 谷 (ya or tani) "valley."
MORIYAMA     Japanese
From Japanese 森 (mori) meaning "forest" and 山 (yama) meaning "mountain, hill".
MOROS     Spanish
Habitational name from Moros in Zaragoza province, so named from the plural of moro ‘Moor’, i.e. ‘the place where the Moors live’.
MOROUX     Louisiana Creole
From the surname Moroux.
MOROZOV     Russian
Derived from Russian мороз (moroz) meaning "frost".
MORR     German
Morrissey is an Irish name meaning "choice of the sea".
MORROW     Irish, Scottish
From the Gaelic Ó Murchadha, which means "descendent of MURCHADH".
MORROW     Irish (Anglicized)
Shortened Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Murchadha (see McMorrow).
MORT     English
Perhaps from a Norman nickname based on Old French mort "dead", possibly referring to someone with a deathly pallor or otherwise sepulchral appearance.
MORTICELLI     Italian
Means "died small" in Italian.
MORTIMER     English
Derived from a place name meaning "still water" in Old French.
MORTON     Irish
From the parish of Morton, in Nithsdale, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Mor, big, great, and dun, ton, a hill.
Topographic name for someone who lived by a bridge over a swamp, from Middle High German mos meaning "bog", "swamp" + brucke meaning "bridge".
MOSCATELLI     Italian
The name Moscatelli has its origins in a type of grape called Moscatel. This grape has its origin in ancient Egypt or Greece, but it was in Italy that it became famous. Here the farmers that planted the grape became known as the Moscatelli.
MOSCATI     Italian
Possibly a variant of Moscato.
MOSCATO     Italian
Variant of the personal name Muscato, also Americanized spelling of Greek Moskatos, a metonymic occupational name for a grower of muscat grapes.
MOSCOW     English (American, Rare)
From the city of Moscow in Russia.
MOSELE     Italian, German (Austrian)
This surname is to be found in north-eastern Italy, more specifically in the Vicenza and Verona provinces. Families with this name are certain to be originally from the mountain town of Asiago, situated on a plateau north of Vicenza and now a well-known skiing resort... [more]
MOSHARRAF     Bengali (Muslim)
Bengali variant of Musharraf.
MOSHE     Hebrew
From the given name Moshe.
MOSKVA     Russian
Derived from the Russian word Москва meaning "Moscow".
MOSLEY     English
Habitational name from any of several places called Mos(e)ley in central, western, and northwestern England. The obvious derivation is from Old English mos ‘peat bog’ + leah ‘woodland clearing’, but the one in southern Birmingham (Museleie in Domesday Book) had as its first element Old English mus ‘mouse’, while one in Staffordshire (Molesleie in Domesday Book) had the genitive case of the Old English byname Moll.
MOSS     English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish
English and Welsh: from the personal name Moss, a Middle English vernacular form of the Biblical name Moses. ... [more]
MOSS     English, Welsh
From the personal name Moss, a Middle English vernacular form of the Biblical name Moses.
MOSSBERG     Jewish, Swedish
Ornamental name composed of the elements mosse "peat bog" + berg "mountain", "hill".
MOSSING     Norwegian
Habitational name from a farm name in Trøndelag, probably named with mose meaning "moss" + vin meaning "meadow".
MOSSMAN     English
This interesting name is a variant of the surname Moss which is either topographical for someone who lived by a peat bog, from the Old English pre 7th Century 'mos' or a habitational name from a place named with this word, for example Mosedale in Cumbria or Moseley in West Yorkshire.
MOSTAFA     Arabic, Bengali (Muslim)
Variant transcription of Mustafa.
MOSTEFAÏ     Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Mostefa (chiefly Algerian).
MOSTEFAOUI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
Means "relating to Mustafa" in Arabic (chiefly Algerian).
MOTA     American
Surname of YouTuber and Dancing with the Stars competitor Bethany Mota.
MOTEKI     Japanese
From the Japanese 茂 (mote) "overgrown," "to grow thick" and 木 (ki, moku or boku) "tree."
MOTEL     French
Topographic name from a derivative of Old French motte ‘fortified stronghold’.
MOTHERWELL     Scottish
Means "person from Motherwell", North Lanarkshire ("Our Lady's well"). American artist Robert Motherwell (1915-1991) was a known bearer.
MOTION     Scottish
A Scottish name of uncertain origin. British poet Andrew Motion (1952-) is a known bearer.
MOTLEY     English
This surname may come from a nickname for someone wearing parti-coloured clothes (from Anglo-French motteley, which may come from Old English mot meaning "speck").
MOTOHASHI     Japanese
This is literally Hashimoto backwards, although this is less common in Japan. This means "Origin Bridge" in Japanese. A notable bearer with the surname is Akiyasu Motohashi. He is a former motorcycle road rider in the Grand Prix.
MOTOME     Japanese (Rare)
This surname is used as 求, 元目 or 求馬 with 求 (kyuu, gu, moto.meru) meaning "demand, request, require, want, wish for", 元 (gan, gen, moto) meaning "beginning, former time, origin", 目 (boku, moku, ma, me, -me) meaning "care, class, experience, eye, favour, insight, look" and 馬 (ba, uma, uma-, ma, me) meaning "horse."... [more]
MOTOZAWA     Japanese
From the Japanese 本 (moto) "base" or 元 (moto) "original" and 沢 or 澤 (zawa or sawa) "swamp."
MÕTTUS     Estonian
Mõttus is an Estonian name derived from "in thought".
MOU     Chinese, Lao
Chinese : from the name of a state of Mou that existed during the Zhou dynasty (1122–221 bc). Descendants of the ruling class of this state adopted its name as their surname. ... [more]
MOUJAHID     Arabic (Maghrebi)
Derived from Arabic مُجَاهِد (mujāhid) meaning "one who is labouring, one who is in distress", also used to refer to a member of a liberation army in Muslim countries (chiefly Moroccan).
MOULOUD     Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Mouloud.
MOULOUDI     Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Mouloud.
MOUNT     English
Mount is often used as part of the name of specific mountains.
MOUNTAIN     English
Topographic name from Old French montagne "mountain" (see Montagne).
MOUNTJOY     English
Habitational surname for a person from Montjoie in La Manche, France, named with Old French mont "hill", "mountain" + joie "joy".
MOURA     Portuguese
Derived from the Portuguese word "Mouro", which refers to an individual from the Moor people. This is the feminine form of the word, often used in legends of enchanted moor women, which very common in Portugal... [more]
MOUSSA     Western African, Arabic (Egyptian), Central African
Derived from the given name Moussa (see Moses).
MOUSTAFA     Arabic (Egyptian)
Egyptian variant of Mustafa.
MOWAT     Scottish
From medieval female given name, Mohaut, a variant of Maud.
MOWBRAY     English
Ultimately from the name of a place in Normandy meaning "mud hill" in Old French.
MOWERS     Scottish, English
English: variant of Mower
MOXLEY     English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish
From the name of a minor place in the West Midlands.
MOXON     English
Means "son of Magge", a pet-form of Margaret, a female personal name which came into English via French from Late Latin Margarita, literally "pearl".
MOY     Polish
MOYANO     Spanish
Habitational name for someone from Moya, from an adjectival form of the place name.
MOYES     English
From the medieval personal name Moise, a vernacular variant of Moses (the biblical name of the Hebrew prophet who led the Children of Israel out of captivity).
MOYLE     Cornish, Welsh
Cornish and Welsh: descriptive nickname meaning ‘bald’, from Cornish moyl, Welsh moel.
MOYO     Shona
Meaning unknown.
MOZART     German
The surname was first recorded in the 14th century as Mozahrt, and later as Motzhardt in Germany. It is a compound word, the first part of which is Middle High German mos, also spelt mosz, and meaning “bog, marsh” in southern dialects (compare modern German Moos)... [more]
MRÁZ     Czech
Mráz means "frost".
MRÁZEK     Czech
Means "little frost".
MRIDHANI     Farsi
Mridhani name hails from Mridhan, a small town in the Gilan Province, Iran it is now a Siahrud Protected Area.
habitational name for someone from any of various places called Mroczkowa, Mroczków, or Mroczkowice, named with mroczek ‘bat’.
MRÓZ     Polish
From a nickname for a white-haired man or alternatively for one of an icy and unsociable disposition, from Polish mróz "frost". Also can be from a short form of the personal name Ambroży
MROZIŃSKI     Polish
Habitational name for someone from any of several places called Mrozy.
MROZOWSKI     Polish
Habitational name for someone from Mrozowo in Bydgoszcz voivodeship, or from any of several places called Mrozy.
MRTVÁ     Czech
Means "Dead".
MRTVÝ     Czech, Slovak
Mrtvý means "Dead".
MU     Chinese
Chinese : in the state of Song during the Spring and Autumn period (722–481 bc) there existed a leader who was posthumously given the name of the duke of Mu. His descendants adopted Mu as their surname... [more]
MUBARAK     Arabic, Arabic (Egyptian)
From Arabic مُبَارَك (mubārak) meaning "lucky, blessed".
MUCCIARONE     Italian
From an augmentative form of the dimunitive suffix -muccio short form of pet names ending in -muccio such as ANSELMUCCIO or GIACOMUCCIO.
MUCCIO     Italian
Short form of pet names ending in -muccio such as Anselmuccio or Giacomuccio.
MUCENIEKS     Latvian
Means "cooper".
MUCHA     Polish, Slovak, Czech, Ukrainian
Nickname for an irritating person or someone considered of no importance, from mucha "fly".
MUDD     English
Either (i) "person who lives in a muddy area"; (ii) from the medieval female personal name Mudd, a variant of Maud (variously Mahalt, Mauld, Malt, vernacular versions of Anglo-Norman Matilda); or (iii) from the Old English personal name Mōd or Mōda, a shortened form of various compound names beginning with mōd "courage".
MUDZURI     Shona
Meaning unknown.
MUFARO     Shona
Mufaro means "Joy, happiness". It is a name of rejoicing
MUFFETT     Scottish
A different form of Moffatt. 'Little Miss Muffett' is a traditional nursery rhyme: Little Miss Muffett / Sat on a tuffet, / Eating her curds and whey; / There came a big spider, / Who sat down beside her / And frightened Miss Muffet away. It has been speculated that 'Miss Muffett' is Patience Muffet, the daughter of the physician and entomologist Dr Thomas Muffet (1553-1604).
MÚGICA     Basque (Castilianized)
Castilianized form of Muxika.
MUHAMMED     Arabic
Variant of Muhammad.
MUIR     Scottish
Topographic name for someone who lived on a moor, from a Scots form of Middle English more moor, fen.
MUJUSHI     Albanian
Meaning unknown.
MUKAI     Japanese
The "Mu(Ka)" part means "Facing",the I means "Well,Pit,Mine Shaft":"Facing Well/Facing Mine Shaft/Facing Pit". Chiaki Mukai was a doctor as well as the first Japanese female astronaut,and the first Japanese citizen to take two spaceflights... [more]
MUKERJEE     Bengali
Variant transcription of Mukherjee.
From the given name Mukhamet.
MUKHERJEE     Bengali
Variant of Mukhopadhyay.... [more]
From Sanskrit मुख्य (mukhya) meaning "chief" combined with उपाध्याय (upadhyaya) meaning "teacher, instructor, priest".
MULDOON     Irish
From Irish Gaelic Ó Maoldúin "descendant of Maoldún", a personal name meaning literally "chief fortress".
MULFALL     Irish
Anglicized form Gaelic Ó Maol Fábhail meaning "descendent of MAOLFÁBHAIL".
Anglicized from Gaelic Ó Maolchalann "descendant of MAOLCHALANN".
MULIADI     Indonesian
Variant of Mulyadi.
MULJADI     Indonesian
Variant of Mulyadi.
MULKERIN     Irish
The Irish surname Mulkerin is an anglicied rendering of the Gaelic surname O'Maoilchiarain which means ,literally, "descendant of a follower of Saint Ciaran", the Irish saint who founded the great monastery at Clonmacnois... [more]
MULL     Scottish
Scottish, Irish, or English: Probably comes from the Scots language, as the Scots word for "headland" or comes from the geographical term, which is an Anglicization of the Gaelic Maol, a term for a rounded hill, summit, or mountain bare of trees... [more]
From Irish Gaelic Ó Maoilearca "descendent of the follower of (St) Earc", a personal name meaning literally either "speckled one" or "salmon".
MULLEE     Irish
Possible variant of Malley or Molloy
MULLERY     Irish (Rare)
From Irish Gaelic Ó Maolmhuire "descendant of Maolmhuire", a personal name meaning literally "servant of (the Virgin) Mary".
MULLIN     Irish
From O'maelin
MULLINIX     French
A locational name "of de Moloneaux" probably from the noble family who trace their descent from William the Conqueror, from Molineaux-sur-Seine, near Rouen. The name came to England during the wake of the Norman Conquest... [more]
MULLIS     English
As either Mulles and Mullis, the surname first found in Parish Registers in Cornwall Co. by 1548 in Michaelstow. Manorial tenement rolls trace that particular family to 1483. Between 1337 and 1453 random tenants were recorded between Tintagel and Altarnun as Molys and Mollys... [more]
MULVEY     Irish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Maoilmhiadhaigh "descendant of Maoilmhiadhach", a personal name meaning "honorable chief".
Anglicized from Gaelic Ó Maoilmhichil, which derived from the sept or clan name Uí Mhaoilmhichil, denoting to Patrons or Devotees of Saint Michael the Archangel.
MULVILLE     Irish
Variant of MULVIHILL.
MUMINOVIĆ     Bosnian
Means "son of Mumin".
MUNDACA     Basque (Castilianized)
Castilianized form of Mundaka.
MUNDAKA     Basque
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous municipality.
MUNEKAWA     Japanese
Mune means "Origin, Religion, Sect" and Kawa means "Stream, River".
MUNGER     English
Variant of Monger.
MUNGIA     Basque
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous municipality.
MUNGUÍA     Basque (Castilianized)
Castilianized form of Mungia.
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