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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
NORRINGTON     English
Norrington is the name given to a person from the eponymous place.
NORRMAN     Swedish
Either a variant of NORMAN or taken directly from Swedish norrman "Norwegian, person from Norway".
NØRSKOV     Danish
Means "northern forest" from the Danish nord "north" and skov "forest".
NORSWORTHY     English
Habitational name from Norseworthy in Walkhampton, Devon.
NORTHERN     English
Topographic name, from an adjectival form of North.
NORWAY     English
From the country in Europe.
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous house in the municipality of Aiara.
NORZAGARAY     Basque (Castilianized)
Castilianized form of Norzagarai.
Family name from ancestors who emigrated from Poland around 1900
NOSTRADAMUS     Medieval Dutch (?)
This surname was beared by the famous writer Michael de Nostradamus, also famous for predicting the apocalypse and the danger from the arab world.
NOTBOHM     German, Low German
Low German cognate of High German Nussbaum.
NOTO     Japanese
The kanji I viewed personally is unknown. But if it were to be made simply, it would be : No ("Feild") + To ("Wisteria").
NOTOU     Japanese
A variant transcription of "Noto" and vice versa.
NOVAKOVIĆ     Croatian, Serbian
Derived from Novak.
NOVAKOVSKY     Russian
Russian form of Nowakowski.
NOVEMBER     English (American)
From the name of the month.
NOVI     Italian
Derived from Italian novello and ultimately derived from Latin novellus meaning "new". "Novi" also means "new" in several Slavic languages.
NOVIK     Belarusian
Belarusian surname equivalent to the Russian surname Novikov.
NOVIKOV     Russian
From the Russian term novik which is a teenage soldier in the military during the 16th-18th centuries.
NOVO     Galician, Portuguese
Nickname from Portuguese and Galician novo ‘new’, ‘young’ (Latin novus). The word was also occasionally used in the Middle Ages as a personal name, particularly for a child born after the death of a sibling, and this may also be a source of the surname.
NÓVOA     Galician
Habitational name from the former Galician juridical district Terra de Nóvoa, in Ourense province.
NOVOSEL     Croatian
Derived from nov, meaning "new", and selo, meaning "village", so the possible meaning is "the one who's new to the village".
NOVOSELIĆ     Croatian
Derived from nov, meaning "new", and selo, meaning "village", so the possible meaning is "the one who's new to the village".... [more]
Polish surname meaning "new fellow".
NOWICKI     Polish
Polish form of Novitsky.
NOY     English
Either (i) from the medieval male personal name Noye, the English form of the Hebrew name Noach "Noah"; or (ii) an invented Jewish name based on Hebrew noy "decoration, adornment".
NUHIJI     Albanian
Meaning unknown.
NUHN     German
NUNN     English
Means someone who is a nun
NURASYLOV     Kazakh
Means "son of Nurasyl".
NURGALIEV     Kazakh
From a given name derived from Arabic نُور (nūr) "light" (see Nur) and Ali (1).
Means "son of Nurislam".
NURISTANI     Afghani
Derived from the name of Nuristan (meaning "land of light"), a province in northern Afghanistan.
NÜRNBERGER     German, Jewish
Habitational name for someone from the city of Nürnberg in Bavaria.
Means "son of Nursultan".
NURZHANOV     Kazakh
Derived from the Kazakh given name Nurzhan.
NUSS     German
from Middle High German nuz ‘nut’, hence a metonymic occupational name for a gatherer and seller of nuts, or a nickname for a man thought to resemble a nut in some way
NUTTALL     English
English: habitational name from some place named with Old English hnutu ‘nut’ + h(e)alh ‘nook’, ‘recess’. In some cases this may be Nuthall in Nottinghamshire, but the surname is common mainly in Lancashire, and a Lancashire origin is therefore more likely... [more]
NUTTER     English
Means either (i) "scribe, clerk" (from Middle English notere, ultimately from Latin notārius); or (ii) "person who keeps or tends oxen" (from a derivative of Middle English nowt "ox")... [more]
NYBERG     Swedish
Swedish name meaning "new mountain", derived from the words ny "new" and berg "mountain".
NYBLOM     Swedish
Combination of Swedish ny "new" and blom "bloom".
NYGÅRD     Norwegian, Swedish
Means "new farm". A combination of ny "new" and gård "farm, yard".
NYHOLM     Swedish, Danish
Derived from Swedish and Danish ny "new" and holme "islet".
NYLAND     Norwegian
Combination of Norwegian ny "new" and land "land, yard".
NYLE     ?
NYMAN     Swedish
A combination of Swedish ny "new" and man "man".
NYQUIST     Swedish
Variant of NYKVIST.
NYQVIST     Swedish
Variant of NYKVIST. A famous bearer was Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist (1960-2017).
NYS     Belgian
common surname in belgium and wisonsin
NZUYEN     Vietnamese
Variant of Nguyen.
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