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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
SUGAR     German (Rare)
Sugar is the surname of talented storyteller, writer, and composer Rebecca Rae Sugar (creator of animated series Steven Universe).
SUGAWARA     Japanese
Sugawara was #83. of most used Japanese family names in 2009, but it's usage has dropped seemingly drastically since than. Suga means "Sedge", Wara means "Plain".
SUGG     English (British)
Surname of internet personalities Zoe and Joe Sugg. Zoe is known as Zoella on the website YouTube and has a book on sale called "Girl Online". Joe is also a YouTuber.
SUGIHARA     Japanese
Sugi ("Cedar Tree") + Hara ("Plain").
SUGIMORI     Japanese
Sugi ("Cedar Tree") + Mori ("Forest").
SUGIMOTO     Japanese
From the Japanese 杉 (sugi) "cedar {tree}" and 本 or 元 (moto) "base," "root," "origin."
SUGIMURA     Japanese
Sugi ("Cedar Tree") + Mura ("Village").
SUGINO     Japanese
Sugi ("Cedar Tree") + No ("Field").
SUGITA     Japanese
Sugi ("Cedar Tree") + Ta ("Rice Patty").
SUGITANI     Japanese
Sugi ("Cedar") + Tani ("Valley"). Taizo Sugitani is a Japanese equestrian.
SUGIURA     Japanese
From Japanese 杉 (sugi) meaning "Japanese cedar" combined with 浦 (ura) meaning "riverbank, shore" or "inlet, bay, gulf".
SUGIYAMA     Japanese
From the Japanese 杉 (sugi) meaning "Japanese cedar" combined with 山 (yama) meaning "mountain".
SUH     Korean
South Korean variant of So.
SUH     Low German
North German from Middle Low German su ‘sow’, either a metonymic occupational name for a swineherd or an offensive nickname.
SUHAILA     Malaysian
From the given name Suhaila.
SUHR     German
Nickname for a bitter or cantankerous person, from Middle Low German sūr meaning "sour".
SUITS     Estonian
Suits is an Estonian surname meaning "fume".
SUKACZ     Polish (Rare)
father surname.
SUKK     Estonian
Sukk is an Estonian surname meaning "stocking".
SÜLEYMANOV     Azerbaijani
Means "son of Süleyman".
SULEYMANOV     Azerbaijani
Variant transcription of Süleymanov.
SULJAGIĆ     Bosnian
Means "son of Suljo".
SULJIĆ     Bosnian
Means "son of Suljo".
SUŁKOWSKI     Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Masovian village of Sułkowo Borowe.
From the Arabic title سُلْطَان (sulṭān) meaning "ruler, king, sultan" combined with the name Ali (1).
SULTANBEKOV     Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek
Means "son of Sultanbek".
SULTONOV     Uzbek, Tajik
Uzbek and Tajik variant of Sultanov.
SUMISU     Japanese
This is the Japanese variation of Smith
SUMITOMO     Japanese
From Japanese 住 (sumi) meaning "living" and 友 (tomo) meaning "friend".
SUMMER     English, German
From Middle English sum(m)er, Middle High German sumer "summer", hence a nickname for someone of a warm or sunny disposition, or for someone associated with the season of summer in some other way.
SUMMERHAYS     English
Probably means "person living by a summer enclosure (where animals were grazed on upland pastures in the summer)" (from Middle English sumer "summer" + hay "enclosure").
SUMMERLEE     English (Rare)
This surname is originated from Old English sumer meaning "summer" and leah meaning "clearing, meadow."
SUMMERLIN     English, German, Scottish
An English surname.... [more]
SUMMERLY     Irish
From Irish Gaelic Ó Somacháin "descendant of Somachán", a nickname meaning literally "gentle" or "innocent".
SUMMERSET     English
Regional surname for someone from Somerset, an area in England. The name is derived from Old English sumer(tun)saete meaning "dwellers at the summer settlement".
SUMTER     English
This surname is derived from an official title. 'the sumpter.' Old French sommetier, a packhorseman, one who carried baggage on horseback
SUMULONG     Filipino
Means "to progress" in Tagalog.
SUNADORI     Japanese (Rare)
Sunadori means " Fishing ". ( one kanji )
SUNDBERG     Swedish
Swedish ornamental name. A combination of sund "strait" and berg "mountain".
SUNDERLAND     English
Habitational name from any of the locations with the name 'Sunderland', most notably the port city County Durham. This, along with other examples in Lancashire, Cumbria and Northumberland derives from either Old English sundor 'seperate' and land 'land' or Old Norse suðr 'southern' and land 'land' (see Sutherland)... [more]
SUNDIN     Swedish
A combination of Swedish sund "strait" and the suffix -in derived from Latin -inus, -inius "descendant of"
SUNDQUIST     Swedish
An ornamental name derived from the words sund, meaning "sound" or "strait", and quist, also spelled kvist or qvist, meaning "twig" or "branch".
SUNDSTRÖM     Swedish
Swedish ornamental name. A combination of sund "strait" and ström "stream".
SUNESSON     Swedish
Means "son of SUNE".
SUOKAS     Finnish
Comes from the finnish word "suo" which means swamp, and directly translated "suokas" means "swampy". This surname originally came from Karelian Isthmus, Sakkola, that in nowadays belongs to Russia... [more]
Means "Finn, person from Finland" in Finnish. A combination of Soumi "Finland" and the suffix -lainen that combined with a place name, forms the noun for the inhabitant of a place.
SUOMI     Finnish
Ethnic name from Finnish Suomi meaning "Finland". At one time this term denoted only southwestern Finland, but nowadays it is the national name for the whole of Finland. As a surname it is mostly an adopted name during the names conversion movement at the beginning of the 20th century.
SUOMINEN     Finnish
Suomi is the real, Finnish language name for Finland. The -nen ending can be translated as "little" or "of something" (Suominen="of Finland") but is in Finland mostly seen just as a typical ending for surnames, without any actual meaning.
SUPRIYADI     Indonesian, Javanese
From the name Supriya, itself from the Sanskrit prefix सु- (su-) meaning “good, well” combined with प्रिया (priyā) meaning “darling, dear, sweetheart”.
SURESH     Indian, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada
From the given name Suresh.
SURI     Punjabi, Hindi, Indian (Sikh)
Based on the name of a clan in the Khatri community, from Sanskrit suri "sun", ‘priest’, ‘sage’. It is also an epithet of Krishna.
SURREY     English
Regional name for someone from the county of Surrey.
SURRIDGE     English
From the medieval personal name Seric, a descendant of both Old English Sǣrīc, literally "sea power", and Sigerīc, literally "victory power".
SURRIDGE     English
Originally meant "person from Surridge", Devon ("south ridge").
SURRIDGE     English
Meant "person from the south" (from Old French surreis "southerner").
SUSAN     English
Comes from the female personal name Susanna, Susanne (Middle English), Susanna (Dutch), from Hebrew Shushannah ‘lily’, ‘lily of the valley’. Southern French: from Occitan susan ‘above’, ‘higher’, hence a topographic name for someone living at the top end of a village or on the side of a valley... [more]
SUSI     Estonian
Susi is an Estonian surname, meaning "wolf" in the Võro dialect.
SUSILUOTO     Finnish (Rare)
Combination of Finnish susi "wolf" and luoto "islet".
SUSSKIND     Jewish
Means "son of Ziske", a Yiddish female personal name meaning literally "little sweet one". It is borne by American physicist Leonard Susskind (1940-).
SUTA     Romanian
left handed
SUTCLIFFE     English
The name means ''south of the cliff/hill''.
ŠUTOVIĆ     Macedonian
Comes from place named Šutovo in Macedonia.
SUTTER     German, English
English and South German occupational name for a shoemaker or cobbler (rarely a tailor), from Middle English suter, souter, Middle High German suter, sutære (from Latin sutor, an agent derivative of suere ‘to sew’).
Possibly derives from the Old English word ''sutere'', and the Latin word ''sutor'', meaning a shoemaker.
SUTTIE     Scottish
Habitational surname for a person from a place called Suthie in Perthshire or possibly from Suddy (or Suddie) in Knockbain.
SUTTOR     English
English... [more]
SUURORG     Estonian
Suurorg is an Estonian name meaning "big valley".
SUURSALU     Estonian
Suursalu is an Estonian surname meaning "big copse" or "big grove".
SUVI     Estonian
Suvi is an Estonian surname meaning "summer".
SUVOROV     Russian
From Suvorov, the name of a town in the Tula Oblast of Russia.
Derived from Thai สุวรรณ (sù-wan) meaning “gold, golden” combined with รัตน์ (rạtn) meaning “gem, jewel”.
SUZUKAZE     Japanese
From Japanese 涼 (suzu) meaning "cool, refreshing" and 風 (kaze) meaning "wind".
SUZUMIYA     Japanese (Rare), Popular Culture
Suzu ("Bell") + Miya ("Shrine"). Haruhi Suzumiya was the female protagonist of an extremely popular series (see Mikuru).
SUZUMURA     Japanese
From Japanese 錫 (suzu) meaning "copper, tin" or 鈴 (suzu) meaning "bell" combined with 村 (mura) meaning "village, town". Other kanji combinations are possible. ... [more]
SUZUTANI     Japanese (Rare)
Suzu means "Bell, Chime" and Tani is western Japanese for "Valley".
SUZUYA     Japanese (Rare)
This is the more commonly heard variation of Suzutani.
ŠVÁB     Czech
It's from an animal cockroach.
SVAHN     Swedish
From Swedish svan "swan".
SVAN     Swedish
Means "swan" in Swedish.
ŠVARC     Croatian
Croatian form of Schwarz.
ŠVARCER     Croatian
Elaborated form of Švarc.
SVÄRD     Swedish
Means "sword" in Swedish.
ŠVEC     Czech
It means "shoemaker".
SVENNINGSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of Svenning".
Means "son of SVENNING".
SVENSK     Swedish
Means "Swede, Swedish" in Swedish.
SVESHNIKOV     Russian
Russian surname with unknown meaning.
SVOBODNÁ     Czech
Means "freedom woman".
SVOBODNÝ     Czech
Svobodný means "freedom man" in Czech.
SWAILE     English
Recorded in the spellings of Swaile, Swale and Swales, this is an English surname. It is locational, and according to the famous Victorian etymologist Canon Charles Bardsley, originates from either a hamlet called Swallow Hill, near Barnsley in Yorkshire, with Swale being the local dialectal pronunciation and spelling... [more]
SWAIN     Scottish, Irish, English
Northern English occupational name for a servant or attendant, from Middle English swein "young man attendant upon a knight", which was derived from Old Norse sveinn "boy, servant, attendant"... [more]
SWALLOW     English
From Middle English swal(e)we, swalu "swallow", hence a nickname for someone thought to resemble the bird, perhaps in swiftness and grace.
SWAN     English, Scottish
Originally given as a nickname to a person who was noted for purity or excellence, which were taken to be attributes of the swan, or who resembled a swan in some other way. In some cases it may have been given to a person who lived at a house with the sign of a swan... [more]
SWANN     English
Variant of Swan.
SWANNELL     English
From the Old Norse female personal name Svanhildr, literally "swan-battle".
SWANNEY     Scottish
Habitational name from Swannay, Orkney
SWANSON     American
Either an anglicized spelling of Svensson or Svendsen, or a patronymic meaning "son of Swan".
SWANWICK     English
Habitational name from Swanwick in Derbyshire, possibly also Swanwick in Hampshire. Both are named from Old English swan, "herdsman," and wic, "outlying dairy farm."
SWASEY     English
Unexplained. Possibly an Anglicized form of Dutch Swijse(n), variant of Wijs "wise" (see Wise).
SWEENY     Irish
Irish variant spelling of Sweeney.
SWENSON     Swedish
Variant of Svensson.
SWIFT     English, Irish
As an English surname, it is originated as a nickname for a swift, fast runner (from Old English swift meaning "swift, fleet, quick.")... [more]
SWING     English
Probably an Americanized spelling of German Schwing or from Middle High German zwinc meaning "legal district", hence possibly a metonymic occupational name for a district administrator.
SWISHER     German
Americanized form of German Schweitzer meaning Swiss.
SWISS     English (American)
Americanized form of German Schweitz.
ŚWITAŁA     Polish
Derived from Polish świt "dawn" "sun" "daylight" or świtać "to dawn". It is a nickname for an early-riser.
SWITSER     English
Either (i) from the medieval nickname Swetesire (literally "sweet sir, amiable master"), applied sarcastically either to someone who used the expression liberally as a form of address or to someone with a de-haut-en-bas manner; or (ii) an anglicization of Schweitzer (from Middle High German swīzer "Swiss person").
SYCAMORE     English
Probably comes from the tree Sycamore
SYDOW     Low German
Habitational name from any of several places so named in Germany.
SYDYKOV     Kyrgyz, Kazakh
Derived from Arabic صَدِيق (ṣadīq) meaning "friend" or صَادِق (ṣādiq) meaning "true, truthful, veracious".
SYKES     English
English Surname (mainly Yorkshire): topographic name for someone who lived by a stream in a marsh or in a hollow, from Middle English syke ‘marshy stream’, ‘damp gully’, or a habitational name from one of the places named with this word, in Lancashire and West Yorkshire.
SYLER     German
Altered spelling of German Seiler.
SYLVERS     Irish
Variant of Silvers.
SYLVESTER     English
From the given name Sylvester.
SYMERE     English (American, Rare)
Name of unknown origin, typically used in the United States. It is best known as the real first name of American rapper Lil Uzi Vert.
SYNDULLA     Popular Culture
The surname of Hera from the show "Star Wars Rebels".
SYNGE     English (British)
First found in Shropshire where they had been anciently seated as Lords of the Manor of Bridgenorth, from the time of the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 A.D.
SYRETT     English
Either (i) from the medieval male personal name Syred (from Old English Sigerǣd, literally "victory-counsel"); or (ii) from the medieval female personal name Sigerith (from Old Norse Sigfrithr, literally "victory-lovely").
SYTKOWSKI     Polish
This indicates familial origin within Sytkowo, a neighborhood in Poznań (the Greater Polish capital).
This indicates familial origin within the Greater Polish town of Szamotuły.
SZÁSZ     German
Ethnic or regional name for a German speaker from Transylvania or Szepes, etymologically a derivative of German SACHS.
SZATHMÁRI     Hungarian
Hungarian surname of unknown origin.
Patronymic from the given name Szczepan.
SZELIGA     Polish
Habitational name from places called Szeliga or Szeligi. It is not clear whether there is any connection with the Polish vocabulary word szeliga ‘coat-of-arms’.
SZENDEFFY     Hungarian (Rare)
Possibly derived from Hungarian szende meaning ''meek''.
SZETO     Chinese (Cantonese)
From Chinese 司徒 (sītú), which denoted the Minister over the Masses (one of three important official titles of the Han dynasty). It is somewhat equivalent to the modern-day title of Prime Minister.
SZMANDA     Polish
Polish pronunciation is "sh-MAHN-dah" and Hungarian pronunciation is "s-MAHN-dah".
SZOŁDRSKI     Polish
This indicates familial origin within the Greater Polish village of Szołdry.
This indicates familial origin within the Podlachian village Szpakowo.
SZPEKTOR     Jewish
Variant of SPECTOR.
SZURGOT     Polish
Nickname from szurgot ‘shuffling sound’
This indicates familial origin within either of 2 Greater Polish villages named Szurkowo.
Habitational name for someone from Szymanów, Szymanowo, or Szymanowice.
SZYMAŃSKI     Polish
The surname Szymanski is a locative name from either of two places called Szymany in Poland, in Konin and Ƚomza voivodeships.
SZYŚLAK     Polish
Derived from East Slavic word šišlat "do slowly".
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