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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
TSUDZURI     Japanese (Rare)
This surname is be used as 綴 (getsu, tei, techi, tetsu, sumi.yaka, tsudzuri,, to.jiru) meaning "bind (books), compose, spell, write."... [more]
TSUGE     Japanese
From the Japanese 告 (tsuge) "tell."
TSUJIHARA     Japanese
From the Japanese 辻 (tsuji) "{road} crossing" and 原 (hara, bara or wara) "field," "plain," "original."
TSUJII     Japanese
From the Japanese 辻 (tsuji) "{road} crossing" and 井 (i) "well."
TSUJIMURA     Japanese
Tsuji ("Crossroad") + Mura ("Village").
TSUJITA     Japanese
From the Japanese 辻 (tsuji) "{road} crossing" and 田 (ta or da) "rice paddy."
TSUJIURA     Japanese (Rare)
Tsuji ("Crossroad") + ("Bay, Coast"). Other than the athlete Steve Tsujiura ( who wasn't even born in Japan,but in Canada) this commonly refers to a Japanese fortune telling cracker made of rice.
TSUKAHARA     Japanese
Tsuka ("Mound") + Hara ("Plain"). Mitsuo Tsukahara is a Japanese gymnastics artist.
TSUKAMOTO     Japanese
Tsuka ("Mound") + Moto ("Origin,Root").
TSUKIMI     Japanese
Tsuki(月)means "Moon" and Mi ("Mindset, Outlook"). Souhei Tsukimi is a light novel author who has written more than four series (currently only in Japan).
TSUKIMOTO     Japanese, Popular Culture
Tsuki ("Moon") + Moto ("Origin"). If you search for "Tsukimoto", you'll quickly find fictional characters.
TSUKINO     Japanese
Means ''of the moon'' in Japanese. A famous bearer of this surname would be Usagi Tsukino in the show Sailor Moon.
TSUKIYAMA     Japanese
Means "Moon mountain"... [more]
TSUKIYOMI     Japanese
Means 'moon god' or something like that.
TSUKUSHI     Japanese
Like the first name Tsukushi.
TSUNEMATSU     Japanese
From the Japanese 恒 (tsune) "constant" or 常 (tsune) "always" and 松 (matsu) "pine tree."
TSUNODA     Japanese
Tsuno ("Horn") + Da ("Rice Feild/Patty"). Kazuo Tsunoda was an officer & ace fighter pilot in the Japanese Imperial Navy.
TSUNOI     Japanese
From the Japanese 角 (tsuno) "horn" and 井 (i) "well."
TSURUOKA     Japanese
From the Japanese 鶴 (tsuru) "crane" and 岡 (oka) "hill."
TSURUTA     Japanese
Tsuru ("Crane") + Ta ("Rice Patty")
TSUTSUMI     Japanese
From the Japanese 堤 (tsutsumi) "{river}bank."
TSUZUKI     Japanese
From the Japanese 都 (tsu) "metropolis," "capital" and 築 (zuki) "since construction."
TSYBULENKO     Ukrainian
Ukrainian surname created from the Ukrainian word цибуля (tsybulya) meaning "onion" and the patronymic ending -enko.
TUAZÓN     Filipino
Castilianized variant of Filipino Tuason ‘eldest grandson’.
TUELL     German
nickname from Slavic (Old Slavic toliti ""to soothe or calm"")
TUFAN     Turkish
From the given name Tufan.
TUFEK     Bosnian
From Turkish tüfek ''rifle''.
TÜFEKÇI     Turkish
From Turkish tüfekçi meaning "gunsmith".
TUFEKČIĆ     Bosnian
Cognate of Tüfekçi.
TUÍNEÁN     Irish
Meaning, "watercourse."
TULLOCH     Scottish
Scottish habitational name from a place near Dingwall on the Firth of Cromarty, named with Gaelic tulach ‘hillock’, ‘mound’, or from any of various other minor places named with this element.
TULLY     Irish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Taithligh "descendant of Taithleach", a byname meaning "quiet", "peaceable".
TULLY     Irish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Maol Tuile "descendant of the devotee of the will of God" (from toil "will of God").
TULLY     Scottish
Habitational name from any of various places called Tullo in eastern Scotland.
TUNNARD     Dutch (Modern)
Often found used in Lincolnshire UK as a surname in farming families.
TUNSTALL     English
Means "of Tunstall"; Tunstall is a town in the United Kingdom. Derived from the Old English elements tun meaning "farm" and staell which has about the same meaning as tun.
TUOMINEN     Finnish
A combination of Finnish toumi "bird cherry" and the common surname suffix -nen.
TUPÝ     Slovak
From the word, meaning "blunt, dull".
TURAN     Turkish, Iranian
Ethnic name for someone from Turan, a region of central Asia, said to have been named for Tūr, son of Faridun, a legendary king of Persia who ruled around 750 bc.
TURBEFIELD     French, Norman
The name is a village in Normandy. Is documented in Gloucester Abbey in 1044.
TURCAT     French, French (Quebec)
Means "Turkman"
TURCO     Italian
Ethnic name for a Turk, or a nickname from the same word in the sense of a non-Christian or, following the medieval ethnic stereotype, a cruel, ferocious, or short-tempered person.
TÜRK     Turkish
Türk means "Turk" in Turkish.
TURK     Slovene, Croatian
Means ''Turk''.
TURKIEH     Ancient Hebrew, Arabic, Jewish
A Lebanese jewish surname that is often used among Lebanese jews in Israel.
TÜRKOĞLU     Turkish
Means "son of a Turk" in Turkish.
TURKSTRA     Frisian
TURKSTRA - Meaning: From the town of "Turkeye". Turkeye is a small town within Zeelandic Flanders in the western part of Netherlands. This family names was given to persons originating from the village.
TURNEY     English, Norman
Habitational name from places in France called Tournai, Tournay, or Tourny. All named with the pre-Roman personal name TURNUS and the locative suffix -acum.
TURRENTINE     American
Origin unidentified ('Dictionary of American Family Names': "1881 census has 0, Not in RW, EML"), perhaps from the Italian surname Tarantino.
TURRILLO     Aragonese
This indicates familial origin within the eponymous municipality in the Comarca of Calatayú.
Means "son of Tursynbek".
TURUNEN     Finnish
From 'turku', an archaic word for a marketplace (tori in modern Finnish), and the common surname suffix 'nen'.
TUTTLE     English, English (American), Irish
Derived from the Old Norse given name Þorkell, derived from the elements þórr (see Thor) and ketill "cauldron". The name evolved into Thurkill and Thirkill in England and came into use as a given name in the Middle Ages... [more]
TÜVSHINBAYAR     Mongolian
Derived from Mongolian түвшин meaning "level" and баяр meaning "celebration"; means "level of celebration". Naidangiin Tüvshinbayar is a Mongolian judoka and Olympic medalist.
TVEIT     Norwegian
Norwegian habitational name derived from Old Norse þveit "clearing".
TVILLING     Swedish (Rare)
Means "twin" in Swedish.
TVRDY     Czech
TWAIN     American
Most famously borne in the pen name of American author and one time Mississippi riverboat pilot Mark Twain (1835-1910), whose real name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens. The term twain is an Old English word for "two." The name Mark Twain is derived from a riverboat term meaning a mark of two fathoms depth on a line sunk in the river... [more]
This indicates familial origin within any of 3 Greater Polish villages: 2 named Twardowo or 1 named Twardów.
TWEEDEL     English
Tweedel is Scottish for "the dell on the tweed river"
Meaning unknown.
TWIDDY     English
Possibly derived from TWEEDY perhaps originating from the area around the River Tweed. Most common in England around the Lincolnshire area, but also found in Yorkshire and Lancashire. There are also people called TWIDDY in the USA who probably emigrated from England or the Scottish Borders originally.
TWYFORD     English
English habitational name from any of the numerous places named Twyford, for example in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Derbyshire, Hampshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Middlesex, and Norfolk, from Old English twi- ‘double’ + ford ‘ford’.
TXIRIBOGA     Basque
It literally means a store or bar that sells everything.
TYLL     Polish
TYLSON     English, German (Anglicized)
English: variant of Dyson (see surname Dye). ... [more]
TYSK     Swedish
Means "German" in Swedish. It probably started out as a nickname for someone who had immigrated from Germany or for someone who had German ancestry. It could also be a 'soldier name' and refer to the military unit someone belonged to... [more]
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