Albanian Submitted Surnames

Albanian names are used in the country of Albania, as well as Kosovo and other Albanian communities throughout the world.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
AHMETAJ Albanian
From the given name AHMAD.
AHMETI Albanian
From the given name AHMET.
ALOSHI Albanian
Aloshi , Aloshaj
AMITI Albanian
Meaning unknown.
BARDHI Albanian
Meaning "White"
BARUTI Albanian
barut means gunpowder in Albanian
BEQIRAJ Albanian
Meaning unknown.... [more]
BIZI Albanian
Meaning unknown.
Meaning unknown.
CANO Albanian
Meaning unknown.
CARCANI Albanian
Meaning unknown.
ÇIFLIGU Albanian (Rare)
This surname derives from the Albanian city Çiflig. The word Çiflig comes from the Turkish term for land management in the Ottoman Empire. Albania was under Ottoman rule for almost 500 years and has many cities and surnames that derive from Turkish terms.
CUMANI Albanian
Meaning unknown.
Albanian form of DARWISH.
DUSHAJ Albanian
It comes from serbian name ''dusha'' meaning soul.In serbian ''dusha moja'' means my sweatheart.Probably a nickname or name given to the patriarch of the dushaj family that got taken as a surname by his descendants later on,adding the popular albanian ending -aj.
Meaning unknown.
HALILI Albanian, Macedonian
From the given name HALIL.
HAMITI Albanian
Possibly a variant of AMITI.
Albanian surname, Hasani and given "Aga" in Ottoman Empire
HASANI Persian, Albanian, Kosovar
From the given name HASAN.
HOXHAJ Albanian
Variant of HOXHA.
HYKA Albanian, Czech
This is both an Albanian and Czech surname. ... [more]
IBRAHIMI Pashto, Arabic, Albanian
From the given name IBRAHIM.
ISTOGU Albanian
Meaning unknown.
ISUFAJ Albanian
From the given name ISUF.
ISUFI Albanian
From the given name ISUF.
JUSUFI Albanian, Macedonian
Derived from the given name JUSUF.
Meaning unknown.
Derived from the name of the Kastrati tribe inhabiting the region of Malësia in northern Albania.
KOÇO Albanian
Variant of KOCO.
KOCULI Albanian
From a place name Kocul in Albania.
KORBECI German, Albanian
German name for Korb "basket" changed over time to Korbeci
KOTTI Albanian
Kottie or Kotte
Meaning unknown.
LAZAMI Albanian
Meaning unknown.
MUJUSHI Albanian
Meaning unknown.
MUSTAFI Albanian, German (Rare)
Means "the chosen one"
NASKA Albanian (Rare)
Present in Albania before 1900'.
Nimanbegu or Nimani , given "beg" from Turks in Ottoman Empire
NUHIJI Albanian
Meaning unknown.
ORA Albanian (Modern, Rare), Various
Means "time" in Albanian. A famous bearer is British singer RITA Ora (b. 1990).
OSMANI Albanian
Very common last name in Albania and in the rest of Europe to
PASHA Albanian, Ottoman Turkish (Anglicized), Turkish (Anglicized)
Pasha or pascha (Ottoman Turkish: پاشا‎, Turkish: paşa), formerly anglicized as bashaw, was a higher rank in the Ottoman Empire political and military system, typically granted to governors, generals and dignitaries and others... [more]
PECIC Albanian
Derived from the name of the small town Peja (Pec) in western Kosovo. Most likely given to the inhabitants of the town and their descedents.
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