Estonian Submitted Surnames

Estonian names are used in the country of Estonia in northern Europe.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
HARMA     Finnish, Estonian
Anglicized form of either Härma or Haarma. The former is a locational surname referring to places in Estonia and Finland. The latter means 'gray' in Finnish.
IGARIK     Estonian
Estonian Spelled Igarik was originally spelled Iggarik.
ILVES     Estonian
Taken from the word ilves meaning "lynx", it probably designated someone who had lynx-like characteristics or was otherwise associated with the animal.
KARNER     Estonian
Kärner is a common Estonian surname (meaning "gardener").
KASK     Estonian
Estonian location based surname from the word kask meaning "birch tree" and probably designating someone who lived near such a tree.
KIRSIPUU     Estonian
Common Estonian surname, taken from the word kirsipuu, meaning "cherrytree".
KIVI     Estonian
From the word kivi, meaning "stone".
KÕIV     Estonian
Kõiv is an Estonian surname which means "birch" in Võro, a dialect of Estonian.... [more]
KRAANVELT     Estonian
Kraanvelt was a surname granted to descendants of Toomas (b. 1686) and Kai (b. 1692)who lived in Kure farm,under Kiiu estate in Kuusalu parish, Estonia. ... [more]
KUUL     Estonian
LEPP     Estonian
Very common Estonian surname, meaning "alder".
LILLE     Estonian
From the Estonian word lilled which means "flower"
LINN     Scottish, Scots, English, Irish, German, Jewish, Finnish (Anglicized), Estonian
As a Scottish and Northern English surname, it is a variant of Lyne. Its usage as an English name is primarily by Scots living in Northern England.... [more]
MADE     Estonian
Patronymic surname taken either from the female name Magdaleena or the male name Matteus.
MÄGI     Estonian
Estonian surname from the word mägi meaning "hill".
OJA     Estonian
From the Estonian word oja, meaning "creek".
PÄÄSUKE     Estonian
Means "swallow", taken from the Estonian word.
PÄRN     Estonian
Taken from the word pärn meaning "linden tree", it may also be linked to the Estonian city of Pärnu. It is the fifteenth most common surname in Estonia.
RÄTSEP     Estonian
Rätsep means ''tailor'' in Estonian.
REBANE     Estonian
From the word rebane meaning "fox", it was originally given to someone perceived to possess fox-like characteristics.
SAAR     Estonian
From the word saar, meaning either "island" or "ash tree" and designating someone who lived near one or both such locations.
SEPP     Estonian
Occupational surname from the Estonian word sepp meaning "smith".
TAMM     Estonian
Location based surname from the word tamm meaning either "oak tree" or "dam (as of a river)". It is the second most common surname in Estonia.
VAGULA     Estonian, Brazilian
Vagula is the name of a village and a lake in Võru Parish, Võru County in southern Estonia.
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