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These names are used by Hebrew speakers. See also about Jewish names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ANTURY     Greek, Hebrew
Haifa, Israel.... [more]
ASHER     Hebrew
From the Hebrew given name Asher.
ASHKENAZI     Hebrew, Jewish
From the name of a kingdom referenced in the Hebrew Bible named Ashkenaz, also used to refer to Jews living in Europe or Slavic countries. The name itself is mostly likely derived from Assyrian Aškūza, in turn, the Assyrians probably based the name off of that of the Scythians.
AZULAY     Hebrew
Variant of Azoulay.
BAR     Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Bar, means "son" or "grain, cereal" referring to a grain cleaned of its chaff; clean, pure; wild, outside, in the nature.
BARASCH     Hebrew
Acronym of the first two letters for the Hebrew phrase "son of the Rabbi Samuel." Bar Rabbi Schmul
BAR HAIM     Hebrew
Combination of Bar and Haim, with the meaning of "son of Chayyim".
BARKAI     Hebrew
Means ''morning star'' in Hebrew.
BAR YOSEF     Hebrew
Combination of Bar and Yosef, with the meaning of "son of Joseph".
BARZELAI     Hebrew
Variant form of Barzilai.
BARZELAY     Hebrew
Variant form of Barzilai via Barzelai. A known bearer of this surname is American-Israeli musician Eef Barzelay (b. 1970).
BARZILAI     Hebrew
Thought by some to be a patronymic surname meaning "son of Zilai", but this is actually incorrect. The surname actually derives from Barzillai, the name of a character from the Talmud. His name meant "man of iron" or "iron-hearted", derived from Hebrew barzel "iron"... [more]
BARZILAY     Hebrew
Variant form of Barzilai.
BEN-AHARON     Hebrew
Means "son of Aaron" in Hebrew.
BEN ARI     Hebrew
Means "son of Ari (1)" in Hebrew.
BEN ASHER     Hebrew
Means "son of Asher" in Hebrew.
BEN DAVID     Hebrew
Means "son of David" in Hebrew.
BEN HAIM     Hebrew
Means "son of Chayyim" in Hebrew.
BEN SHIMON     Hebrew
Means "son of Shimon" in Hebrew.
BEN SIMON     Hebrew
Means "son of Simon" or "son of Shimon" in Hebrew.
BEN YOSEF     Hebrew
Means "son of Yosef" in Hebrew.
BEN ZE’EV     Hebrew
Means "son of Ze'ev", a Hebrew form of Wolfson.
BEN ZION     Hebrew
Means "son of Zion" in Hebrew.
DIAMANT     Hebrew, Jewish
Jewish surname derived from French and German diamant meaning "diamond", used to denote a jeweler.
GERSHON     English, Hebrew
Hebrew One of the tribes of Israel ... [more]
GOLDBERG     German, Hebrew
German Jewish, meaning Gold Mountain.
GURSULTUR     Jewish (Latinized), Kurdish, Hebrew
This name is a composition of the following words: GUR; Hebrew for "lion cub", SUL; which is an abbreviation of Suleman (Kurdish for king Solomon), TUR; this word is derived from the Arba'ah Turim. The Arbaáh Turim are often called simply the Tur, which is an important Halakhic code.... [more]
HAIM     Hebrew, Jewish
From the given name Haim (see Chayyim).
HASSON     Hebrew (Modern)
Means "sturdy" or "strong" in Hebrew, it is not related to the Arabic name Hasan.
INBAR     Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Inbar, means "amber" in Hebrew.
ISRAEL     Hebrew
From the name Israel.
JEHLE     Hebrew
Jehle-Romanov surname was given name of monarchical leaders over the areas of eastern Eurasia known as Russia and all Russia's yet upon revolution family erroneously reported all dead. Most family of Alexander died while remaining in Russia, while those whom escaped circa 1880 survived... [more]
JOSEPH     Hebrew, English, Dutch, Yiddish
From Ioseph, the Latin form of Greek Ιωσηφ (Ioseph), which was from the Hebrew name יוֹסֵף (Yosef) meaning "he will add". In the Old Testament, Joseph is the eleventh son of Jacob. Because he was the favourite of his father, his older brothers sent him to Egypt and told their father that he had died... [more]
KOREN     Slovene, Hebrew
Koren is a surname which has multiple origins. Koren may be a variant of the German occupational surname Korn, meaning a dealer in grain. Alternatively, it may be a variant of the Greek female name Kora... [more]
MANOR     Hebrew
Means "loom" or "weaving" in Hebrew.
MARGULIS     Hebrew
Margulis is a surname that is derived from the Ashkenazi Hebrew pronunciation of the Hebrew word מרגלית (Israeli Hebrew /maʁɡaˈlit/), meaning 'pearl,'
MEIRON     Hebrew
Variant of Miron.
MIZRAHI     Hebrew, Jewish
From Hebrew מִזְרָחִי (mizrakhí) meaning "East, eastern", itself from מִזְרָח (mizrakh) "east".
MOR     Hebrew (Modern)
From the given name Mor, means "myrrh" in Hebrew.
MORAN     Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
From the given name Moran.
NAZARETH     Hebrew
From the Hebrew for "To guard."
NEMIROV     Russian, Hebrew, Ukrainian
Name derived from the city of Nemirov in Ukraine, The city was named after its founder, Prince Nemir.
NESSIM     Spanish, Jewish, Hebrew
Hebrew for 'miracles'. Name was originally Bar-Nisim; 'Children of the Miricle'
PRIEL     Hebrew
Means "the fruit of god"
RAVIV     Hebrew
From Hebrew רָבִיב (raviv) meaning "droplet, rain, drizzle".
SHAKED     Hebrew
Means Almond in Hebrew
SHALEV     Hebrew
Transferred use of the given name Shalev meaning "calm, tranquil"; more commonly used as a surname.
SHALIT     Hebrew
Hebrew: שַׁלִּיט‎ šallīt meaning "ruler"
SHEMTOV     Hebrew (Modern)
Means "good name", derived from Hebrew שם (shem) means "name" and טוב (tov) means "good".
SHOSHAN     Hebrew
Variant of Shushan.
SIMANTOV     Hebrew (Modern)
Means "good sign", derived from Hebrew סימן (siman) means "sign" and טוב (tov) means "good".
TAMIR     Hebrew
from the given name Tamir. Tamir means Tall.
WEINSTOCK     English, German, Hebrew
This surname of WEINSTOCK is the English variant of the German surname WENSTOCK, an occupational name for a producer or seller of wine, derived originally from the Old German WEIN. The name was also adopted by Ashkenazic Jews, largely recollecting the prominence of wine in the Jewish Scriptures and its used in Jewish ceremonies... [more]
YANKELOVITCH     Russian, Hebrew
Yankelovich is Russian for 'son of Jacob', VITCH/VICH means 'son of'.
YARDENI     Hebrew (Modern)
Means "of Jordan (2)" in Hebrew.
YOMTOV     Hebrew (Modern)
Means "good day", derived from Hebrew יום (yom) means "day" and טוב (tov) means "good".
YOSEF     Hebrew
From the given name Yosef.
ZOHAR     Hebrew
Derived from the the given name Zohar meaning "light, brilliance" in Hebrew.
ZUARETZ     Hebrew (Modern)
Means "this land" in Hebrew, also Hebrew form of Suárez.
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