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Italian names are used in Italy and other Italian-speaking regions such as southern Switzerland. See also about Italian names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
DI FRANCESCO     Italian
Literally means "of Francis," and therefore may also mean "son of Francis."
DILEO     Italian
Southern Italian Surname.
DI MAGGIO     Italian
Came from a child who was born in the month of May. The surname Maggio is derived from the Italian word Maggio, which literally means the month of May.
DIMARCO     Italian
means "son of Marco" in italian
DIMARIA     Italian
Variant of Demaria.
DIMEGLIO     Italian
First used in Venice, Italy
DIMERCURIO     Italian
DiMercurio is an alternate spelling of Di Mercurio.
DI MOZE     Italian
Means "son of Moze" in Italian.
DIPAOLO     Italian
means "son of Paolo" in Italian
DI PEGO     Italian
the origin of di Pego is unknown, but translates to 'I caught', in Italian.... [more]
DISANTIS     Italian
Variant of DISANTO
DIVITA     Italian
Derives from the word vita meaning "life".
DONATELLI     Italian
Patronymic from a pet form of Donato.
DONATO     Italian
From the medieval personal name Donato (Latin Donatus, past participle of donare, frequentative of dare "to give"). It was the name of a 4th-century Italian bishop martyred in c. 350 under Julian the Apostate, as well as various other early saints, and a 4th-century grammarian and commentator on Virgil, widely respected in the Middle Ages as a figure of great learning.
DRAGONETTI     Italian
Diminutive of drago or dragone "dragon".
DRAMIS     Italian, Spanish (Latin American)
Not just a surname in Italy; it can also be found in Argentina and Brazil.... [more]
ELARDO     Italian
Possibly from a variant of the Germanic personal name Ilardo (see Ilardi).
EVOLA     Italian
Perhaps a topographic name from ebbio ‘danewort’ (Sambucus ebulus), from Latin ebullus, or possibly a habitational name from a minor place named with this word.
FABIANI     Italian
Patronymic or plural form of Fabiano, comes from the given name Fabian.
FABIANO     Italian
Comes from the personal name Fabiano, a derivative of Fabian.
FACENTE     Italian
Nickname for an industrious person, from Latin facere "to make" "to do".
FALOTICO     Italian
From southern Italian falotico ‘eccentric’, ‘strange’, Greek kephalōtikos, a derivative of Greek kephalē ‘head’.
FALSO     Italian
Not much history is known for Falso however, it was common surrounding Napoli, Lazio, Latin, and Roma. It means False, phony, fake. Because of this, the surname has spread globally especially to United States of America and Brazil... [more]
FANTAUZZO     Italian
From the medieval word "fante," meaning infant or child.
FANTOZZI     Italian
From a derivative of Fante.
FARACI     Sicilian
Patronymic from farace; deriving from Arab farag.
FARANA     Italian, Sicilian
Variant of Farano.
FARANO     Italian, Sicilian
Possibly deriving from a town Faranò in province of Messina, Sicily. Possible variant of Surname faran which comes from Irish surnames Ó Fearáin, Ó Faracháin, or Ó Forannáin.
FARIA     Portuguese, Italian
Faria is a Portuguese surname. A habitational name from either of two places called Faria, in Braga and Aveiro. ... [more]
FARIZA     Italian
Original from Rome, Roman conquerors went to Iberia in about 140 B.C. and named a town in Iberia Fariza which was a tree. This town still exists today, and was also mentioned in the book 'El Cid'... [more]
FATA     Italian
Derived from fata "fairy" or a variant of FATO.
FAUSETT     Italian
Man with Falsetto voice.
FAVARO     Italian
it is the regional venetian variant of Fabbri, it means "blacksmith"
FAZIO     Italian
From the given name Bonifazio.
FERRANDINO     Italian
Derived from the masculine given name Ferrandino, which is a diminutive of the medieval Italian given name Ferrando. For more information about this, please see the entry for the patronymic surname of Ferrando.... [more]
FERRANDO     Italian, Spanish
This surname can be derived from a given name (thus making it a patronymic surname) as well as from a nickname (thus making it a descriptive surname). In the case of a patronymic surname, the surname is derived from the medieval masculine given name Ferrando, which was in use in both Italy and Spain during the Middle Ages... [more]
FERRANTE     Italian
This surname can be derived from a given name (thus making it a patronymic surname) as well as from a nickname (thus making it a descriptive surname). In the case of a patronymic surname, the surname is derived from the medieval masculine given name Ferrante... [more]
FERRANTINO     Italian
Derived from the masculine given name Ferrantino, which is a diminutive of the medieval Italian given name Ferrante. For more information about this, please see the entry for the patronymic surname of Ferrante.
FERRARIS     Italian (Latinized, Modern)
Variation of the italian surname "Ferrari". Means Smith but in plural.
FILIPPELLI     Italian
Means "Son of Filippo." Italian form of Phillips.
FILOSA     Italian
Southern Italian: Probably an occupational nickname for a fisherman, from Sicilian filuòsa ‘fishing net’. Also from the subphylum: Filosa. These are known as euglyphids, filose (which means stringy or thread-like), amoebae with shells of siliceous scales or plates, which are commonly found in soils, nutrient-rich waters, and on aquatic plants.
FISCHIONI     Italian (Rare)
Possibly deriving from fischiare, meaning to whistle, or from fischioni, the Italian word for widgeons.
FOLIGNO     Italian
Derived from the Latin word folium "leaf"
FOLLADORI     Italian
It is the italian variant of the british surname WALKER.... [more]
FONTECCHIO     Italian
Habitational name from Fontecchio in Aquila province or a topographic name from a diminutive of fonte meaning "spring".
FORLAN     Friulian
It's a toponymic and it means born in Cividale del Friuli (north of Italy).
FORMICA     Italian
This surname is also spanish and it means "ant". it could indicate a person that is short and thin but works hard an constantly.... [more]
Little ant
FORTE     Italian
Italian word for "Strong"
FRANCESCO     Italian
From the given name Francesco.
FRANCESE     Italian
Ethnic name for a Frenchman.
I believe the first element is FRANCO, just don't know what the other element is.
FRASCATORE     Italian (Rare)
Meaning uncertain. It is possibly derived from (or related to) Italian frasca meaning "bough, branch", which might possibly indicate that the surname had first started out as a nickname for someone who worked as a woodcutter or as a forester... [more]
FRUSCIANTE     Italian
Derived from the Italian adjective frusciante meaning "rustling, swishing, whishing", which itself is derived from the Italian verb frusciare meaning "to rustle, to swish, to whish". The surname had probably started out as a nickname for someone who made a rustling or whishing sound whenever they walked, which was probably caused by the clothes that they were wearing (in that the clothes must have been made of a certain fabric that is prone to making some noise when touched in any way).... [more]
FUCCI     Italian
From the plural of Fuccio, a short form of any of various personal names with a root ending in -f (as for example Rodolfo, Gandolfo) to which has been attached the hypocoristic suffix -uccio, or alternatively from a reduced form of a personal name such as Fantuccio, Feduccio.
GABRIELE     Italian
From the personal name Gabriele, Italian form of Gabriel.
GAGLIANO     Italian
Habitational name from a few places in Italy, which all derived from the Latin personal name Gallius
GALANTE     Italian, French, Jewish
Comes from the ancient French word "galant" meaning someone in love or who has fun. In the case of Mordecai Galante, a Spanish exile in 16th century Rome, his courteous manners won for him from the Roman nobles the surname "Galantuomo" (gentleman), from which Galante was eventually derived.... [more]
GALASSO     Italian
Italianized from GALAHAD.
GAMBINO     Italian
from a diminutive of gamba ‘leg’, probably applied as a nickname for someone with short legs.
GARBO     Italian
Either (i) from the via del Garbo, the name of a street in Florence that in former times was the place of work of spinners, weavers, etc. of lana del Garbo "wool from the Algarve" in Portugal; or (ii) probably from a medieval Italian nickname for an urbane or well-mannered person (from Italian garbo "polite, kind")... [more]
GARRIE     Italian
GELSO     Italian
Means MULBERRY in Italian
GELSOMINO     Italian
From the Italian word gelsomino, meaning "jasmine"
GERMANOTTA     Italian
Possibly derived from Germano by adding a diminutive suffix. Most common in the Messina area in Sicily. A famous bearer of the surname is singer Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta).
GHEZZI     Italian
Patronymic or plural form of a nickname from Old Italian ghezzo ‘dark’
From a compound personal name composed of Gianni + Francesco.
GIARRATANA     Italian
Sicilian habitational name from a place so named in Ragusa.
GIGLIO     Italian
From the personal name Giglio, from giglio "lily" (from Latin lilium), a plant considered to symbolize the qualities of candor and purity.
GILCA     Romanian, Italian
Meaning unknown.
GILIO     Italian
Tuscany. One variation of the surname Giglio meaning ""lily"". ... [more]
GIOÈ     Italian
This is a short form of given name GIOELE used as surname.
GIRONDA     Italian
Possibly from a variant of Italian ghironda ‘barrel-organ’.
GIUDICE     Italian
Occupational name for an officer of justice, Italian giudice " judge" (Latin iudex, from ius "law" + dicere "to say"). In some cases it may have been applied as a nickname for a solemn and authoritative person thought to behave like a judge.
GIUNTOLI     Italian
Comes from a derivative of Giunta.
GOLA     Italian
Topographic name from gola "mountain hollow, cavity".
GONELLA     Italian
Means "short skirt," in Italian, as in a piece of armor.
GORGA     Italian
Topographic name from Sicilian gorga, Catalan gorg(a) ‘place where water collects’, ‘mill pond’, ‘gorge’.
GRANAROLO     Italian
It means bread baker.
GRANATA     Italian
Granata is an Italian word for a shade of red (maroon), and the Latin name of the city of Granada.
GRANATO     Italian
Occupational name for a jeweler or lapidary, from granato "garnet".
GRANDE     Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Nickname for someone of large stature, from grande "tall, large".
GREGORI     Italian
Patronymic or plural form of Gregorio.
GRIFFO     Italian
From grifo "gryphon" (Latin gryphus, Greek gryps, of Assyrian origin), hence a nickname for someone thought to resemble the mythical beast.
GUADAGNINO     Italian
It came from Italian word guadagno which means "earnings" and has a diminutive suffix ino which is also an occupation suffix.
GUÀRDIA     Catalan, Spanish, Italian
Catalan, Spanish, and Italian from Catalan guàrdia, Spanish and Italian guardia ‘guard’, ‘watch’, a topographic name for someone who lived by a watch place, an occupational name for a member of the town guard, or a habitational name from any of the numerous places named (La) Guardia.
GUCCIARDO     Italian
From the personal name Gucciardo, a revival of French Guichard, of Germanic origin, probably composed of the elements wig 'battle' or wisa 'experience' + hard 'strong', 'brave', 'hardy'.
GUIDETTI     Italian
Derived from the given name GUIDO.
GULOTTA     Italian
Italian: from the female personal name, a pet form of Gulla.
HERMIDILLA     Filipino (Latinized, Rare, Archaic), Italian (Latinized, Modern, Rare)
Hermidilla is originated from Batangas province in Southern Tagalog region in the Philippines during the Spanish colony.... [more]
IADANZA     Italian
Of Italian origin, and a (currently) unknown meaning.... [more]
IAVARONE     Italian
Possibly from a shortened form of the personal name Ianni + varone, a variant of barone ‘baron’; literally ‘baron John’.
IENCA     Italian (Rare)
Allegedly derived from Italian giovenca "heifer". A heifer is a young cow that has not yet had a calf. Mount Jenca and Jenca Valley are located near Gran Sasso d'Italia in the Abruzzo region in Italy.
INFANTE     Italian
Nickname for someone with a childlike disposition, from infante "child" (Latin infans, literally "one who cannot speak").
INGA     Italian
Italian name, however probably Germanic origins
INQUIETI     Italian (Rare)
would like to know if any one out there has heard of this name and what part of italy it comes from gt grand father corneluse inquiete/i came to england from parma italy in 1872/4 age 37/8 married in 1875... [more]
INSALACO     Italian
A surname in Sicily. Believed to come from the word Salaco an occupational name for a tanner in Arabic.
KUTZ     Italian
Habitational name for someone from Kuhz, near Prenzlau.
LABARBERA     Italian
LABARBERO     Italian
Variant of LaBarbera.
LAGHI     Italian
Possibly originated to denote someone from the Italian town of Laghi.
LAMALFA     Sicilian
Variant of Malfa, most probably a habitational name for someone from Malfa on the island of Salina (Messina), although the name has also been linked with Amalfi in Salerno and Melfi in Potenza.
LAMANTIA     Italian
Italian:vail, the last name of a general in Palrmo, Sicily, Italy.
LA MARCA     Italian
Means 'the mark' in Italian.
LARCELLA     Italian
Variation of Lauricella, from a pet form of Laura.
LAROSA     Italian
Means "rose" in italian.
LAROSE     Italian
Topographic name for someone who lived at a place where wild roses grew; or a habitational name from a town house bearing the sign of a rose. It may also have been a nickname for a man with a ‘rosy’ complexion, as well as a nickname of a soldier... [more]
LATINA     Italian
From a feminine form of Latino.
LATINO     Italian
From the medieval personal name Latino, originally an ethnic name for someone of Latin as opposed to Germanic, Byzantine or Slavic descent.
LATTANZIO     Italian
My great-great grandmother's name was Patrizia Maria Lattanzio. After she passed and my Great-grandmother sent my grandmother to America, the officials mis-spelled her name on her documents and the last name was shortened to Lattanzi... [more]
LAURICELLA     Italian
From the pet form of Laura.
LAVECCHIA     Italian
Means "Old Lady"
LEGORE     Italian
Possibly Italian, a nickname for a fleet-footed or timid person, from a northern variant of lepre "hare". However, only the plural form Legori is attested in Italian records.
LENCIONI     Italian
Italian. My family is from the Tuscany region of Lucca.
LEO     Italian
Nickname for a fierce or brave warrior, from Latin leo meaning "lion".
LEO     Italian
From a short form of the personal name Pantaleo.
LEONARDI     Italian
Patronymic or plural form of the personal name Leonardo.
LEONARDO     Italian, Spanish, German
Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese from the Germanic personal name Leonhard, formed from the elements leo ‘lion’ + hard, ‘hardy’, ‘brave’, ‘strong’; this was an early medieval saint’s name (see Leonard).
LIBRIZZI     Italian
Habitational name from Librizzi in Messina province, Sicily.
LIMBO     Italian
It comes from latin word "limbus". It has religious origin.... [more]
LISERANI     Italian
A famous bearer is Italian-born American actor Gino Corrado Liserani (1893 - 1982), who went by Gino Corrado on film
LOBIANCO     Italian
Derived from the words lo "the" and bianco "white".
LOGLISCI     Italian
My grandfather's family name who were from Gravina di Puglia
LO MÀGLIO     Italian
Literally means "the hammer." However, "the" would normally be represented as "il" in Italian, in this case.
LOMENZO     Italian
From Sicilian "menzo" meaning middle.
LONARDO     Italian
Variant of Leonardo, characteristic of central–southern Italy.
LO RE     Italian
LO RICCO     Italian
Originally Spanish but of Italian origin for at least 7 generations. My branch of the family are residing in Australia but many remain in Italy and quite a few in the USA
LOVATO     Italian
Northern Italian from the Late Latin personal name Lupatus, derivative of Latin lupus "wolf". This is one of several medieval personal names which became popular under the influence of Germanic compound personal names formed with wolf-.
LUCA     Italian
Variant of De Luca.
LUCCA     Italian
A habitational name from Lucca Sicula in Agrigento province, Sicily, which was called simply Lucca until 1863. It was probably originally named with a Celtic element meaning ‘marshy.’
LUCCI     Italian
Patronymic or plural form of Luccio, a reduced form of a personal name formed with this suffix.
LUCÍA     Spanish, Italian
From the feminine personal name Lucia, feminine derivative of Latin lux meaning "light".
LUDOVICO     Italian
From the Italian first name LUDOVICO.
MACCHIA     Italian
Topographic name from Italian macchia "thicket", "scrub" (from Latin macula) and Habitational name from any of various places named Macchia, as for example Macchia in Trapani province, Sicily.
Variant of MACCHIA.
MACCINI     Italian
Patronymic from a diminutive of the given name MACCIO.
MACHI     Sicilian
Unexplained. It may be from the Albanian personal name Maqo. Derivation from a Greek name ending in -akis, which has been suggested, is implausible.
MACHIA     Italian
Variant of Italian Macchia.
MACORIG     Italian
An italian surname that in fact comes from slovene minority near Udine, it should be written Macoric'... [more]
MADONIA     Italian
Habitational name from any of numerous places named Madonia, or a regional name for someone from Madonie in Sicily.
MADONNA     Italian
From the person name Madonna, from donna meaning "lady", bestowed in honor of the Virgin Mary.
MAFFIA     Italian
Variant of Mattia.
MAGGIO     Italian
From a nickname or personal name from the month of May, maggio, from Latin Maius (mensis), from Maia, a rather obscure goddess of fertility, whose name is derived from the same root as maius "larger" and maiestas "greatness"... [more]
MAGGIORI     Italian
Recorded in many spelling forms including the 'base' form of Maggi, and the diminutives and double diminutives Maggiore, Maggiori, Di Maggio, Maggorini, and many others, this is an Italian surname of Roman (Latin) origins... [more]
MALIZIA     Italian
Italian. Literal translation is the english noun: "Malice".... [more]
MAMELI     Italian
Possibly from latin surname Mamelius. A famous bearer was Goffredo Mameli, author of the italian national anthem.
MANDATO     Italian
mandato is the past tense of send in italian-such as "i sent a letter or message"
MANDIA     Italian
Southern Italian (Campania): unexplained.
MANGANI     Italian
Possibly an Italian variant of Mangan.
MANISCALCO     Italian
It means 'blacksmith' in Italian. The variant Maniscalchi is the plural.
MANNAZZU     Sardinian (Archaic), Sicilian (Rare, Archaic), Corsican (Modern, Rare), Italian (Rare)
It came from the Ancient Nuraghi people. the Nuraghi people inhabited southern Corsica and northern and central Sardinia.
MARANO     Italian
Habitational name from any of various places named with the Latin personal name Marius and the suffix -anu.
MARCHI     Italian
Patronymic or plural form of Marco.
MARCHIONE     Italian
Nickname from marchione ‘marquis’, from medieval Latin marchio, genitive marchionis, from Germanic marka ‘borderland’
MARCO     Spanish, Italian
From the personal name Marco, from Latin Marcus (see Mark).
MARIGLIANO     Italian
From the town of Marigliano (near naples)
MARRERO     Italian, Spanish
Maker of spades or hoes. Marra spade
MARTELLO     Italian
Southern Italian: nickname for someone with a forceful personality, from Italian martèllo ‘hammer’ (Late Latin martellus), or a metonymic occupational name for someone who used a hammer in their work.
MARTINI     Italian
Patronymic form of Martino.
MARTINO     Italian
From the personal name Martino (see Martin).
MASERATI     Italian
Most notably the Italian luxury car manufacturer Maserati, founded in Bologna, Italy all the way back in December 1914.
The meaning is Mastro-"master" of the- monico"-monastery."
Mastrorilli is an Italian surname.
MATASSA     Italian
Occupational name for a producer of silk, from Sicilian matassa "hank", "skein", also the name of a type of silk (cf. METAXAS).
MATERA     Italian
Habitational name from Matera in Basilicata region.
MATTA     Italian
From a feminine form of MATTO.
MATTEI     Italian
Patronymic or plural form MATTEO. The Mattei family was a powerful noble family in Rome during the Middle Ages.
MAURI     Italian, Catalan
Patronymic or plural form of Mauro and patronymic name from the personal name Mauri, from Latin Maurus.
MAZZARINO     Italian
A diminutive of Mazzaro, an Italian surname meaning "mace-bearer".
MECONE     Italian (Modern, Rare)
Giuseppe Meconi (Febuary 1860-April 21,1921) was born in San Massimo, Campbasso Province, Italy. Giuseppe arrived in Pennsylvania, United States in the late 1880s and married Elizabeth Magyar in 1885... [more]
MEDICI     Italian
Patronymic or plural form of MEDICO. Medici is the family name of one of Italy's most powerful families.
MEDICO     Italian
Occupational name for a physician, Italian medico (Latin medicus, from medere "to heal").
MELILLO     Spanish, Italian
describing someone who worked on an apple orchard,harvesting and selling apples from the italian mela
MESSI     African, Arabic, Italian
Famous bearer of this surname is Lionel Messi (born 1987-), an Argentinian footballer of Italian descent.
MESSINA     Italian
Habitational name from the Sicilian city Messina. It was named Messana in the 5th century bc when it was captured by Anaxilaos of Rhegium; previously it had been known as Zancle.
METALLO     Italian
From the Greek vocabulary word metallo "metal", used as a nickname for a miner or for someone with a clear or metallic tone of voice.
MIANO     Italian
Habitational name from Miano in Naples, Parma, and Teramo; Miane in Treviso; or Mian in Belluno.
MICALE     Italian
Popular in Italy.
MICELLI     Italian
Beacon, torch, light
MIELE     Italian
It means "honey" in Italian.
MIGNOGNA     Italian
In part a Southern Italian a habitational name from Mignogna, a minor place in Foggia province.
MINELLA     Italian
Southern Italian, from a pet form of the female personal name Mina, a short form of Guglielmina, Giacomina, etc.
MINELLI     Italian
Patronymic or plural form of Minello, a pet form of the personal name Mino, which is a short form of a personal name formed with the hypocoristic suffix -mino, such as Adimino, Giacomino, Guglielmino, etc.
MIOLA     Italian
MODAFFARI     Italian
Nickname from Arabic muzaffar "victorious".
MODAFFERI     Italian
Variant of MODAFFARI.
MODENA     Italian, Judeo-Italian
Italian and Jewish (from Italy) habitational name from the city of Modena in Emilia-Romagna.
MOLINARO     Italian
The surname Molinaro is a name for a person who owned, managed, or worked in a mill deriving its origin from the Italian word "molino," which meant mill.
MOLINAROLO     Italian
Probably from a person's occupation, with molino/mulino meaning "mill" in Italian. The second part may come from rullo, meaning "a roller" or "I roll."
MONACO     Italian
Nickname for someone of monkish habits or appearance, or an occupational name for a servant employed at a monastery, from Italian monaco "monk" (from Greek monachos "monk", "solitary").
MONTALBANO     Italian
Habitational name from Montalbano di Elicona in northeastern Sicily (earlier simply Montalbano), Montalbano Jonico (Matera province), or the district of Montalbano in Fasano, Brindisi.
MONTAPERTO     Italian
My father tells me this name means "open mountain." It seems to have come from a small area around Agrigento in Sicily, Italy.
MONTEFIORE     Italian, Jewish
Derived from Montefiore, which is the name of several places in Italy. For example, there is Castle Montefiore in the town of Recanati (province of Macerata), the municipality of Montefiore Conca (province of Rimini) and the municipality of Montefiore dell'Aso (province of Ascoli Piceno)... [more]
MONTEVERDE     Italian
Habitational name from any of various places called Monteverde, for example in Avellino province, from monte meaning "mountain" + verde meaning "green".
MONTEVERDI     Italian
Derived from Italian monte meaning "mountain" and verdi meaning "green"; literally means "green mountain".
MONTISCI     Italian
Originated in Sardinia, Italy in the 17th century given to fishermen
MONTIVERDI     Italian
Green Mountain
MONZO     Italian
Possibly a variant of Monsu, which may be an occupational name for a cook, Calabrian munsu, or a nickname or title from Milanese monsu ‘sir’, ‘lord’, ‘gentleman’.
MORELLI     Italian
Patronymic / plural form of Morello.
MORTICELLI     Italian
Means "died small" in Italian.
MOSCATELLI     Italian
The name Moscatelli has its origins in a type of grape called Moscatel. This grape has its origin in ancient Egypt or Greece, but it was in Italy that it became famous. Here the farmers that planted the grape became known as the Moscatelli.
MOSCATI     Italian
Possibly a variant of Moscato.
MOSCATO     Italian
Variant of the personal name Muscato, also Americanized spelling of Greek Moskatos, a metonymic occupational name for a grower of muscat grapes.
MOSELE     Italian, German (Austrian)
This surname is to be found in north-eastern Italy, more specifically in the Vicenza and Verona provinces. Families with this name are certain to be originally from the mountain town of Asiago, situated on a plateau north of Vicenza and now a well-known skiing resort... [more]
MUCCIARONE     Italian
From an augmentative form of the dimunitive suffix -muccio short form of pet names ending in -muccio such as ANSELMUCCIO or GIACOMUCCIO.
MUCCIO     Italian
Short form of pet names ending in -muccio such as Anselmuccio or Giacomuccio.
MUSCOLINO     Italian
don't know
MUZIO     Italian (Rare)
Northern Italian from a medieval personal name derived from the Latin personal name Mucius or Mutius.
NAPELLO     Italian
a nickname taken from the plantname Aconitum napellus, possibly for someone with a 'venerous' character (because the plant is venerous)
NAPOLITANO     Italian
Originally indicated a person from Napoli (Naples) in Italy.
NATTI     Italian
from the Latin name Nattius
NEGRO     Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Jewish
Nickname or ethnic name from negro "black" (Latin niger), denoting someone with dark hair or a dark complexion.
NEGRO     Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Jewish
From a medieval continuation of the Latin personal name Niger.
NEGRONI     Italian
Variant of Negrini
NICOLINI     Italian
patronymic from Nicolino, a pet form of Nicola
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