Medieval German Submitted Surnames

These names were used by medieval German peoples.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
COENSMedieval German
Variation of Coen. A diminutive of Konrad/Conrad, an old German Emperor's name (compare its Dutch form 'Coenraad'). The surname, thus, means "of, from, or belonging to Conrad/Konrad". The name Conrad comes from the Old High German word Kuonrat, meaning literally "bold in counsel".... [more]
DINGFELDERMedieval German (Rare, Archaic)
When surnames were finally adopted, family heads who originated from Thungfeld in the Steigerwald area of Mittelfranken, took the name of their traditional home area.
STEINAUERMedieval German
Dweller at or near a stone or rock, often a boundary mark; one who came from Stein, in Germany and Switzerland; descendant of Staino or Stein ("stone").... [more]
WALDRONMedieval German, Old Norman, Scottish Gaelic, English (British)
Derived from the German compound wala-hran, literally "wall raven", but originally meaning "strong bird". Also derived from the Gaelic wealdærn, meaning "forest dwelling", thought to be derived from the Sussex village of Waldron... [more]
WENDLERMedieval German
derived from a German word meaning to wander or wanderer
ZUFALLMedieval German
A German name from the Middle High German "zuoval," meaning "benefit," "coincidence" or "windfall." It was a nickname for a lucky person, most likely a person to whom a plot of land had been given... [more]