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Scandinavian names are used in the Scandinavia region of northern Europe. For more specific lists, see Swedish names, Danish names and Norwegian names. See also about Scandinavian names.
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SJUNNESSON     Swedish
Means "son of SJUNNE".
SKARSGÅRD     Swedish (Rare)
Allegedly a habitational name derived from Skärlöv, a village located on the island of Öland, Kalmar County, Sweden. The name of the village is, according to very uncertain sources, said to mean Skares gård "Skare's farm"... [more]
SKARSTAD     Norwegian
From a farm named Skarstad
SKAU     Norwegian
Means "Forest" in Norwegian.
SKELTON     English, German, Norwegian (Rare)
Habitational name from places in Cumbria and Yorkshire, England, originally named with the same elements as Shelton, but with a later change of ‘s’ to ‘sk’ under Scandinavian influence.
SKOG     Norwegian, Swedish
Means "forest" in Norwegian and Swedish.
SKOV     Danish
Means "forest" or "woods" in Danish.
SMED     Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
Scandinavian cognate of Smith.
SÖDER     Swedish
Swedish surname meaning "south".
SÖDERBERG     Swedish
Swedish ornamental name. A combination of söder "south" and berg "mountain".
SÖDERLUND     Swedish
Swedish ornamental name. A combination of söder "south" and lund "grove".
SÖDERMAN     Swedish
From Swedish söder "south" and man "man".
SÖDERSTRÖM     Swedish
Swedish ornamental name. A combination of söder "south" and ström "stream".
SØGÅRD     Danish
Means "sea farm" indicating a farmstead near the sea or open water.
SOLHEIM     Norwegian
Means "home of the sun" in Norwegian. A combination of sol "sun" and heim "home".... [more]
Habitational name from sønder "southern" and gård "enclosure", "farm".
Means "southern farm."
SØRENSDATTER     Danish, Norwegian
Strictly feminine patronymic of Søren.
SORLIE     Norwegian
Habitational name from a common farm name, Sørli, composed of the elements sør ‘south’ + li ‘slope’, ‘hillside’.
SÖRMAN     Swedish
Variant of Söderman.
STÅHL     Swedish
Variant of Stål.
STÅL     Swedish
Means "steel" in Swedish.
STÅLBERG     Swedish
Combination of Swedish stål "steel" and berg "mountain".
STÅLHAMMAR     Swedish
Means "Steel Hammer" (From Swedish stål "steel" and hammare "hammer"). Was originally a name common among blacksmiths.
STAVIG     Norwegian
Combination of Old Norse stafr "pole" and vik "bay". This was the name of a farmstead in Norway.
STENSETH     Norwegian
habitational name from any of numerous farmsteads, notably in eastern Norway, named Steinset, from either the noun stein ‘stone’ or the same word as a personal name + set ‘farmstead’.... [more]
STOLT     Swedish
Swedish soldier name meaning "proud". ... [more]
STOLTENBERG     German, Norwegian
Habitational name from places so called in Pomerania and Rhineland. A famous bearer is Jens Stoltenberg (b. 1959), Prime Minister of Norway 2000-2001 and 2005-2013.
STORM     English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian (Rare)
Nickname for a man of blustery temperament, from Middle English, Middle Low German, storm, Old Norse stormr meaning "storm".
STORMO     Norwegian
Habitational name from any of numerous farmsteads, notably in northern Norway, so named from stor meaning "big" + mo meaning "moor", "heath".
STRANDBERG     Swedish
Combination of Swedish strand meaning "beach" and berg meaning "mountain".
STRID     Swedish
From the Swedish word stid meaning either "swift, rapid" or "battle, combat, fight".
STRINDBERG     Swedish
Likely a combination of Strinne, the name of a village in Multrå parish, Ångermanland, Sweden, and berg "mountain". A well known bearer of this name was Swedish playwright and novelist August Strindberg (1849-1912).
STRÖM     Swedish
Means "stream" in Swedish.
STRØM     Norwegian, Danish
Means "stream" in Norwegian and Danish. ... [more]
STRÖMBERG     Swedish
Swedish ornamental name. A combination of ström "stream" and berg "mountain".
STURE     Old Swedish, Swedish (Rare)
Derived from Old Norse stura "to be contrary". This was the surname of two important families in the 15th and 16th century Sweden. Members of these families served as regents of Sweden during this time... [more]
SUNDBERG     Swedish
Swedish ornamental name. A combination of sund "strait" and berg "mountain".
SUNDIN     Swedish
A combination of Swedish sund "strait" and the suffix -in derived from Latin -inus, -inius "descendant of"
SUNDQUIST     Swedish
An ornamental name derived from the words sund, meaning "sound" or "strait", and quist, also spelled kvist or qvist, meaning "twig" or "branch".
SUNDSTRÖM     Swedish
Swedish ornamental name. A combination of sund "strait" and ström "stream".
SVAHN     Swedish
From Swedish svan "swan".
SVAN     Swedish
Means "swan" in Swedish.
SVÄRD     Swedish
Means "sword" in Swedish.
SVENNINGSEN     Danish, Norwegian
Means "son of Svenning".
Means "son of SVENNING".
SVENSK     Swedish
Means "Swede, Swedish" in Swedish.
SWENSON     Swedish
Variant of Svensson.
TAKVAM     Norwegian
Literally: "Thanks For"
TANGEN     Norwegian
Tangen is a village in south-east Norway.
TAPPER     Swedish
Swedish soldier name meaning "brave". ... [more]
TEGNÉR     Swedish
Derived from the name of Tegnaby parish in Småland, Sweden. The name was originally spelled Tegnérus, but was later shortened to Tegnér. Notable bearers include Alice Tegnér (1864-1943), composer of many Swedish hymns and children's songs, and Esaias Tegnér (1782-1846), bishop and writer.
TEODORSSON     Swedish
Meaning "Teodor's son"
TESCHER     German, Danish
Occupational name for a joiner or a variant of Tasch.
THEISEN     German, Danish, Norwegian
German, Danish, and Norwegian: patronymic from a reduced form of the personal name Matthias or Mathies (see Matthew).
THIESSEN     German, Danish
Reduced form of the personal name Matthias or Mathies.
THOMASON     Welsh, English, Swedish (Rare)
Means "son of Thomas".
THOMASSEN     Norwegian, Danish
Means "son of THOMAS".
Means "daughter of Þórhallur" in Icelandic.
ÞÓRHALLSSON     Icelandic
Means "son of Þórhallur" in Icelandic.
ÞÓRSDÓTTIR     Icelandic
Means "daughter of ÞÓR" in Icelandic.
ÞÓRSSON     Icelandic
Means "son of ÞÓR" in Icelandic.
TOLLEFSEN     Norwegian
From a patronymic from Tollef, a variant of Torleiv, from Old Norse þorleifr (see TORLEIF).
TOLLEFSON     Norwegian
Variant of TOLLEFSEN.
TONNESEN     Norwegian
Means "son of Tonnes", Tonnes or Tønne(s) being a Norwegian short form of Antonius.
TOPELIUS     Finnish (Rare), Swedish (Rare)
Latinized form of the Finnish place name Toppila in Ostrobothnia, Finland. Zachris Topelius (1818-1898) was a Swedish-speaking Finnish author, journalist, and historian.
TÖRNBLAD     Swedish
Swedish ornamental name. A combination of Swedish törn "thorn" and blad "leaf".
TORP     Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
Scandinavian form of THORPE.
Swedish patronymic meaning "son of Torvald". ... [more]
TROEDSSON     Swedish
Means "son of TROED".
TROFTGRUBEN     Norwegian
This last name is common in North Dakota.
TROLLE     Swedish, Old Swedish
Swedish noble family. According to legend, an early ancestor killed a troll and that's how the family got its name. The family's coat of arms depicts a headless troll. The earliest known ancestor is Birger Knutsson Trulle (died approx... [more]
TRUEDSSON     Swedish
Means "son of TRUED".
TVEIT     Norwegian
Norwegian habitational name derived from Old Norse þveit "clearing".
TVILLING     Swedish (Rare)
Means "twin" in Swedish.
TYSK     Swedish
Means "German" in Swedish. It probably started out as a nickname for someone who had immigrated from Germany or for someone who had German ancestry. It could also be a 'soldier name' and refer to the military unit someone belonged to... [more]
ULVAEUS     Swedish (Rare)
Allegedly a latinization of Ulfsäter, a combination of Swedish ulv "wolf" and säter "mountain pasture". Björn Ulvaeus (b. 1945) is a Swedish songwriter, composer and former member of ABBA.
ULVESTAD     Norwegian (Rare)
Habitational name from any of five farmsteads, most in western Norway, named from Old Norse ulfr meaning ‘wolf’ + staðir, plural of staðr meaning ‘farmstead’, ‘dwelling’.
UNDERBERG     Norwegian
Habitational name from a place named with Old Norse undir meaning "under" and berg meaning "mountain, hill".
VADEN     English, Swedish
Apparently of English origin, but of unexplained etymology. ... [more]
VÆRNES     Norwegian
Værnes is a village in the municipality of Stjørdal in Nord-Trøndelag county in Mid-Norway. The original spelling of the village's name was Vannes and it is a combination of var "calm, quiet" and nes "headland"... [more]
VALLIN     Swedish
The suffix -in, derived from Latin -inus, -inius "descendant of", combined with either Latin vallis "valley" or Swedish vall "wall, pasture, field of grass".
VEA     Norwegian
Habitational name from any of four farmsteads so named, from the plural of Old Norse viðr meaning "wood", "tree".
VEE     Norwegian
Habitational name from farmsteads named Ve, for example in Hordaland and Sogn, from Old Norse "sacred place".
VELTEN     Norwegian
Norwegian habitational name from any of several farmsteads, mainly in Hedmark, named with velte ‘log pile’.
VESTIN     Swedish
Ornamental name composed of Swedish väst "west" and the suffix -in derived from Latin -inus, -inius "descendant of".
VIK     Norwegian, Swedish
Derived from Old Norse vík "bay, inlet".
VIKANDER     Swedish
Swedish vik ”bay” combined with the common surname suffix -ander.
VIKLUND     Swedish
Combination of Swedish vik "bay" and lund "grove".
Means "daughter of Vilhjálmur". Its masculine counterpart is Vilhjálmsson.
VILLADSEN     Danish
Villadsen means "son of Villads".
VINTHER     Danish
Danish variant of Winter.
VON SYDOW     Swedish, German
von Sydow is a German and Swedish noble family from Pomerania, an area in modern day Poland and Germany. Some members of the family immigrated to Sweden in 1724. The name literary means "from Sydow"... [more]
WAGLE     Norwegian
A habitational name derived from farmsteads in Rogaland named Vagle, from the Old Norse vagl meaning a '‘perch’' or '‘roost'’, referring to a high ridge between two lakes.
WAHLBERG     German, Swedish, Norwegian
Wahlberg is a topographic surname composed of German wal "field, meadow" and berg "mountain, hill".
WAHLGREN     Swedish
Variant of Wallgren.
WALL     Swedish
Ornamental name from Swedish vall "grassy bank, pasture, grazing ground", or in some cases a habitational name from a place named with this element.
WALLGREN     Swedish
Ornamental name composed of the elements vall "grassy bank, pasture" and gren "branch".
WALLIN     Swedish
Variant spelling of Vallin.
WARMING     Danish
Probably originating near the town of Ribe in Southeast Denmark. It appears as both Warming and Varming.... [more]
WASTESSON     Swedish (Rare)
Means "son of WASTE".
WENDT     German, Danish
Ethnic name for a Wend, Middle High German wind(e). The Wends (also known as Sorbians) once occupied a large area of northeastern Germany (extending as far west as Lüneburg, with an area called Wendland), and many German place names and surnames are of Wendish origin... [more]
Danish variant of Westergård.
WESTERGÅRD     Swedish, Finnish
From Swedish väster meaning "west, western" combined with gård meaning "farm, yard, estate".
WESTIN     Swedish
Variant spelling of Vestin.
WICKSTRAND     Swedish (Rare), Finnish
This is a Finnish and rare Swedish last name.
WIDEMAN     Swedish (Anglicized)
Americanized form of Swedish Widman.
WIDMAN     Swedish
Swedish ornamental name composed of the elements Wid-, an uncertain element, possibly Old Swedish viþr ‘wood’, ‘forest’ or from a place name formed with Old Swedish vid ‘wide’ + man ‘man’.
WIJK     Swedish
Derived from Swedish vik "bay".
WILDER     English, German, Danish, Yiddish
Variant of Wild.
WIND     English, German, Danish
Nickname for a swift runner, from Middle English wind "wind", Middle High German wint "wind", also "greyhound".
WIND     Swedish
Ornamental name from vind "wind", or a habitational name from a place named with this element.
WOLF     English, German, Danish, Norwegian, Jewish, Scottish, Irish, Swedish, Dutch, Welsh, Flemish
From the Old English & German wulf and other Germanic cognates, all meaning 'wolf, wild dog'. (Swedish, Norwegian & Danish ulv, Scots wouf, Yiddish volf & Dutch wolf)... [more]
WOLF     English, Danish, German
From a short form of the various Germanic compound names with a first element wolf "wolf", or a byname or nickname with this meaning. The wolf was native throughout the forests of Europe, including Britain, until comparatively recently... [more]
WULF     North German, Danish
Variant of Wolf.
ZACHRISSON     Swedish
Variant of ZAKRISSON.
ZAKRISSON     Swedish
Means "son of ZAKRIS" in Swedish.
ZELMERLÖW     Swedish (Rare)
Rare Swedish surname composed of the name of the family's ancestor Selma Löf. One bearer is Swedish artist Måns Zelmerlöw (b.1986) who won Eurovision Song Contest 2016.
ZETTERBERG     Swedish
Combination of Swedish säter "mountain pasture" and berg "mountain, hill".
ZETTERGREN     Swedish
Combination of Swedish säter "mountain pasture" and gren "branch".
ZETTERLUND     Swedish
Combination of Swedish säter "mountain pasture" and lund "grove".
Combination of Swedish säter "mountain pasture" and ström "stream".
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