Shona Submitted Surnames

Shona names are used by the Shona people of Zimbabwe.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Anotidaishe means "the Lord loves us".
ASANTE     Shona
Meaning unknown.
Chamapiwa means "that which you have been given". It is a call to appreciate that which you have from God
CHENAI     Shona
Chenai means "Be clean, be hygienic or come out clean"
CHIKOMBORERO means "a blessing".
CHIROTO     Shona
Meaning unknown.
CHIWESHE     Shona
Meaning unknown.
DAMBUDZO     Shona
Dambudzo means "that which causes suffering or trouble". #The Zimbabwean writer, Dambudzo Marechera is a famous bearer of this name".
Meaning unknown.
DUDZAI     Shona
Dudzai means "Speak it out, confess it".
FARAI     Shona
Farai means "Rejoice, be happy".
GWINYAI     Shona
Gwinyai means "be strong".
HATENDI     Shona
Meaning unknown.
Isheanesu means "The Lord is with us".
KYAGUMBO     Shona
Meaning unknown.
MAJANGE     Shona
Meaning unknown.
MATHEMA     Shona
Meaning unknown.
MAWERE     Shona
Meaning unknown.
MBANGWA     Shona
Meaning unknown.
Meaning unknown.
MOYO     Shona
Meaning unknown.
MUDZURI     Shona
Meaning unknown.
MUFARO     Shona
Mufaro means "Joy, happiness". It is a name of rejoicing
MUSHOHWE     Shona
Meaning unknown.
MUZOREWA     Shona
Meaning unknown.
Meaning unknown.
Meaning unknown.
ONAI     Shona
Onai means "See, observe". #It is a name that calls the hearer to see or observe that which happened".
ONGAI     Shona
It is a form of the Shona name Vongai.
Rangarirai means "Remember, think over, consider".
RUFARO     Shona
It is a form of the Shona name Mufaro.
TAFARA     Shona
Tafara means "We are happy or we rejoice". It is a name of rejoicing
TAWANDA     Shona
Tawanda means "We have increased or multiplied". #It is a name acknowledging the birth of a child as an increase to the family".
Tinetariro means "We have hope". Usually given to declare that we have our hope in God.
TONDERAI     Shona
Tonderai means "Remember". This name is given as a call to remember a particular event or to remember one's origins.
VIMBAI     Shona
Vimbai means "Have hope, trust". It is a call to have hope or to trust in
VONAI     Shona
It is a form of the Shona name Onai.
VONGAI     Shona
Vongai means "be thankful, or appreciative".
WADZANAI     Shona
Wadzanai means "Have fellowship, visit each other, be on good terms". The name may be given as a call to family to come together in fellowship, visiting and being on good terms
WONAI     Shona
It is a form of the Shona name Onai.
WONGAI     Shona
It is a form of the Shona name Vongai
YEUKAI     Shona
Yeukai means "Remember". This name is given as a call to remember a particular event or to remember one's origins.
ZADZISAI     Shona
Zadzisai means "you must fulfil - a pledge or promise". The name is given as a reminder to fulfil a pledge or promise.
ZIVAI     Shona
Zivai means "you must know".
ZIVANAI     Shona
Zivanai means "You must know each other". #This name is a call to family and relatives to get to know each other by visiting and fellowship - usually so that they do not drift apart"
ZORORO     Shona
Zororo means "rest". #It may be given to mean that the parent has rested after the birth of this child". Zimbabwean politician Zororo Duri was a well known bearer of this name.
ZUVA     Shona
Zuva means "sun or day".
ZVAITIKA     Shona
Zvaitika means "It has happened". This name may be given as a celebration that something that was desired or awaited has finally happened.
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