Sicilian Submitted Surnames

These names are a subset of Italian names used more often by speakers of Sicilian. Listed separately are Italian names. See also about Italian names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ANDREOZZI     Italian, Sicilian
From a pet form of the personal name Andrea.
ARLOTTA     Sicilian
From the French personal name Arlot, recorded in the Latinized form Arolottus from the 13th century.
ARRA     Galician, Sicilian
Habitational name from a place in Galicia called Arra, this surname was also found in some parts of Sicily.
BUCCAMBUSO     Sicilian, Italian
Believed to be an Americanization of the surname Buccinfuso
BUSCEMI     Italian, Sicilian
Sicilian surname of Arabic origin coming from the town Buscemi in Syracuse province. The name possibly derives from Arab 'Abu Samah'.
CAMMARERI     Sicilian, Italian
An occupational name from Sicilian cammareri meaning "servant".
CIRCELLI     Sicilian, Italian
Derived from the Sicilian word circedda, circeddu, circhetta meaning "hoop earring". It was used as a surname to describe someone who wore hoop earrings.
CRAVOTTA     Sicilian
From a Sicilian immigrant to America, Cravotta was changed to Cravatta upon arrival at Ellis Island. The name means "bowtie."
FARACI     Sicilian
Patronymic from farace; deriving from Arab farag.
FARANA     Italian, Sicilian
Variant of Farano.
FARANO     Italian, Sicilian
Possibly deriving from a town Faranò in province of Messina, Sicily. Possible variant of Surname faran which comes from Irish surnames Ó Fearáin, Ó Faracháin, or Ó Forannáin.
LAMALFA     Sicilian
Variant of Malfa, most probably a habitational name for someone from Malfa on the island of Salina (Messina), although the name has also been linked with Amalfi in Salerno and Melfi in Potenza.
MACHI     Sicilian
Unexplained. It may be from the Albanian personal name Maqo. Derivation from a Greek name ending in -akis, which has been suggested, is implausible.
MANNAZZU     Sardinian (Archaic), Sicilian (Rare, Archaic), Corsican (Modern, Rare), Italian (Rare)
It came from the Ancient Nuraghi people. the Nuraghi people inhabited southern Corsica and northern and central Sardinia.
OCCHIPINTI     Sicilian
Nickname from occhi "eyes" and pinti "painted", denoting someone with dark eyelashes or with flecked or blood-shot eyes.
PULEO     Sicilian
origin- common name found in Palermo in Scicily
SCELLATO     Italian, Sicilian
Variant of Scillato.
SCILLATO     Italian, Sicilian
Comes from the commune of Scillato in Sicily, Italy, southeast of Palermo.
TRIFILETTI     Sicilian
Topographic name from a diminutive of Greek triphyllon "trefoil".
VECCHIO     Sicilian
Italian (mainly Sicily): from vecchio ‘old’, ‘aged’, applied as a status name for the older or oldest son, or as a nickname, possibly for someone who was prematurely gray, bent, or wrinkled.
ZICARI     Italian, Sicilian
Southern Italian and Sicilian from an unattested Arabic personal name Zikri or Zikari.
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