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[Facts] Spanish/Portuguese first names.
I have distant relatives living in Argentina, and some of their names are unknown to me (or I can't find anything about the meaning or origin of those names on the Internet). Perhaps you could disclose their meanings to me?All the names are female names.
Alira - I have no idea what this name means. It isn't listed in this database.Cayetana - the name isn't listed in this database, but Cayetano *is* listed, so that's probably the male counterpart. Still, I don't just want to assume something, I'd rather have certainty.Chuznelda - I have no idea what this name means. Just typing it in in Google did not offer any results whatsoever. :-/Delmira - perhaps the female form of Delmar? She also has a nickname, which is Pasión. I suppose it could mean 'passion', but still, I don't want to assume too much.Elba - this name is listed in the database, but it doesn't list a meaning. Perhaps you could find one?Elva - This name is listed in the database, but couldn't it have a different meaning in either Spanish or Portuguese? Since this database lists either a Germanic or Icelandic meaning.Justa - This name isn't listed in the database, but I suspect it's the Spanish female version of Justus. Or, it could be a different spelling of Gusta, which is short for Augusta.Nelida - I have no idea what this name means, and it isn't listed in this database either. This relative's full name is: Elva Nelida [surname] (for Elva, see above). She also has a nickname, Poro. I can't see where they got this masculine-sounding nickname from, if I look at her first and middle names.
That are all the names I would like to know the meaning of.Oh, I just saw that there's just one male name that I don't know the meaning of, either. It's Meroslao (or spelled as Meroslão). In this case, I'm not sure if it's the middle name or just the surname, but I think it's the former.Thank you very much in advance if you could help me! :DSincerely,Lucille :)

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Cayetana is the feminine form of Cayetano.Delmira was, originally, a nickname of Edelmira. And "pasión" is "passion", right.Elba was, originally, a nickname of the names with the Germanic root alb-, "elf" (e. g. Alberica, Albrada, etc.). But it is used as independent name, influenced by the river name and the island name.In Spanish, Elva can be: a) a name of Germanic origin in Spanish; b) a nickname of Elvira; c) a typo for Elba (V and B sound the same).Justa is the feminine form of Justo (Spanish form of Justus). The sound of Justa is very different of the Gusta; then, they are two independent names.Nélida is the adaptation of the French name Nélide (created by Daniel Stern), with the confluence of a nickname of Cornelia (Cornelia>Nelia>Nélida).Perhaps Profe Esteban has a clue with Poro as nickname (from poroto?), but it doesn't come from the names.Alira is an usual name in Argentina, but I don't know the origin neither the meaning. Perhaps a variant of Alirio (feminine name) "more feminine" for the ending in -A. Alirio is a name related with the flower name "lirio" (iris, lily).Chuznelda seems a typo for Thusnelda, but I don't know.
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Poro is the short way for Poroto, but Poroto is already a nickname and there is no rule about its origin.
This is the first time i ever heard of Alira.
The meaning of Justo (HOOS-to) is "fair, just".
The rest, i agree with Lumia. EG.
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Thank you for your help, you have cleared up many things for me now. :)
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